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  1. It's just summer league, but Chet making waves. First player in summer league history with at least 5 blocks and 4 made threes in a single game. 23-7-4-6 in 24 minutes of court time.
  2. If I'm Oregon and Washington I'm making damn sure that the B1G isn't interested before I join the Big XII
  3. I think the only way ND joins a conference is if they are in danger of losing access to the playoffs. Which is more plausible now than it was two weeks ago.
  4. Hell, B1G structures it right, they can finally force Notre Dame's hand.
  5. Army of Darkness 4-disc/4-cuts on 4K UHD from Screen Factory September 27th. In both a regular collector's edition and steelbook.
  6. Well, she was probably the best actor in the class of 2004 at Alma College, so quite possibly.
  7. Allegedly the Nets and Lakers are engaging in Kyrie for Russ talks. Brooklyn wants LA to take Joe Harris and his two years and 30 some million left, while the Lakers would rather have Seth Curry and his expiring 9 million.
  8. A friend of mine is in that movie somewhere. As "Resident Female Doctor" but sadly uncredited.
  9. Remember earlier this year when the ACC and PAC-12 squashed the playoff expansion plan that would've given their leagues auto bids? As incredibly stupid as that looked then, it looks way worse now. I can't imagine the Big 10 and SEC are gonna get behind that idea now when they both clearly will benefit a lot more if there's as many at large bids as possible. Unless the two of them just decide to do 4 team conference championship mini-tournaments and then match the winners up and just drop everybody else essentially down to a lower level.
  10. It feels like you have to offer all four you can trade unprotected, and swaps on the other three, plus the best young player or two on your roster.
  11. I like Gobert, and I like the idea of him on that team, but it really feels like just the first three picks should've been enough without a fourth and the swap.
  12. Is that even functionally possible salary wise?
  13. I really like where Ainge has Utah positioned of this: tons of assets and broke Gobert's salary into several smaller, easier to trade chunks. If he can find the right deal, he can straight into continuing to try to compete with Mitchell. And if he can't find the right deal, he can either stand pat for a year and see what's out there, or pivot into a full tear down and rebuild by moving Mitchell for even more assets.
  14. This is going to be so hard on the non-revenue sports. The volleyball teams are going to have to take ~8 road trips to the Midwest or further every year, and it's not like pro sports where they can just stay on the road for two weeks or whatever. Edit: in football, you can set the schedule that they only have to go to other Big Ten areas four games a year, and put them all on Saturdays. And other teams will only go to L.A. max twice a year. Assuming they stay at 3 nc and 9 conference games, you set up so the year USC has five road games is also the year they go to UCLA, and vice versa to cut down on ever having 5 long trips. But non-revenue? They play games any random day and will have upwards of ten road trips a year. That's gonna be brutal.
  15. And a swap. I mean, Gobert is really good, but damn.
  16. Jesus. (Also, in addition to apparently being a shit human being, what a dumbass. Getting this literally right before he's eligible to get paid.
  17. Andre Drummond to Chicago on a 2/6.6 deal. He quietly played pretty well backing up Embiid, and then really well for Brooklyn after the trade. He's a guy I've always felt a bit bad for. He seemed to be breaking out as a star in Detroit, and right as he was hitting his stride, Steph and the Warriors completely changed the game and made him borderline obsolete. (Of course, he got a max deal with the Pistons basically the last year a guy like him could've gotten a max, do I don't feel that bad.)
  18. Adding to the "the victims are the ones who should decide if he's forgiven" point... This is also not a person who has done anything to warrant public forgiveness. He's doubled down, done his best to stifle people talking about what a prick he is, and been a sanctimonious jackass about it all. Fuck Joey Ryan.
  19. Also, if anything breaks the ACC grant of rights stranglehold, the B1G should push hard to get at least one of the two Florida schools and not let the SEC just have the whole state. Maybe take a stab at a Texas school, too, even if both the prize catches have already been gobbled.
  20. Unless they make a three team deal somewhere and dump Simmons.
  21. I can't imagine they make the trade without Barnes. And I don't think Toronto gives up Barnes.
  22. Money is the big driver, clearly, but if I'm the PAC-12 teams that have a shot at getting to the B1G, playoff access is probably a factor as well. The PAC champ gets left out a lot, a Super Sized Big Ten is sending it's champion every year.
  23. You basically ask for the best young player on the team plus every pick and swap they can send for KD, right? And that best young player better be a really damn good young player
  24. As recently as Lamar Jackson, people were talking about him needing to convert to wide out.
  25. Thinks he can prove he's still a star by taking over as the team's lead scorer?
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