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  1. I've been seeing a lot of hand-wringing, pearl-clutching, and outright hostility towards Durant over this move, and personally, I think it's a bunch of horseshit. Durant doesn't owe anyone outside of his immediate family a damn thing. He's been with that team for nine years. They've come close on a couple of occasions, but haven't gotten it done. Presti's draft picks aside, the organization has not done what it needed to do get over the hump and win a championship. I've got a sneaking suspicion that Durant isn't as enamored with playing with Westbrook as he would like to be. There is also no guarantee that if Durant had stuck around, Russ would have done the same thing after next season. I see far too many people ascribing their own moral code to a situation that doesn't concern them, nor would they ever come within kicking distance of having to go through. Judge away, but just remember, it ain't about you. Me, I'm gonna sit back and watch the hell out of next season.
  2. Nah. Since he needs a record to break next season, go for 101. He might be the only player on earth that could pull it off.
  3. Yeah, that Enzo and Cass/Revival match was THE SHIT. Enzo is putting it together in the ring and I loved how he came down the ramp. Both teams made more than the most of that opportunity. There were some really unique spots in that match (the aforementioned shoulder tackle cutoff, for example) and both teams looked insanely hungry. Enzo flat out looked like a star tonight.
  4. Anthony Davis with 59 points and 20 rebounds against the Pistons. Only the third player since Wilt to pull that off. Smashed the previous single game point record at the Palace, which was 48 by LeBron back in 07. The Pistons played some great D on him, but he just could not be stopped.
  5. If by Drifter, he means alt-country douche, then yes, play it to the hilt. I don't really get what hes going for yet, but I do think he's got some nifty offense. I fucking hate guitars being brought to the ring, though.
  6. He needs to drop the guitar, the scarf, and get some different pants. Like, he's trying to be The Drifter, but his pants scream opening band for Bang Tango at the County Fair. The scarf is, well, dude who bought a Frank Turner album at Urban Outfitters. The guitar screams Jeff Jarrett.
  7. As for your last question, maybe GSW gets a little too comfortable for a couple games at the end of February or March. Maybe. I could easily see them seething about that loss well into June.
  8. Man, I think that was the Pistons playing their perfect game. Like, the absolute peak of what they're capable of, probably even beyond. But, they're a looooong ways away from putting that kind of game together consistently. And it's going to be a long while before we see them play that well again.
  9. This feud is going to RULE. Aries is going to make Corbin look like a million fucking dollars. And Corbin has already been on a roll lately. Austin Aries rules. Sooooooooooooo glad he's in NXT.
  10. Oh, it's acceptable any time, so long as the team nearest and dearest to your heart comes first. For instance, I fucking love the Detroit Pistons. The Bad Boys made me a basketball fan for life. I've been through all the highs and lows of that team ever since. Those godawful turquoise jerseys, the Ben Gordon era, Allen Iverson's cup of coffee, both championship runs, Scott Hastings, etc. Basically, I watch them when they suck, I watch them when they're just okay, and I flip my shit every game when they're good. But if they're not playing or they get bounced out of the playoffs, San Antonio is the team I hang my hat on and root. Followed by the OKC Thunder and Golden State. I like teams that play good, sound, fundamental, aesthetically pleasing basketball. I'm into great passing and great defense. I like teams that are teams in the truest sense of the word. There's an artistry to basketball, and when a team plays the right way and plays like a team, there are few things cooler in the world. So if it ain't the Pistons, it's team of that ilk.
  11. S'all good. Nice comeback win for the Pistons. I'm going to the Spurs game next Tuesday. Think I'm gonna pick me up a KCP jersey. He's become my favorite player on the team.
  12. Ohhhh, man. I had the Pistons game on at work. We were fucking busy and it was still captivating. Pistons made a statement with this one. Reggie came out in the fourth overtime and said "NO. WE'RE WINNING THIS GODDAMN GAME." KCP killed it,and Jimmy Butler was feeling it, too. Dre put up 33 and 21, and damn near closed out the game in one of those overtimes. Fucking awesome game in a season full of them.
  13. Here ya go. Perdition Temple. Dudes from Immolation and Angel Corpse. You pretty much know what this is gonna sound like, and that's totally okay. https://youtu.be/2MbDx3L-n90
  14. Man, I could watch Meng and Barbarian kick Ricky Morton's ass all day.
  15. Seriously, what a fucking parasite.
  16. Hulk Hogan is a disingenuous piece of shit. "I'm your BEST FRIEND, Macho! I'm gonna fend off Arn, brother, because your my BEST FRIEND, then I'm gonna hold it over ya, brother, then celebrate in the ring, man, like I just won the goddamn belt myself, brother, and by the way, I want the first title shot, brother!" How did no one in the industry sit Hulk down and be like, "Dude, your character is kind of a sociopath and maybe even a narcissist, but definitely just a bad person altogether?" He's the kind of 'friend' you cut out of your life once you shake off the chronic inebriation of your early 20's.
  17. Man, Savage just countered a suplex on the outside by the Giant by clinging whatever body parts he could to the ropes. Damn, that was cool.
  18. Pittman ruled. And yes, Savage was fucking tearing it up at this time. Vince was putting him out to pasture, but he clearly had so much left to offer and if he had lost a step in the ring, it's barely noticeable. Maybe he's not getting as much height on the double axehandles from the top, but that's nothing to sweat. I just love how he's zero bullshit in every situation. He'll throw down at the drop of a hat and if he doesn't trust someone, ex. Luger, he comes right out and says it. I get why they eventually put him in the NWO, with the WWF connection, but damn, he should've stayed WCW.
  19. Man, the Horsemen reunion is hilarious. Flair - "Wanna get the Horsemen back together?" Arn - "Sure. Let's fuck Sting over again, too."
  20. ^ Thank you! Also, on my end...DERP.
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