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  1. Man, Savage just countered a suplex on the outside by the Giant by clinging whatever body parts he could to the ropes. Damn, that was cool.
  2. Pittman ruled. And yes, Savage was fucking tearing it up at this time. Vince was putting him out to pasture, but he clearly had so much left to offer and if he had lost a step in the ring, it's barely noticeable. Maybe he's not getting as much height on the double axehandles from the top, but that's nothing to sweat. I just love how he's zero bullshit in every situation. He'll throw down at the drop of a hat and if he doesn't trust someone, ex. Luger, he comes right out and says it. I get why they eventually put him in the NWO, with the WWF connection, but damn, he should've stayed WCW.
  3. Man, the Horsemen reunion is hilarious. Flair - "Wanna get the Horsemen back together?" Arn - "Sure. Let's fuck Sting over again, too."
  4. ^ Thank you! Also, on my end...DERP.
  5. I watched the first episode on the live stream, but I can't find anything from before November in the on demand section. Sucks, cuz I totally forgot Sabu was even in WCW until this thread.
  6. FWIW, I don't really dig too much of Flair's first WWF run. It's the promos and not being able to wear suits. Too much yelling without wearing sunglasses, not enough putting over Jim Crockett Promotions and the sport of professional wrestling.
  7. As a lifelong heavy metal fan, I've always been kinda offended that pretty much every single metalhead gimmick that's ever been portrayed in wrestling paints us as morons who mosh and headbang in public places that aren't metal shows. I'm not kidding. I think the only time it's ever been done right is Bull Nakano wearing a Megadeth shirt and stomping the shit out of whoever. I would always change the channel over to RAW whenever Regal or Finlay were on Nitro, except for when either of them were pushing Prince Iaukea around. I just didn't like either of them. I've read a lot of crap on boards about The Road Warriors being awful workers. Yeah, I get the no selling thing. I don't care. I'll watch the shit out of their matches. For me, they pretty much personify pro wrestling. They were my favorites when I was a kid and the goddamn coolest thing going at the time, right up until I saw Muta do a moonsault on the Power Hour.
  8. In Solitude - Sister: This is the best album that came out last year. This is the sound of a young band finding themselves. They've gone from King Diamond worship to something entirely their own. It's been out a year this October and I cannot get away from it. Tribulation - The Formulas of Death: The second best album that came out last year. This a demanding listen, as it combines D-Beat, black metal, and psychedelic guitar work stretched out over an hour's worth of music, with some songs reaching the ten minute mark. I saw these guys live in Detroit last year opening up for In Solitude and Watain. They stole the show, and their poofy Martin Eric Ain shirts were fucking awesome. Diocletian - Gesundrian: This album is totally fucking unreasonable. Relentless, pummeling war metal coming at ya from New Zealand. These guys killed it at Maryland Death Fest.
  9. The Audio-Technica AT - LP120 USB Direct Drive has served me well. Comes equipped with a program to rip your vinyl into mp3. It's right at $250 on Amazon right now.
  10. Really. God bless whoever bongs out harder than Joe Dumars.
  11. PLEASE, let this happen. And if it doesn't, trade Monroe. One of 'em has got to go.
  12. Personally, I see Ambrose as Dally Winston from The Outsiders. Chris Chambers ain't crazy. Ace is a scumbag, but he's also just a cheap, dime-store hood. Dally Winston ran game on Cherry Valance. He jumped into a burning building to save his friends, then threatened to kill them if they ever did something that stupid again. Then he flipped his shit, knocked off a liquor store, and went down in a hail of cop bullets 'cuz his surrogate little brother died.
  13. The Adam Rose gimmick was and is fucking awful. Fuck Russell Brand, and fuck Adam Rose.
  14. Same here. For me, WCW is professional wrestling. It's how it should look, sound and perform, even with all the dumb shit they pulled.
  15. The Oklahoma Stampede would be PERFECT for him.
  16. First match I ever saw was the Funks stomping on some jobbers. Dory had one in a Boston Crab, then Terry came off the second rope with a knee. Later on, Hogan got on the mic and that was it. I was around four, maybe five at the oldest. My cousin was a fan and had Apter mags laying around. You could barely change the channel without catching some sort of wrasslin' back then, and I became obsessed pretty much immediately. I don't ever see myself not being a fan. It's always been there and it would be weird if it wasn't.
