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  1. I'd ask for Ibuki Hoshi representation, knowing full well I'm the only one who'd vote for her.
  2. Hello, Eddie's fictional wife. I hope you're well. I'm not sure what the disconnect is here. AEW invokes other promotions and their stories and we're expected to take those at face value, but in this situation, we're supposed to ignore it. If they want me to be a fan that follows other promotions (or at least accept their telling of why those wrestlers are important) to understand when those wrestlers show up, cool, I get that. But at the same time, they can't then make up a story out of whole cloth and be surprised when it doesn't just work with a handwave. If AEW wants to be a promotion that creates it's own... dare I say "universe"?... be my guest. But that's not the way they've done things in the past and it's beyond strange that they've started doing it lately. Thank you for providing another example.
  3. Yeah, that's the issue I take with it. New Japan and DDT and all these other promotions? We'll acknowledge them. Hikaru Shida worked for Oz Academy on Sunday? The fuck's an Oz Academy?! EDIT TO ADD: I watched the Oz Academy match too. It was good as well, once you get past the usual Ozaki silliness.
  4. I mean sure, that worked in 1986. We're in 2022 where we can see someone's not injured.
  5. ??? She's completed all her outside commitments and was scheduled back next week. So... replace her anyway with a vague "she's injured" even though she's not? It's just strange, even if it is an angle. If it's an angle, it's an angle that makes the promotion look bad for no reason. If the heel manager's responsible for getting her taken out for medical clearance, then what does it say about their medical staff? If their medical staff has to clear you a week in advance to participate in a tournament that you've already qualified for, then what happens if you're injured three days prior to your match? Do you forfeit then? Or are you replaced by someone who was already medically cleared? Are they medically clearing people who might serve as alternates? Pro wrestling is dumb.
  6. Ibuki Hoshi asked for either a tournament or a league to fill the ICExInfinity vacancy on today's show (she doesn't care which). Tsukushi Haruka retired as champion last week. Maybe we can get a summer league! I can be happy with statistics and pro wrestling!
  7. Shida's been wrestling in Japan and acting in a musical all the way up until a day or so, and they're far more strict about COVID. She was scheduled to return after her musical closed this week. So... no. Not COVID.
  8. The "hour and 45 minute match" was a comedy match. I actually just watched that show yesterday! It was the opening match where they brawled to the back with the match still going, but since there was no countout rule, the show continued on. They came back halfway through the show and brawled to the back again. Then, after the main event concluded, they came back AGAIN and finished their match. I loved it, personally.
  9. Itoh and Yamashita working in Oregon the night before, if I remember correctly. Like I said, though, it's still a strange thing to use "Japanese wrestling means nothing to them" as a talking point considering the lip service they've been doing this month.
  10. There's two thoughts to this Hikaru Shida tweet. 1) If it's a work, it's pretty bad optics to do this during Asian-American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month (as the commercials with Tony Khan hyping how much he loves putting AAPI talent on TV state). 2) If it's not a work... it's pretty bad optics to remove her from the tournament without filling her in on what's going on.
  11. I think it also probably helps that Orange Cassidy's whole thing is that he's a guy that is super talented, he's just lazy. So seeing him break out and do the things he does makes sense. Danhausen... doesn't really give off that impression. After all, the whole thing about the curses is that he believes strongly enough in his ability to curse others that others sell it, right? I don't really see where "hidden wrestling savant" would also play into it. He can be charming enough on his own (as evidenced by people buying his merch and being thrilled to see him just show up and do his thing) where he doesn't need the rest.
  12. Last night finally made Danhausen click for me, because having been unfamiliar with his indie work, it was nice to see he wasn't a guy that was going to come in and go 50/50 with someone with his kind of gimmick. He got squashed and that was fine because the impression that I get from the folks that dig him is that they just are happy to see him no matter how his matches unfold. I think there's a lot to be said for a guy who can show up for maybe three minutes and be that popular. Why tinker with a formula that works? As for the rest of the show, Jamie Hayter deserves the world.
  13. This reminds me of an indie in Virginia that is long out of business, but had a North American title and got their belt specifically made to exclude all countries below the United States.
  14. Savio Vega has one of the best spinning heel kicks in the history of pro wrestling, so I'm 100% on board with this idea.
  15. OH HEY! So Ice Ribbon from yesterday. Tsukushi Haruka retired as a champion, she beat Asahi to retain the ICExInfinity title. Then two matches later, she and Tsukasa Fujimoto lost to Nanae Takahashi and Hamuko Hoshi when Hamuko used the Harukaze, which Tsukushi just gave to her, on her. (Lucha-styled Hamuko is still mindblowing.) Tsukka also lost her pre-hiatus match when she got directly pinned by Hikaru Shida. New International Ribbon Tag Champs too, with Yuna Manase and Totoro Satsuki beating SAKI and Hikari Shimizu. Yuki Mashiro somehow survived with the Triangle Ribbon title and beat Rina Yamashita, using the Venus Clutch no less! And Aja Kong murderized poor Kaho Matsushita with a backdrop suplex that looked a lot like a backdrop driver in the pictures. Whole bunch of new outfits and looks (Rina Amikura and Misa Kagura match now!). It really feels like the closing of a big chapter. It airs on Samurai in a couple of weeks so I'm giddy with anticipation to watch it.
