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  1. Good thing the music I like to make doesn't make much money to begin with. Thanks, man. I'll get through this, but it's hard not to get discouraged and I have a lot of days that are just an absolute trial to mentally and emotionally get through. On second thought, I don't think I'm lost. I know exactly what I want to do: Find another lucrative job, work my ass off to get out of debt, and get healthy. The last one includes regular exercise, meds and therapy. I can afford the gym right now. The rest of it, not so much, and it's really frustrating. I've got plans, but they're all on hold. If I can find a place to make bank, the rest falls into place. Band stuff and lady stuff is really beyond my control outside of what I'm bringing to the table, and all I can do is work on that and hope for the best. I can handle the Twin Cities. The economy is kicking ass in Minnesota, and I love winter because I can actually breathe that time of year. Moving is just a thought, and maybe it'd just take the edge off all this ennui I got kickin' right now. Better than drinkin', that's for sure.
  2. Man, I kept thinking about Fire Pro: The RPG today. Not that I have the time or the brainpower to make it happen, but somebody out there does. And it could possibly maybe be doable with Steam Workshop... I should probably stop.
  3. I'm frustrated as hell, I feel stuck, and I feel lost. I work in the service industry. I had the best, most lucrative job I've ever had for four years. New manager fucked it all up. I quit in September of last year. I've been in bartending vagabond mode ever since. I can't find a place that I like and I'm just scraping by. I live near Detroit and can't get anyone to give me an interview or even a callback. I managed and tended bar at one of the busiest restaurants in the city from the time it opened and it just doesn't seem to really matter to anyone. I had an interview yesterday at a country club and it was remarkable how different it was. Basically, their gist was "Hey, your friend from high school that works for us and you haven't seen in fifteen years vouches for you and you have the experience. Take a couple days and think about it, but we'd love to have you." Awesome, right? It's an hour away most days and the pay is a little over half what I was making. Can't get a band together and I'm completely discouraged when it comes to dating. A lot of my friends are in serious relationships or married and having kids. It gets pretty lonely. Been considering moving away, either to the Twin Cities, Chicago or somewhere on West Coast. I'm just trying to keep my head up and keep myself occupied. At least when I come home every day, my dog flips out and gives me about 20 hugs and kisses. I'll get through this just like I always do, but goddamn, man. This shit is exhausting.
  4. That is a fantastic idea.
  5. Blake's new look is straight outta Smokey Mountain Wrestling and I'm digging it.
  6. I saw that tour, too. It was my first concert. My dad surprised me with tickets the day of. February 20th, 1992, on my 11th birthday. At the Fox Theater.
  7. That suicide dive that takes him a month to run across the ring for is another.
  8. Yeah, for real. They beat the brakes off of each other. Wouldn't worry about Miley. He was protected and looked like a total beast.
  9. I could easily picture Heavy Machinery stomping ass on The State Patrol on The Muthasheeip sometime in the mid-90s and that's totally okay by me.
  10. That Ambrose/Corbin segment on Talking Smack was all kinds of awful.
  11. Anybody else catch Tom Savini sittin' right behind the announce booth tonight?
  12. Ya know, Daylight Savings fucking sucks.
  13. Hell, send Dustin down there to wrestle for a spell before he hangs it up. Him and anyone under the sun vs. The Revival, please.
  14. southofheavy

    Hair Metal

    I couldn't stand Britny Fox, even as a little guy. Dude sounded like Gonzo.
  15. The Pistons checked out trade options for Reggie and Dre. Judging by their win over the Mavs, it looks like they got the message. Hopefully, it sticks.
  16. southofheavy

    Hair Metal

    I grew up on this stuff. Skid Row on the Slave to the Grind tour was my first concert. Time has not been kind to a lot of it, but there's bands that still hold up beyond the huge bands like Motley Crue. Tesla, Cinderella and Skid Row were really good. I've also been jamming White Lion recently. Say what ya want about them, but Vito Bratta is an incredible guitar player. Also, the song Uncle Tom's Cabin by Warrant is a fucking RIPPER.
  17. Oney vs Tyler Bate was a nifty little TV match. They laid it in, that's for sure. Round 2 is A-OK by me.
  18. Rumors of a Reggie Jackson for Ricky Rubio trade are flying about. Van Gundy is shooting them down, and while the Pistons are having an awful season, I kinda hope he's telling the truth. That said, I have no clue what is going to turn this season around.
  19. Converge shirts, corpse paint and inverted crosses in a WWE video. This company gets weirder every day.
  20. Ya can't deny Reggie's talent. And last year, that starting five was awesome. If they can get back to that, cool, but honestly, it needs to improve. Most of this hinges on Reggie and Andre. Reggie needs to go through the transformation that Chauncey Billups did. Andre could become a dominant superstar, but mentally, he's not there. Stan Van Gundy has got to get them to see it, and if they can't, ship 'em off. Which, especially in Andre's case, isn't going to be easy.
  21. The Pistons are falling apart now that Reggie Jackson is back. We got ripped by Chicago last night and there was some pretty awful behavior being displayed out on the court. SVG has guaranteed that changes to the starting lineup will be made, starting with this Wednesday's game. John Leuer, who has been an exceptional pickup for us, is more than likely taking over at PF, and I'm guessing it's Marcus Morris that gets benched and not Tobias Harris. Were I SVG, I'd also bench Jackson and start Ish Smith. Brian Fowler, what do you make of all this?
  22. That no hands headbutt from Gallagher was SO GROSS.
  23. Hmmm. From what I've heard, this is the most honest batch of tunes Metallica's done since The Black Album. They're not trying to get back to the first four albums, they're not trying to get current/revealing their plot loss like St. Anger, or being a shitty mainstream rock band like the Load albums. So far, this is coming across like "Hey, let's have fun and write the best songs we can at this point." And it's working.
  24. Same here, man. I love writing features, but I know I'm not cut out for the day to day grind of reporting. My "mentor" at the newspaper was basically on-call, worked probably 60 hours a week and still had to live with her parents. Thanks for the heads up about all that. I'll definitely be looking into it. Bartending money and hours are great, but my knees and feet are in really bad shape, so I gotta find a way out.
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