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  1. I'm going to say this as politely as I possibly can, in the hopes that you can understand the point that I've been trying to make for lord knows how many posts now. What Charlotte did during that match was wrong. I believe I said that clearly enough. My point is that men have been having incidents like that during matches for decades, and none of them have ever been hit with the waves of hatred that she has. Look at what else happened in this thread. Fake tweets were posted as "tweeted and deleted", then when it gets pointed out that they were fake, were any of them retracted? Apologized for? Nope. Because the hell with that woman, am I right? Her push sucks. Surely it's her fault. Let's immediately relish all the things that we think are wrong about her. Because that's what we do with people we don't like based off their television presentation, right? And it's that much easier to dislike them if they're women, right? Because this is a misogynistic society, and women are treated worse for daring to speak up for themselves. Shut up and be grateful, you dumb bimbo. Go take more time off for more plastic surgery. Haven't we loved those jokes in this thread too? This isn't just about Charlotte, by the way. This is about any woman in wrestling that speaks up for themselves, or tries to actually do anything to change the systemic issues within wrestling. Because if I point out that the system is toxic and it doesn't change if you eliminate one component towards it, you think it's shifting blame to protect that one person. Why's that? Is it because you're afraid of the changes that would come of the system actually does change? Or is it because, well, this woman you don't know just sucks that much based off what you see on TV and what you read about her on the internet? Pro wrestling is full of scumbags, and I can tell you that deciding one of them is bad just because of their push is an absolutely foolhardy way to decide who should be in a scummy business. Making your decision based off an unconsciously misogynistic viewpoint is even more foolhardy. I've mentioned in the past that this board is often very unwelcoming of outside opinions, especially women's opinions, and this is yet another example of such. I believe I'll be taking another break after I hit "submit reply", because I don't like making these kinds of posts. Take care, y'all. Please think a little bit more about why you hate people.
  2. I remember that one too. And in that situation, the ref tried to stop it and got overruled. And people blamed the ref for letting it continue. Oh, and funny that it was Aubrey Edwards that it was the ref. Hmm.
  3. I agree with this. I don't see where saying "Charlotte is an unprofessional goon" solves it, though, because it's ingrained in the system. Like I mentioned, Kairi should have been removed from the match long before the spot happened. There's a ref in the match who's supposed to check on wrestlers immediately after dangerous looking spots. There are ringside medical staff there that are supposed to have the safety of the wrestlers as their utmost priority. And what seems to be their priority? Get up and finish the match. So is it prudent to blame one person within the system for the system failing, or is it right to blame the system? Earlier in this thread, @Gordbergsaid he didn't want Charlotte to go to AEW specifically because of this instance. Fair enough, that's his opinion. But had there been a system in place that actually protected the wrestlers instead of leaving it in the hands of wrestlers to protect themselves, or letting wrestlers slap the daylights out of each other when spots go awry, would any of this have happened? Or is that Charlotte's fault too? I mentioned earlier in thread that a lot of these posts smelled like misogyny, and people long-jumping to conclusions to blame a woman for systemic problems within the wrestling business are exactly what I'm talking about. And hey, guess what. Whatever happens with Charlotte? Unless those are addressed, this will keep happening.
  4. That is (or was) a normal thing in wrestling in general. A "you made the spot look bad, get with it" shot used to be incredibly common. Sometimes it's a slap, sometimes it's an elbow or forearm a little stiffer than usual. The fact that it was due to Kairi being injured was an unfortunate thing, yes, but when your mind's going a million miles a minute and you're trying to go to the next spot, and here's a spot where someone just outright doesn't bump off a spear and instead crumbles to the ground, the "hey, wake up" slap is second nature to a lot of wrestlers on how to respond to that. Then the next spot is the power bomb to the table, which Kairi is actively fighting against Charlotte on, and what's most likely going through Charlotte's head isn't "Kairi is hurt", it's "she didn't bump off the spear, now she's deadweighting me on this power bomb and punching my arm. It's the spot. She's going through this table." Is Charlotte wrong for that? Probably. But the culture of "keep going until the match is over" that's ingrained into wrestlers didn't help the situation. Kairi should've been removed from the match long before these spots occurred.
  5. To be honest, I'd be stunned if she chose to do anything with wrestling after leaving WWE. There isn't really any incentive to go work elsewhere aside from wanting to be in the same company as her partner, and really, she could just go do that without having to work and deal with the social media hate she gets because of how WWE uses her on their shows. And realistically, wherever she signs, she'll end up being brigaded with that same hate. She'd be better off going off and enjoying life for a few years.
  6. The same account that posted this also posted a fake "deleted tweet" about her supporting unionization. Interesting that this is the one that gets brought over.
  7. You asked what she could possibly have to complain about, and my response is "being written to completely wipe out all potential opponents, leaving nobody to work with, thus nobody to make money with, would be a valid complaint". You can take that any way you wish, but I do think it would help to not automatically assume the worst of people you only know based off what you see of them on TV.
  8. Think it possible that maybe she sees that this is a bad thing.
  9. I don't want to throw the word "misogyny" around, but some of the hyperbole folks have used to blame Charlotte for WWE's decisions with her push sure does border on that.
  10. Anna Jay's improvement since she came back from injury is significantly impressive. Hard to believe she's been at this less than two years. I suspect they showed Powerhouse Hobbs losing to Orange Cassidy in 12 seconds from last summer as a way to show how he's improved while also having Cassidy beat him on this show, as sort of a "he may have lost but he's come a long way" thing. I still don't like seeing him losing here, but I guess they're slow-burning it. The next time he'd better win.
  11. Rob Hoffmann? That's a name I haven't heard in forever! Hope he's doing well.
  12. I dare say the point that AxB was making sailed over your head.
  13. Correct. He started as Krusher Darsow in Mid-South, then because Krusher Kruschev when he started tagging with Nikolai Volkoff, claiming that Russian training methods were superior and he wanted to be a superior athlete. He was always supposed to be a turncoat.
  14. Considering Last wouldn't call Conrad by name and spent the entire segment taking potshots at him and bashing his content as lazy, it struck me as jealousy. I should note, I have no interest in Conrad's content, so I have no idea if his potshots are accurate. But when you have your lawyer on the show as you bash a guy constantly and don't name him, that just strikes me as a jealous guy covering his bases.
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