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  1. Lio Rush was the babyface all along
  2. I'm really struggling to think of any memorable Survivor Series tags of the last 20 years. The Team Cena vs Authority one with the big Ziggler run at the ending and Sting's debut comes to mind. Maybe that one with the Shield that had Roman tearing through people. Drawing a blank after that.
  3. None are surprising apart from Hit Row, because they've been pushed recently and they Anthony Francis/Top Dolla is a prospect they've developed themselves from scratch. Nox is a shame but I imagine her constant injuries have eroded any confidence in her.
  4. Sidebar on Shida-Deeb - I think they've definitely given this enough juice that they could run the blow-off or next encounter as a Dynamite main event. What stipulation would be worth them adding to it though? I'd like to see them mix it up from a standard garbage brawl, maybe a 30 minute Ironman match or 2/3 falls or something.
  5. Didn't Ricky Starks already do the 'I love turtles' bit on Darby? Billy Gunn challenging is so random it's baffling, but at least an easy win for Darby. The whole opening 30 minutes was pitch perfect. Danielson is still a babyface in the grand scheme of things but will play heel against Page and give him a big rub. Page's line about being able to beat Omega in less than 30 minutes was top tier pro wrestling trash talk. I'm lowkey really enjoying the Martin/Rush team. They set up the expectation that Rush is just grifter like Matt Hardy and is going to screw Dante over, but he seems to be actually on his side. Interesting to see if he does turn or they make a serious go for the tag belts.
  6. Considering his first match is going to be a loss to Sammy G, I think we don't have to worry about that. He'll probably be placed similar to Bobby Fish - work some Dynamites while he's still new then shift to working with prospects on Dark. He doesn't offer anything exciting to the roster, it feels more like signing him to help out their buddy rather than him being someone they want to be a featured star
  7. Not interference-related, but remember when Fenix kicked out of the OWA at 3.1 for no reason? They definitely over-steer when it comes to protecting certain guys
  8. Decent show, think I enjoyed pretty much everything though a lot fell short of my lofty expectations. MJF-Darby and Punk-Kingston were both superb and MOTNs. 100% MJF's career-best performance to-date. It's gone unsung because he spent so much time opposite Jericho but he's improved so much since AEW started and feels like a guy who's put it all together. Loved the body-part work, the story moments with them trying to out-wrestle each other, MJF bringing the movesetz, all of it. Punk vs Kingston was two of the biggest personalities in wrestling of the last 20 years having a throwback Punches & Blood match and it ruled. No surprise it was the shortest match on the show and maybe the best, they were selling the damage after 10 minutes better than Omega and Page were doing so after 20. Both the Elite matches were a bit over-stuffed, but had some good highs. Plunder Bumps Adam Cole is the best Adam Cole and I will happily watch him be thrown through things and get pasted. Main event was more good than great but the right man won at least. I know some will go ga-ga over the supposedly incredible storytelling, but the Bucks stuff felt tacked on and unneeded to me. I am sure it has been brought up before me, but holy shit the amount of Eddie Guerrero tribute spots. Do these guys not watch each others matches on the show? FTR vs Lucha Bros was 2/3 of a really good match until they got too cutesy at the end, but the big disappointment for me was Danielson vs Miro. Probably Danielson's weakest match in AEW so far, felt like he could have had that match with any green meathead and Miro brought very little to the party. I popped for Jungle Boy becoming a man, especially after they almost made him look like a goof with all the NXT-Face shots.
  9. Bringing in Ishii for a tag match with OC is a fucking choice
  10. Girlfriend's away tonight so me and a buddy staying up for this after the UFC show. Expectations are high. I'm hoping for an Eddie Kingston win, as unlikely as it may be. Page wins, Omega takes time off, Cole steps up as leader of the Elite and goes after Page, Omega returns, turns face against Cole and has his moment making amends with Hangman. This is my prediction of the next year of AEW.
