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  1. The opener was probably the MOTN for me. None of their matches have really struck me as something memorable but it was good and the whole post-match landed well. I hate the Dunn approach to showing the reaction shots before you see who it is actually coming out though. Logan Paul was shockingly good in his match. I'm not sure the big frogsplash spot was justified, felt like something Paul pitched and got approved because he's a star living out his fantasy, but still incredible athleticism. He's a far more exciting worker than Miz and I'm not against him being on the roster if he performs at this level on a regular basis. The mid card matches on the show were all whatever. Usos vs Profits Round 10,000 wasn't as good as the MITB match and Jarrett as ref was pointless. Not sure why they needed to run this match again if Profits weren't winning. The whole Morgan vs Rousey deal was god awful. Ronda looked like an idiot and Morgan looked weak, the worst of both worlds. Both women came out worse than they did coming in. The main event was fun and had a lot of cool individual moments, but was also over-shadowed by the tractor gimmick and the absurd overkill. The actual physicality of the match was great and Brock was clearly really motivated. It's a shame he's having this run of his career in such a stale scenario because Old Gunslinger Brock is so much fun. The two big tractor spots were risky as hell, but I don't think they looked that good and didn't add a lot apart from the visual spectacle of the ring being ripped up (which never came in to play after). Then the Theory cash in tease went nowhere. Then 4 or 5 nearfalls on Brock before another 'buried under rubble' finish which we've seen enough times already for it to be another tired trope. Basically I really enjoyed the front half of the match when they were just tossing each other about and hitting each other with things then enjoyed it less the booking came in to play.
  2. The New Japan worship has always been the worst thing about AEW, and seeing it come to fruition the last few weeks with the un-repentant fanboying hasn't made for great TV. Jay White does not have half the 'top guy' presence he thinks he does, and I have to assume Tanahashi was supposed to riff on the 'would you please...Shut..The..Hell...Up' catchphrase but instead just had 1 awkward line. At least Christian vs Jungle Boy should be a really good program once we get FD out the way.
  3. Am I missing something here? The guy has been consistently pushed, is one of the most high profile guys they have, has been clearly positioned as one of the future long term main event acts, etc. and I assume is likely paid in line with that. Has creative control, gets to be treated as a hero in his hometown despite being the biggest heel on the roster. What really has he got to take issue with? Maybe I've missed other tidbits and pieces of drama so someone help me out, because I'm struggling to see his point of view here.
  4. Not a great start to Yuta in BCC if you ask me. All of his stuff with the Gunn kids looked pretty awkward, then he gets muscled around by Mr Ass only to get a flukey roll-up win. They really should have had a more decisive, violent finish to continue this. Main event had a pretty gnarly, violent finish but otherwise didn't do much for me. Plunder Cole is the best Cole and still this was too heavy on weak superkick spam and melodrama. Page blading his chin to put over Cole's silly spot was a choice touch though.
  5. Rollins and Becky are examples of guys dressing and acting elaborately as a poor substitute for actual charisma (unlike Austin). Cody returning was a cool moment, though them burning through all of his finishers in his first match back was less so. Rousey vs Charlotte wasn't awful, but it certainly wasn't good. And that finish - yeesh. Ronda gets beat with a run of the mill boot? Main event was realistically as good as it could have been. Props to Owens for busting his ass and hell that suplex to the floor Austin took was a surprise too. God bless Owens for getting this moment and glad for Austin that he got this closure on his career that he's happy with.
  6. I like Cody but the thought of him making his Wrestlemania debut to crickets is so good it almost makes me want to watch the show live.
  7. Jaded puro fan here - is there anything from 2022 so far that's worth tracking down and giving a watch? I'm pretty out of the loop but still feel like keeping a toe in the water every now and then. Thanks in advance!
  8. You don't need to be in title matches or on PPV to be important. One thing AEW does very well is making the week to week Dynamite main events feel like big deals. How long will it be until Lee main events a Dynamite? The 'holding pattern' mindset is something I don't agree with, especially if you are going to run only 4 PPVs a year. The time in between needs to be worthwhile too (and for the most part it is in AEW). And that doesn't have to be anything too difficult, just make this existing feud with Starks and Hobbs into something with more juice than 'guys interrupt each others interviews', build to a gimmick match or something, then blow it off on a TV main event. Maybe they'll do that in 2 weeks and I'll eat my words, but the last couple weeks it feels like they've put the bare minimum effort into these guys.
  9. OK lets forget the race part because that was a dumb comment in hindsight. I would still argue these guys are being under-utilised for one reason or another. At this point 'mid-card' is probably a bit rich for Starks and Hobbs who have had maybe 1 meaningful win in their AEW careers each (ok maybe 2 for Starks, both over Brian Cage last year). They are the guys they have dudes feud with when they have nothing better for them, and the paint by numbers 'interview interrupted' formula isn't helping create any steam. The Acclaimed have grown a lot but still seem to be in the same place they were last year. Keith Lee is one of the few guys I think most people felt should have a rocket strapped to him on arrival and he's already Just Another Guy. Now granted AEW have a track record of bringing guys in, cooling them off, then getting them hot again once they've got their feet under the table so I'm sure he will be dandy long-term, but it still feels like a missed opportunity to be doing more with him and everyone else in this bundle. Now if you had Starks in Sky's spot or Team Taz climbing the tag ranks or the Acclaimed getting into a hot non-title program or Keith being paired against a Miro or one of the major stars that would be all gravy.
  10. The Acclaimed and Swerve were also in another segment with Starks & Hobbs about their feud with Lee, but hey I wasn't keeping count and as I say, I'm not really in that camp of people. It just struck me during those 2 segments and that it's a total 'treading water' feud didnt help. But no harm no foul.
  11. Main event had an odd finish (Rosa gets dinged with a chair, rolls back in the ring then just hits her finish?) and took a while to get going but was pretty enjoyable and a well deserved moment. part of the JAS promo felt like they might be setting up Jericho's Sports Entertainers vs Regal's Pro Wrestlers at some point im not on the 'AEW is racist' noise but it is pretty jarring how they seem to have stuck all the black guys together in the same go-nowhere mid-card program. Keith Lee already feels like just another guy
  12. some will love the fact they've waited exactly 1 year on to have rosa dethrone britt but they really could have done this 3-6 months ago. still looking forward to the match though i am here for a hardy boyz retirement run and moxley/danielson killing geeks
  13. Those with IWTV accounts should go watch Arik Royale vs Kevin Ku from this weekend's ACTION show, I really dug it. Both dudes have low-key been two of the better guys on the indy scene for a while, and Ku in particular really stepped up in what is probably his biggest singles match to date.
  14. Speedball vs Ninja Mack from last night's show has one of the nuttiest spots of the year. Ninja Mack is insanity.
  15. I thought this, the promo certainly lead way for a double turn as an option, but then they still have the MJF-Wardlow story to come so I imagine Max stays heel for now at least
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