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  1. Stefanie the Human


    I was given the Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition as a gift. Being able to drive around in an open world with several of the James Bond cars is way more fun than I expected. The game is gorgeous too! I know little about cars but for some reason I enjoy the Forza games, and I imagine this is where the couple of dozen hours of my free time is going to go.
  2. Stefanie the Human

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    1992 me was totally on board with Crush. That's almost worthy of another thread idea, best theme songs for bad wrestlers. Because Crush's theme as Kona Crush was amazing.
  3. Stefanie the Human


    I only watched one thing from Starrcast last weekend, and it was that guy who ran WrestleCrap on a Death of WCW panel with Eric Bischoff acting like he was tremendously clever to utter silence from the handful of people in attendance.
  4. Stefanie the Human


    Was the fake Manny Fernandez that worked as enhancement talent at the Disney tapings ever identified? He was there for at least two years doing jobs, but information about him is beyond scarce.
  5. Stefanie the Human


    I'd be okay with Evolution being a card full of matches we didn't think we'd see, since it's being hyped as a special event. Future women's shows should focus on the main roster though.
  6. Stefanie the Human


    It gave me a solid week's worth of enjoyment out of train memes, at least.
  7. Stefanie the Human

    Raw is the Pscottish Psychopath - 8/13/2018

    I really liked Renee as the third. I don't normally watch Raw but I did specifically to see how she did. I don't know if it was genuinely enjoying her or finding Coach to be that loathsome, but if they gotta go with three announcers I'll happily take Renee.
  8. Stefanie the Human


    I was wondering when WWE was going to start going in on print on demand. Not a bad idea, especially since their default for shirts is a black shirt too.
  9. Stefanie the Human


    I love when raw footage gets released specifically for profane banter like this.
  10. Stefanie the Human

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    Thank you for the compliment Some folks are definitely assholes, but often there's a deeply rooted reason for why they're an asshole. Personally, I like to look more into the reasons for why they became the way they are, moreso than writing them off. The human psyche is so complex, and we don't think enough about mental health and how small things can cause major changes in one's life.
  11. Stefanie the Human

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    I'm not judging him for his actions, either celebrating them or condemning them. What I'm saying is that I can understand his viewpoint, even if I wouldn't have taken the same tact. I just know that he left a job and decided he didn't want to speak to anyone who was still there. Considering some of the circumstances (such as saving Joey Mercury from losing his house, to having Mercury turn around and tell WWE management that Punk was working out on an injured knee and thus was ready to return when Punk was trying to feel out where his knee was at), I understand why he stopped. I would imagine that if Punk was using Colt to survive the trial, he would've waited until after the trial to toss him aside. He tossed him aside mid-trial, and based off what we know, Colt was trying to salvage things by sticking around until it was over. I don't feel comfortable calling Punk a user, though. I don't know enough about his situation and his relationships with non-wrestlers to say that. To me, a user is someone who emotionally manipulates people into getting what they want, whether it's financial, emotional, or physical. Punk certainly has traits of being a user, I'll agree, but I don't know if I can say that he definitely is one. What I see from Punk strikes me that he is a fiercely loyal person, but to very few people. He's careful about who he lets get close because it often turns out poorly for whatever reason. He also doesn't appear to like social media, which is how most of his contemporaries seem to communicate and/or try to sway him into action by using the court of public opinion (see how Corey Graves acted after Punk lost his second UFC fight). I'm not trying to defend his actions. But I can definitely understand why he took them, even if I don't agree with the way he took them. Hopefully that makes sense. Punk, to me, seems to be emotionally complex, and emotionally complex people are often painted with a negative brush.
  12. Stefanie the Human

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    Not to play internet therapist, but Punk has long had issues of trust based on his own documentary and what he's been willing to admit publicly. In addition, Punk was also arguably on top of his profession for a long time, from indy darling to being a top guy in WWE. If you take someone who already has trust issues before he even reaches fame, then put him in a spot where it's almost impossible to trust anyone, I could understand where his brain started to unravel and where he just stopped being willing to talk to anyone. And the one guy in wrestling he was willing to talk to, Colt Cabana, ends up going to a WWE show after Punk spills everything he went through. I could see someone with Punk's mindset not wanting to maintain that connection, especially since he's trying to get away from wrestling and Colt's wrestling crazy. Going back to @Marty Sugar's point he made about people who want to escape a scene so badly that they give up everything from it, I really think that was where Punk's mindset was. I could see Punk holding onto the friendship with Colt because they had known each other for so long, but I could also see why Punk cut those ties when Colt went to that show. Considering Punk's background being so tumultuous, I could see him craving the kind of life where he stays home and spends time with his wife. And Punk seems like the kind of guy that decides "you know what, I'm done" and doesn't try to drag it out. I don't think we can judge how we handle our interpersonal relationships the same way as how someone with Punk's history would handle his. It's very much an apples to oranges comparison, especially since none of us are former WWE champions (that I'm aware of). Things in life can change what we want out of it, including our relationships with other people. I mean, I don't think I could imagine still talking with anyone I knew 20 years ago. I don't wish them any ill will, I just don't talk to them anymore because we don't have anything we share anymore. I'm a different person in a lot of ways, from my interests to what time I go to sleep, compared to who I was even 10 years ago. I admire people that maintain lifelong connections, but for someone like me, it feels pretty difficult considering how much my life was topsy-turvy for a long, long time.
  13. Stefanie the Human

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    Eddy Mansfield.
  14. Stefanie the Human

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    It's hard to really imagine a reason for WAVE to continue existing these days anyway. With Ohata retiring and Nihonbashi leaving, that leaves them with what... four wrestlers? Five?
  15. Stefanie the Human

    Raw Is Get Brock His Steak! 07/30/18

    Leukoflex! It doesn't sweat off and doesn't hurt when you remove it. I swear by that stuff whenever I need to keep things in order up top. Anyone who insists on gaffers tape or athletic tape is a sadist.