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  1. roofiethebutcher

    Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I don't think the Night King was setting a trap. The reason the dead weren't attacking is because a good number of them fell through the ice and the Night King prevented them from continuing to "drown". They only attacked after The Hound threw the second rock and it glided over the ice showing it had frozen over. The fact dragons came was just luck/fate for the Night King. The spear didn't look much different than his generals main weapons.
  2. roofiethebutcher

    Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    It was Bronn because earlier after avoiding the dragon fire he looked up and saw a white horse without a rider and used that to get to Jamie.
  3. roofiethebutcher

    E3 2017

    I would put Horizon: Zero Dawn up there. Loved the game and was surprisingly never bored with it which seems to plague me in most games I play. The main things I want from E3 are game play for Spiderman, release date for Days Gone, and anything from Sucker Punch.
  4. roofiethebutcher

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Ken Leung (Lost, X-Men: The Last Stand) has been cast as Karnak for The Inhumans.
  5. I don't disagree it would be backwards and Cerrone deserves a fight more than Gastelum. Was just wondering who Jacare would even fight as an alternate.
  6. roofiethebutcher

    E3 2016

    Just saw this and man am I excited. Played the hell out of Windjammers at the roller rink. Self-esteem was never higher than when I would take down everyone that challenged me. I anticipate having tons of fun while being mediocre at this version.
  7. The drinking mini-game in Watch Dogs to get a platinum. That took forever. There was a mission in GTA3 I think where you had to get 3 cars to a warehouse without them being damaged in a certain amount of time. Every single time I was on the last car some random NPC would come from nowhere and hit me. By then I didn't have the time to get the car repaired and get to the warehouse. So infuriating.
  8. roofiethebutcher

    Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Just Gendry who is MIA at the moment. Could the High Sparrow announce that since the Faith is one that the entire group is his champion?
  9. roofiethebutcher

    A Video Game Deal Thread (All Systems)

    Well, I am nuts but decided to save my money.
  10. roofiethebutcher

    A Video Game Deal Thread (All Systems)

    Are any of the games on sale for the Extended Play thing on PSN worth picking up? I haven't played Prototype 1 or 2, so is 20 bucks worth it?
  11. roofiethebutcher

    A Video Game Deal Thread (All Systems)

    Got Bully and then realized my backlog is crazy and didn't get anything else.
  12. roofiethebutcher

    A Video Game Deal Thread (All Systems)

    I'm thinking of getting Rogue Galaxy since I never played it on PS2. Is Bully worth getting? I haven't played that one either.
  13. roofiethebutcher

    Random music thoughts

    Edit: nevermind