  17. At that point in time, that's exactly what they were. Fuckin' way she goes, Rick... (Talkin' about the Freebirds.)
  18. And now The Steiners are throwing The Shitbirds all over creation. Rick's overhead German is a work of art, and Scott hit two Frankensteiners in about eight seconds.
  19. Watching Clash 8. Ten minutes in, and man, Gary Hart is the fucking coolest. Just the fact that he calls Ric Flair "Ricky Flair" is enough. So subtly condescending. Watching SST vs the Roadies right now, and Hawk is tearing it up. Clobbers one of them with a big boot after they get rolled in from the outside, whips out that standing headgrab dropkick, then takes a man-sized bump through the turnbuckles, into the post, and onto the floor. I miss WCW so much. If the Network adds Saturday Night, Worldwide, and the Power Hour...see ya.
  20. It's 4:14 in the AM. Superbrawl '95 is on, and Paul Roma's taking too goddamn long in the ring with Alex Wright, trynna look hard with long hair and red on black trunks.
  21. Randy Anderson was a fucking awesome ref and probably drank a lot of beer. Tommy Young, Brian Hildebrand...beyond that, ya got me.
  22. Royal Rumble '97. Vader is in the WWF is weird. Mini's match - Max Mini freaks out, El Torito Original sure as shit ain't Mascarita Dorada but is still alright, and Sunny wears a referee outfit with some rockin' hot pants. I fast forwarded the New Age Outlaws vs. whoever match because fuck DX. Rumble - Cactus and Chainsaw Charlie beat the shit out of each other until someone new enters the ring for a while. They do us all a favor and toss Tom Brandi into the nearest tarpit upon arrival. DOA member #3 or #2 at least has the good goddamn sense not to wear white sneakers and have an undercut like Jax Teller. Steve Blackman just annoyed Kurrgan with a jumping spin kick. Funker and Mark Mero have a quick boxing match. Funk busts out of the fifth of bourbon selling and I think he should've gotten a quick 5-second jobber spot in Rocky 3. Headbanger Thrash or Mosh...man, pretty much every single heavy metal gimmick is total dogshit. I don't headbang or mosh in place in public. I save that shit for shows or when I come home drunk and fuck my bedroom up listening to Crowbar. Also, how about a Carcass or a Neurosis shirt on one of these fools? Most of the metalheads I know and am friends with are pretty sharp, funny people and are also pretty adept musicians. Which doesn't mean send one of us to the ring with Maxx Payne's Guitar Center riffs. I could watch Mark Henry club the shit out of Ahmed Johnson all day long. The NOD would've been way cooler if Kama had just stayed Papa Shango. Austin shows up and fights everyone. Later.
  23. Punk is in really awful shape, physically. Like, way too broken down. That's probably why he looks as skinny as he has the last year or so - he's too physically fucked up to hit it hard in the gym. He straight up said in the Arwani or whatever the fuck his name is interview that he wasn't fighting anything anymore. He was showing up and doing what he was told. He mailed in that Rumble really goddamn hard. He also said that it's Daniel Bryan's year. That said, he could've been politicking for the WM main event at the same time. He's burnt out and broken down. And he's not going to change a fucking thing regarding how the WWE works. He's got fuck you money. There really isn't much left for him to do. He'll be back at some point. If Vince wants to expedite the process, drive a dump truck full of money up to Austin's front door for Mania 31. Punk vs. Austin, at or very, very near the top of the card. Punk'll shut the fuck up, retire, and spend the rest of his days getting face tattoos with Lars Frederiksen
  24. Just finished Cesaro/Zayn from NXT Arrival, and now I've got Sting/Muta from Bash '89 queued up. I'ma just throw this out there: Between the Network, Daniel Bryan, Golddust ripping it up, The Shield, and the Wyatt's, I haven't been this stoked wrasslin' since I was a lowercase G.
  25. I'm rocking a little Bash '89 before work. Cornette's promo on Paul E. Dangerously is SO PISSED. I was gonna fast forward to the Sting/Muta match, but I'm gonna hafta watch this match now.
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