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  1. I dare say the point that AxB was making sailed over your head.
  2. Correct. He started as Krusher Darsow in Mid-South, then because Krusher Kruschev when he started tagging with Nikolai Volkoff, claiming that Russian training methods were superior and he wanted to be a superior athlete. He was always supposed to be a turncoat.
  3. Considering Last wouldn't call Conrad by name and spent the entire segment taking potshots at him and bashing his content as lazy, it struck me as jealousy. I should note, I have no interest in Conrad's content, so I have no idea if his potshots are accurate. But when you have your lawyer on the show as you bash a guy constantly and don't name him, that just strikes me as a jealous guy covering his bases.
  4. John Arezzi wanted to do a show with Conrad Thompson, and Brian Last got jealous, so Brian Last kicked him off. Ron Fuller 1) wasn't paying Last his cut of the profits of the show, 2) wanted to use footage of the show with folks Last didn't want to, and 3) was (insert Desus and Mero "allegedly" graphics here) beating his girlfriend, which horrified both Last and the producer of the show. Last claims the third reason is why the show was cancelled, but he had already decided to fire him beforehand.
  5. No, no blockbots. Sometimes I'll wade into the responses to a tweet about, say, police brutality or something supporting JK Rowling, and I'll find a nice batch of racists, white nationalists, or TERFs to block. No interaction by me required. Just report/block/move on, no engagement by me with the account ever takes place. It's my lunchtime hobby on days where I'm already in a sour mood and feel like playing a little whack-a-bigot.
  6. This encouraged me to check and see how many people I have blocked/muted on Twitter, and come to find I'm over 20,000 accounts. This would explain why I never seem to have the issues some of y'all have with social media. If I see somebody say something irredeemable, into the block pile they go. Sure, someone could be all "but why would you want to block out the opinions of others, you're building an echo chamber, blah blah blah", to which I say I only block people for being bigoted or vile, and yet my number is that high. Also, I don't owe bigots my attention.
  7. Rina Yamashita is one of like... two people that actually make me interested in watching deathmatches. The other is Risa Sera. So holy wow, this is one heck of a get.
  8. I thought Jim Cornette let his copy of it be leaked out long ago.
  9. Give me them vs Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander for an hour draw please.
  10. Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb being announced for next week is a guaranteed must watch for me. Give them as much time as possible please. I like what appears to be the genesis of a women's tag team division. The matching gear from both teams, TayJay getting a team theme, that's all trending positive for me. The match was fun as heck too!
  11. I adore Jungle Kyona, she was my favorite of the Stardom roster, so I hope that she's doing okay. The last 18 months or so has been a really difficult stretch for her, with her heath and I imagine the stress of Hana Kimura's passing taking its toll on her. If she's not able to maintain Stardom's schedule, I can't say I blame her. Maybe freelance would be a better option. As much as I like watching her, I hope she's healthy and happy above all else.
  12. Whoever hires Katie Nolan next should also hire Ashley Braband, give them a podcast again, and let them run wild. That's all I want. Once ESPN fired Ashley, it was all downhill for Katie.
  13. Whenever I did ad reads, I wasn't reading two paragraphs of copy. Period. If I can't get through your copy in 15 seconds without having to speed talk like a John Moschitta protege, it needs to be tightened up. Two paragraphs? Goodness.
  14. Re: the believability of most wrestling moves vis a vis double suplexes, whips to the ropes, et cetera... There's a lot about pro wrestling as simulated combat that doesn't make sense. If the argument is that pro wrestling should have no visible cooperation, then I don't know how much you're going to really enjoy about pro wrestling while also analyzing it in such detail that you are also discussing height and mass differences. As if any of us even know what the Young Bucks can lift anyway. Unless some of us are being creepers and watching them at the gym. (If you are, stop that. It's weird.)
  15. My favorite thing is whenever people go "they can't be gay, they're married to [person of a differing gender]!" As though sexuality isn't a part of a spectrum for most folks and we haven't felt societal pressure to conform to heteronormativity standards, and really the concepts of "gay" or "straight" will likely be outmoded in a couple of decades as Gen Z is increasingly some flavor of bi/pansexual (which is somehow trans women's faults). Trust me. I have a Pete Burns avatar. I know what I'm talking about.
  16. Yikesaroni, that's beyond gross. I never get why people go to that level. The best thing in the world folks can learn is the mindset of "it's not for me, and that's okay".
  17. I still remember the day DEAN deleted Non-Stick Wrestling, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth from people that occurred. It was a good day.
  18. That would make me laugh for other reasons.
  19. Yes, it was. The sleaze thread was on a version of the board that could handle private messages. If I remember correctly we first started being able to PM each other in 2003. I was around when RF used to randomly spam the old threaded green board and drag it to a crawl, back in like... 2000/2001 too.
  20. They weren't. At all. I still remember the night I disagreed with someone and got deluged with private messages harassing me about what a horrible person I was. I don't even remember what the disagreement was about aside from it being extremely inconsequential, but I do remember I stopped posting here for at least a year or two because of it.
  21. Lacey 100% absolutely should have been a star. I recently rewatched my old SHIMMER DVDs from back then and it was amazing how well Lacey holds up, both as a wrestler and as a character. A lot of women coming up today would do well to watch Lacey. She definitely had it.
  22. I'm glad that @John from Cincinnatiand @Valcourtbrought up Mike Chioda, because he's getting lost in all this discussion about Dreamer. Chioda just sitting there and giggling about some of the utterly loathsome things that happened and shrugging it off is utterly despicable. I think the reason people are piling so much on Dreamer is because he actually has a job and Chioda's on the sidelines, but wow, do I hope to never see Chioda's middle age frat boy piece of shit face again after seeing that.
  23. He never did give Jericho's Loverboy tape back, did he?
  24. I'm thinking that's the roster of the Festival de Lucha pilot taping, since I see what I think is Blitzkrieg's head poking up in the back over Psicosis' shoulder.
  25. No way. There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
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