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  1. Mostly, the failure of the Nightmare reboot as well as a couple other horror flops around there. Then when the next time it got brought up to go back to the franchise, lawsuits started flying. And that's still where we are, afaik. I'm surprised you don't at least have the og Halloween. I mean, it's pretty well universally looked at as a legit masterpiece. Anyway, I ordered the box set from Shout and I think I got in early enough to get the free poster too.
  2. I do wonder if the layoff might help Harden with that a lot. Having 4 1/2 months off and just a couple weeks before the playoffs might prevent him from looking completely wore out.
  3. How the hell Kris has time for all the incredibly long pods he does is beyond me.
  4. Only watched the last hour, first time I watched any raw in like a month. That main event was real good, and pretty much everything was fun. 60 minute shows are the best wrestling shows
  5. I think Hollywood is basically the only person I ever totally went off on on this board in the last, like, decade. Just horribly misogynistic bullshit about Brie.
  6. I don't think that was on a holiday, was it?
  7. Lance outside WWF/E wasn't bad. Great athleticism, decent technical stuff. But he might be the worst striker in major pro wrestling history, and in WWE that really stood out because they mostly just asked him to punch and kick.
  8. On one hand, I have the great steelbook compete collection of all 12 movies they put out years ago and it's now oop and insanely expensive. On the other, it's not like I haven't bought every single one of those movies a minimum of twice already, some of them three times.
  9. I blame the incredibly stupid way the NFL handled the Browns franchise history when they moved to Baltimore. Fuck that's still infuriatingly dumb
  10. Raven has actually slightly resurfaces the last few weeks. Wasn't it LONCE?
  11. Random memory: Rich (who I always liked, for the record) going off about adults wearing sports jerseys, only for someone to bring up a post from him like six months earlier saying he had aDaryll Johnston Cowboys jersey.
  12. The dude who attacked Dean's parenting must've been a pretty fun ban
  13. I still think the funniest part everyone misses is that the guy who asked Punk about the DVDVR was actually FSW.
  14. Some babysitters have a rough night while working on a holiday.
  15. Okada/Ibushi and if you are into the style, Ospreay/Hiromu are both way up there. But I'm going with the crowd on this one. Bucks vs Omega/Page was just something else entirely.
  16. That was absolutely the best run of Rock's wrestling career. It's an all-time great character, it was fully logical both why he was pissed at the fans and why he was such an arrogant douchebag. Crack Addict it's definitely not a good song, but I do like how the hype video timed the two of them coming to blows right to the "here we go again" lyric. Austin got the dream ending. His most famous opponent, the biggest show of the year, and a truly great match and then a farewell worthy of the biggest star in wrestling history.
  17. That would've been amazingly pretty and kinda awesome
  18. I liked Homecoming, but I thought FFH was kinda a disaster.
  19. Reminds me of the story Alvarez was saying on WOR or wherever about his friend who is a wrestling coach taking kids to a tournament in the early part of the pandemic, and the kids not being allowed to shake hands before or after the match. Like, if it's safe enough for them to wrestle, it's safe enough to shake hands, and if it's not safe to shake hands, it's damn sure not safe to wrestle.
  20. Wasn't the point of the ZSJ tweet that he's donating his royalties instead of taking money from splx after all that happened?
  21. What bothers me the most is that it was a damn good match until the finish. You have Booker kick out and get the win aminute later...
  22. After Mania, Hogan and Slaughter had at least one Boot Camp Match. That would've been a really cool stip for Mania. Add a bit more violence and chaos (though I actually like the match they had.)
  23. Our old board mate Bill did a deep dive on this in June. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29247938/debunking-dak-prescott-contract-debate-facts-fiction-why-cowboys-pay-him
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