  11. You're telling me he doesn't have his own individual franchise or brand like Iron Man or Captain America?!
  12. So the partner Omega could never live up to was Chuck Taylor, right?
  13. While I agree another promotion wouldn't really offer anything different to WWE or AEW, it could only take one other billionaire who's a fan to look at what TK has done with AEW and see it as a worthwhile investment (I assume they are making money?) to decide to follow suit
  14. Bea, Kong and Mel def count as releases. Think CIMA had some sort of deal at the start but never appeared on TV so not much of a loss there. EDIT - maybe not releases so much as not renewed
  15. Eva Marie - didn't they literally do the same thing with her the first time round? The amount of air-time they waste on stuff like this is mind-blowing
  16. Its a sad thought but how many of these workers with talent over the last year are simply going to leave the business through not being able to secure decent gigs?
  17. Bit of a side bar but who has AEW actually let go over their tenure? Jimmy Havoc is the only one I remember. They still have a bunch of names under contract who aren't on TV regular and aren't young prospects you want to develop Dark. When do they start cutting the Joey Janelas, Luthers and Kip Sabians?
  18. Years of WWE talent hoarding effectively created a bubble, which has now popped. AEW alone doesn't feel like enough to absorb the number of guys out there who could be in major promotions. Big opportunity for Impact, maybe ROH too depending how the new business model shakes out. Almost like there's room for another entry into the market.
  19. By the end of the year AEW are going to have a bigger roster than WWE
  20. Of course Keith was a matter of time. Shame Have to say I am surprised at Nia Jax. Her family connections seemed to have kept her high in the division for years DH Smith re-signed recently and hadn't even appeared on TV
  21. Apparently Del Sol said something about Jon Huber (as a tribute) on Twitter but spelt his name wrong and Amanda Huber and Jericho 'called him out' over it, though now I have bothered to have a quick look it seems like that is being massively overblown by people who want there to be a story
  22. AEW is kinda firing on all cylinders right now. Even losing one of their biggest and best guys like Moxley doesn't hurt because swapping in Miro still feels logical and will result in a great match at the PPV that could still go either way (Miro would also be a good token first defence for Page if he wins). Some of the post-match brawls look a bit jank because too many of their guys still try to do pro wrestling offence in a street fight situation and it looks bad (Tay Conti and Luchasaurus off my head from this week) but that aside they've got a PPV stacked with feuds with a lot of heat in them. I wasn't too hot about Omega vs Page when they were laying the seeds months ago but I'm in for it now and it feels like it's time for Omega to lose the belt. Conti is a good B-level title defence for Britt and it gives her the biggest match she's had yet. FTR vs Lucha Bros has potential for a great match and the way they've build it up with the AAA belts and lucha teams has been something a little different. MJF vs Darby is a low-key feud of the year contender with strong promos and brawls leading to a hot match between arguably their 2 biggest homegrown guys. Looks like we'll get Punk vs Kingston too as well as Bucks/Cole vs Jurassic Express/Cage, which has also had a strong build up with a lot of juice in it. They could even add the OC vs Hardy blow-off as a pre-show match and that's a hell of a card. Heck, even the IC vs ATT stuff has oddball potential because of the MMA guy's involvement. I know a lot of people are sick of Lambert's Facebook Uncle schtick but the guy clearly is a big wrestling fan and throws a great tantrum, seeing him get his commupence should be a super-satisfying moment they've managed to build out of a few months. Cool to see SDS and Aero Star on this show, hopefully SDS in particular shows up more (though judging by what people are saying about some twitter spat that may not be likely now)
  23. I can totally see them having Moxley over Bryan at the PPV, with the cumulative damage of Dragon's run so far catching up to him. Moxley has been steam-rolling guys recently, ran through 10, will almost certainly run through OC or at the least come out unscathed (OC could try to out-wrestle him and get a sneaky roll-up but he's not going to do much damage) while every match Danielson has had has been a war. Feels like a smart way to give him his first loss while still protecting him.
  24. Different World War but Panzerfaust are a pretty cool WWII-themed bm band Also under the wider banner of "Battle Metal" I give you Havukruunu
  25. Holy fuck, Danielson vs Kingston was excellent. Easy MOTYC and another notch on both men's belts. Kingston in particular was fantastic, just lacing Danielson with ultra-stiff chops, perfect timing on all the big spots and that backfist! Awesome, awesome stuff. And Punk vs Kingston is the 2000s indy dream match I never knew I wanted, but it feels so obvious. That would be an incredible feud to build for Full Gear. I am a limited patience for these spooky horror movie gimmick and Britt vs Abadon was not good, but on the plus side I am still into Britt Baker: Hardcore Superstar
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