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  1. She's absolutely in the conversation. For the life of me, I can't figure out how she was present during the interpromotional era and we didn't get a Bull Nakano/Dynamite Kansai match. That's a match I'd love to see pulled out of a time machine.
  2. Menthols have been illegal since... I think 2017? I'm originally from Nova Scotia, though I've lived in the States most of my life and am a dual citizen.
  3. Yuki Mashiro is retiring at Ribbonmania! She said she entered wrestling with a goal of only participating for three years, and that time is up at the end of 2022. After the year is over, she wants to go back to school to become a nurse. What a noble goal. I always respect a wrestler who has a firm idea of what they want out of wrestling and has an exit strategy, so good on Mashiro.
  4. I mean, isn't that accurate for a sport where being successful three times out of ten means you're among the best players in the game?
  5. I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE GOOD PLACE. *ahem* I mean "I believe it is not appropriately ranked".
  6. I've always wondered why more sports games don't use adaptive difficulty that adjusts based on a player's skill level. Then I googled it and saw that EA did something that pushed players to buy loot boxes and got sued for it, and went "well that explains EVERYTHING".
  7. This is a good argument for getting one that has a two minute timer, if you ask me. Good dental hygiene and less pipe-based panic!
  8. Yeah, because how dare people enjoy something and want to see more of it, am I right?
  9. ASUKA and Makoto have been teaming regularly for four years, so I would imagine that they'd qualify.
  10. Hikaru Shida, belt collector. (But she needed Ibuki Hoshi to get the pin to win the International Ribbon Tag Team Titles!) Knights of Ribbon was a great show. Saori Anou vs. Stephanie Vaquer was a bunch of fun. Yuki Mashiro got slapped by a leek. Track the whoooooole thing down!
  11. Bruce Mitchell was the one who made that accusation, and Wade Keller was the one who 1) pulled the article down, as he wasn't notified that Mitchell was posting it, and 2) fired Mitchell a couple of days later when Mitchell doubled down. Maybe dial it back just a bit.
  12. Gaming Hell did a fairly in-depth look into it back in January, after TCRF posted their development article, and covered why Adam Bomb was cut (mostly storage reasons). As an aside, I love both TCRF and Gaming Hell. So much good stuff there.
  13. Make sure to watch Saori Anou vs Maika Ozaki from that show too. It's hard for me to say which one was my favorite between the two, and if I'm having trouble telling you that Ibuki was in the best match on the show, that should tell you how good the other match was. I sure hope we get multiple excursions from Stephanie Vaquer though. She's been a treat to have on these shows.
  14. I think the lesson here is that if you see tofu in sauce in Japan you should probably get it, no matter what the translation says.
  15. I always thought it was mapo tofu? If it's the same dish I'm thinking of (tofu in a thin and spicy chili sauce, usually with beef but I get with mushrooms), it's great.
  16. That arena might be good for nostalgia purposes, but unless they've made renovations recently, Dorton has no really heating or air conditioning system to speak of. I announced there in mid-November a few years back and it was freezing. Hope for a mild day or bundle up, I guess. Though I guess if Ricky does the fire blowing thing that might be a bonus for a few moments.
  17. Apparently you want me to go through another goth girl phase. Well let me tell you, I did that in 2006, buster, and I'm not up to do it again. (Because I went through another one in 2013 and phew that was difficult.)
  18. Green temporarily obstructs the vision, red burns, black causes blindness.
  19. When I finally got around to Breath of the Wild I was sunk for... gosh... weeks? Months? I don't know. So if Tears of the Kingdom is "more Breath of the Wild" then I am 100% on board. (Let me play as Zelda this time.)
  20. Heyyyyy, the Tequila Shot! Here, have it from the other angle from Tequila Saya, who invented it (and gave it to Suzu after she retired).
  21. I am fully of the mindset that it's AEW protecting an investment rather than anything else, especially if they're putting together graphics packages to display after every single one of her matches to show off her record. If they're wanting to make Jade seem special, then not having her work indies and work Dark, only working TVs and PPVs makes a ton of sense from their perspective.
  22. In my opinion, the Spurs are probably the most fascinating franchise in sports to look at from a player management perspective, because Popovich and his staff have always been so good about how to get the most from their players while having such a small usage rate, to the point where you could make an argument that their long-term players had a couple of seasons added to their careers due to how they were managed. It may not result in the best looking stats sheets, but it absolutely showed up in their results, especially that 15 year stretch where the Spurs as a franchise won five titles.
  23. Sure you can. It's not like he was a 15 minute a game bench player. He averaged 25 and a half through his career. Solid sixth man numbers. I get that most people aren't into the idea of a sixth man being a Hall of Famer but Manu is the best sixth man of all time and his rate stats prove that. You're basically on the same side of history as the people who say Dennis Rodman isn't a Hall of Famer because he didn't score. That wasn't his job. Much like starting wasn't Manu's job. And when you're so good at your job that you help your team win four titles, you go into the Hall.
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