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  1. Sure. Not that I'm entirely sold on Rowan, but something along those lines. Have him shave that beard and maybe wear some corpsepaint? There needs to be waaaaaay more black metal in wrestling. They're made for eachother.
  2. Regardless of whether the streak gets ended or not, I've always thought it would be really cool if the Undertaker hands over the urn and the powers to someone else. Someone that has an occult/supernatural gimmick already, or something close enough to it. What do y'all think?
  3. The Streak can be broken as long as it's to the right person and it's done in the right fashion. Personally, I'd put it at 60/40. Broken vs. Not-Broken. It wouldn't surprise me either way. At this point, Bryan takes it down, Roman Reigns next year or the year after, or Cena takes it and turns heel. Cena doing it and turning heel would fucking rule, but it's the least likely option.
  4. I remember the RoH board FREAKING out the same way about the Detroit venue. I was living a mile away from the fairgrounds at the time, and tried to explain that some of the priciest houses in the Metro Detroit area were right across the damn street. That area is SAFE. Fuck 8 mile. Ya gotta go a couple miles south to Highland Park before shit starts getting weird.
  5. Know what album fucking kicks ass? This one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_xKr8jskhg
  6. Man, that Ulcerate album is so fucking awesome. They're what I've been wanting out of a death metal band for eons. I like my death metal dark, technical, and dissonant, like Immolation. But Ulcerate is monolithic and hopeless. They're just straight up bleak. I love it. Their drummer, Jamie St. Merat, is the lord, as well. And yes, Nails is the hardest band in the land. The last band that was as pissed and nihilistic as them was probably Kiss It Goodbye.
  7. Konkeror - The Abysmal Horizons One of the best death metal records of 2012 that ya haven't heard. These guys are a local band 'round here in Detroit. They're the best we got. They've got a classic death metal feel to them, with a technicality that is never, ever overboard and a melodic sense just the same. Motherfuckers know how to write songs, too. Enjoy. You can get CDs directly from the band and vinyl will be out on Saw Her Ghost Records within the next couple weeks.
  8. Here's the new Portal video. This band is fucked up.
  9. He had a really solid game tonight. 22 points, 11 steals, and couple of really nice pull-up threes on the break. Josh Smith had a pretty damn good game, too. But Kevin Durant decided to drop 37 on us, which is the long and the short of it. Steven Adams had a monster game off the bench. Keep an eye on him. I've watched every Pistons game this season so far, and I like what I'm seeing. They're much better than last season, and at the very least, they're going to be entertaining. I fucking hate Rodney Stuckey, but he's had a couple of good games. Things seem to run a lot better when Chauncey's on the floor, though. I think they'll make it to the playoffs, but regardless of where they finish, I'm actually stoked on the Pistons for the first time in years and that's good enough for me.
  10. The Rollins Band shows you how to destroy an audience and eviscerate a stage at around the 5:30 mark.
  11. Charlie Rose don't play softball. Fuck Gretchen and Elliott. I damn near had a heart attack when Jessie tried to make a break for it. Love that he managed to slip in a "...bitch" at the bars, though.
  12. No one wants to talk about the new Carcass, then? Fine.
  13. So, ahh, Carcass has a new album coming out. Most reunion albums suck. Surgical Steel, however, is going to rip your goddamn head off. It's been twenty years since Heartwork. Bill Steer and Jeff Walker are in their forties. They still have it. Hell, they're making bands half their age look like utter shit. Also, Watain has a new album coming out. I got an "official bootleg" copy yesterday. For the people that talk shit on Watain, this album is not going to endear them to the the band at all. There's a fucking ballad, clean singing, and a song with a fucking waltz part in it. The songs that are more "classic Watain" are full of curveballs, too. After listening to it constantly over the last twenty four hours, I can say that The Wild Hunt just might be their best album yet.
  14. Black Label on tap? You have been blessed, friend. My favorite beers are Stroh's and Pilsener Urquell. I fucking hate IPA's and other way too hoppy beers. I just straight up don't get it. I'll second the Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald. I like me some porters, but the only thing that holds them back for me is that you can't session 'em, and it's virtually impossible for me to drink just one beer. Great Lakes is a very good brewery all around. We just recently got their pilsener on tap at the restaurant I work at, and it's really goddamn good. Fuck, I love pilseners.
  15. As much I'd like to see it go down, I don't think Jesse finds out about Jane. I can't think of a plausible way for it to happen outside of Walt telling Jesse himself, which isn't gonna happen. Brock, on the other hand...Saul knows.
  16. True. That idea is wishful thinking on my part. I really just want to see a Hank and Jessie scene now that they both know what's up.
  17. RE: Walt and Jessie. I think this episode (and the half-season finale) are very telling when it comes to their relationship. When Walt dropped off Jessie's cash the first time, Jessie was strapped and waiting for the shit to hit the fan. The scene between the two of them in this premiere sees Jessie figuring out exactly what happened to Mike, Walt using his usual bullshit to manipulate ("I NEED you to believe this"), and Jessie seeing right through it. To paraphrase, "Okay. Mike's alive." He says that while barely looking at Walt, then turns away and his face says everything. Would Walt save Jessie again? Probably. But it's even more likely that the second Jessie becomes a threat, Walt would smoke his ass, and Jessie knows it. As for what actually ends up happening, I don't know. Personally, I hope Jessie teams up with Hank, rolls on him, kicks Walt's ass and leaves him for dead...basically, anything to screw Walt, then walk off into the sunset.
  18. "Blood Meridian" by Cormac McCarthy. I can only manage a handful of pages at a time. SO brutal. But goddamn, that guy can fuck your world up just writing about a sunset. It's a beautiful book, just completely harrowing.
  19. Miles Davis. Tells his story, which is pretty amazing, but it's also one of the most informative books on music that I've ever read. Plus, it is transcribed directly from a pretty massive series of interviews that he did with Quincy Troupe, so it reads as if Miles is talking directly to you. As such, the word 'motherfucker' is tossed around with reckless abandon.
  20. Have either of you checked out Fatale? If not...fix that. And I gotta get over my gripe with Marvel's trades and rip through his Cap run. But, goddamn...Fatale.
  21. If you're into crime/noir type of stuff, check out damn near anything by Ed Brubaker. Gotham Central is set in the Batman universe, but deals with the Gotham Police Department. Coward is excellent, and is collected in a single trade paperback. His current book, Fatale, is the best comic on the market, if ya axe me. He's also had runs on Captain America and Daredevil, which I haven't checked out yet due to Marvel charging way too damn much for their graphic novels.
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