  16. EXCUSE ME. It's Sakura Hirota and Miyacoco. OF COURSE THE PEOPLE LOVED IT.
  17. It's right. Well, it's sort of right. It's a Sakura Hirota special, where they brawl all over the building while the rest of the show goes on, then they come back later in the show and finish the match. It's not the same as when she and Hibiscus Mii came back to the show the next day for a match credited as 1,440 minutes long, but alas...
  18. Re: the Hangman Page discussion, in a lot of ways during his title reign he's been the dog that finally caught the car in the sense that he finally has what he wanted, but now he has no idea what to do with it, and I think in a lot of ways that's the angle. It's a natural evolution of who he is, from overwhelmed self-loather to confident cowboy who is slowly starting to lose his confidence, and also his patience (and with it, his morals). (And to caveat, yes, the following is my interpretation of how he has been presented. Your mileage may vary. Opinions on a message board, whatta concept.) From the beginning of AEW, he felt as though he was the lowest member of the Elite, and he had the chance to finally stick out when it was him and Jericho to crown the first World Champion. And, well, he lost. Or in his mind, he failed. So he became self-destructive and started drinking, which led to him loosening up because he stopped caring about the pressure he placed on himself to try and stand out amongst this group of highly accomplished wrestlers and just started showing up and doing what he does best. Which is probably where the perception that he was a beer guzzling asskicker came from. Because he was an asskicker that, well, guzzled beer after he kicked ass. But it's when his drinking became out of control, and people caught on that it was the result of his feeling as though he failed, that was when his friends started to give up on him. And then he ended up finding new friends that didn't carry the same stigma as the Elite did, because, well... the Dark Order were a bunch of dorky losers. Just like he seemed to be. But they were the dorky losers he needed. So he cleaned himself up, decided that he didn't fail, he just fell short, and he wasn't going to fall short anymore. And so he didn't. It's oversimplifying two and a half years of story, but that basically covers it. But the problem then becomes... where does he go from there? Because Hangman always was the guy who would take off his belt to whoop someone or run across a football field to save his friend. The drinking was just when he loathed himself. Now he's confident in his skills. And that confidence starts to chip away when you see all these newcomers start to come in and gun for you, and tell you you're not good enough. Like the greatest wrestler in the world in Bryan Danielson. But you beat him. And yet everyone still touts him as the greatest wrestler in the world, and you're... what exactly? Then you go through hell to beat Lance Archer, which proves you're still just as tough as you always were. You beat Adam Cole, a ghost from your past who tells you that you're just the waterboy for the group that you used to be a part of. It doesn't help that those dorky friends who helped get you through that tough patch keep getting in your way, and what's worse, are in way over their heads against the level of competition you're now at. What do you do? Do you try to protect them by pushing them away? Now you've got CM Punk saying he wants you. Great. And the fans, who cheered you on as you went through the hardest two and a half years of your life, cheer that guy instead. Surely that has to chip away at you and frustrate you some, right? What's worse is that now you're basically alone. Hard to blame the guy for lashing out. It's hard to say that it's a heel turn, too, until that lashing out becomes consistent. So does that mean his character is a failure? I don't think it does. I think it means his character is moving onto the next step, and that next step is him cracking under the pressure of being champion, whatever that will entail.
  19. Apropos of nothing, Tom Zenk was amazing as the defacto heel in his match against Pillman for the WCW Light Heavyweight title at Wrestle War 1992. Three months later, he was teaming with Johnny Gunn and that was that.
  20. She hasn't really worked in the console space in ten years, and even then, it was for the DS and 3DS with the Scribblenauts games. Her last projects, which were unfinished, were on mobile games.
  21. What I took from this is that I want a Hikaru Shida vs Miyu Yamashita singles match, plus a Hikaru Shida vs Maki Itoh singles match. Yes.
  22. Oh it was definitely everywhere. I've been doing a rewatch of Mid-South (well, more like background noise while I do reports at work), and they'd have loser leaves town matches, but it was usually just to bring back Junkyard Dog as Stagger Lee, or have an excuse to turn Mr. Olympia heel when he came back by having him be a weird stalker to Mr. Wrestling II. But Marty Lunde? He outright vanishes without explanation after losing in the first round of the North American title tournament. Then he pops back up four months later as Arn Anderson and Bill Watts has to go "well, uh, Ole Anderson was having him pretend to be Marty Lunde to gain some experience, but he's really Arn Anderson!" In conclusion, pro wrestling is weird.
  23. Isn't that just pro wrestling in general? Unless you're a main eventer, folks used to vanish without a trace from practically every promotion. The only explanation 2 Cold Scorpio's disappearance from WCW ever got was that he missed a flight for a match, then a few weeks later, Marcus Alexander Bagwell's teaming with the Patriot, and little kid me was like "dang, did 2 Cold end up in the Bermuda Triangle?"
  24. This Shida mini-tour is full of delights. The TJPW match today, her and Arisa Nakajima vs Tsukasa Fujimoto and Ibuki Hoshi at Ice Ribbon tomorrow, then... hold onto your butts... her and Miyako Matsumoto vs Yuki Miyazaki and SAKURA HIROTA!!! at Wave on Thursday.
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