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  1. I really like this trend of indy wrestlers looking out for themselves when it comes to their personal lives and mental health. I like what I've seen out of her and hope it's nothing serious, and I'm glad she's prioritizing her non-wrestling life.
  2. How about going back to 1990 and putting together Owen vs. Muta? Because that happened.
  3. To expand on what Marcos mentioned. This was what I woke up to this morning. My phone blew up. I have a lot of feelings. On one hand, when something is so wonderful and delightful you want it to last forever. On the other hand, I'm satisfied to know there's a definitive end to the story and they would rather end it the way they want it than dragging it on for years longer than needed (lookin' at you, American version of the Office). But that doesn't mean I'm not going to have feelings.
  4. I used to buy it when I worked late nights. But as I'm asexual, I am indeed no fucker, so your theory remains in tact.
  5. Heck, I just hope he has a really comfortable travel pillow and eye mask.
  6. I should help out a little here with trans terminology because I think oversimplification might cause confusion. Transvestite is kind of/sort of a slur. It's really more outdated language that folks should try to avoid, similar to "transsexual". The reason for this is because of the word's link to something called "transvestic fetishism". One thing trans people get frequently accused of is using their gender/presentation as a means to trick people into having sex with them. Transvestic fetishism is the belief that someone's arousal is increased by wearing perceptibly feminine clothing. This is different from the disproven concept of autogynephilia, which is where it's believed that a trans woman transitions specifically because she's turned on by her own body. Needless to say, a significant majority of trans people aren't going to be terribly thrilled being compared to that. Hence why people have drifted away from using the word "transvestite" and have replaced it with "cross-dresser" for those who are cis men who occasionally wear feminine clothing but have no intention or desire to transition. It should also be noted that it's frequently trans women who are attacked with slurs, and people tend to forget trans men exist and are valid as well. Some words that are definite slurs for trans people (and again, most of these are related to trans women) are words like tranny, trap, ladyboy, he/she, shim, shemale, genderbender, dickgirl, and use of the pronoun "it". As you can see, a lot of those are horrifying. I wouldn't begrudge anyone for saying that transvestite is a slur when it's continued to be used against trans people who desire to transition away from their assigned gender at birth. And that's why I mentioned that gender and presentation are nuanced concepts that aren't necessarily easy to solve on a message board.
  7. I don't know! On one hand you have perennial gaslighting, on the other you have an incredible streak of violence that took out several people you knew. They're both awful but in vastly different ways.
  8. JuJu Smith-Schuster went to a high school prom with a male student who needed someone to go with him. My heart can't stand how adorable this is.
  9. I think it's a YouTube issue. I'm getting that error directly on YouTube itself.
  10. I could be wrong but I don't think his podcasts actually have sponsors (aside from that lawyer that sponsors the Drive Thru). He seems to use the podcast as a means to push his merch.
  11. I didn't even know this thread was around because I... wasn't paying attention? Anyway, my favorite comic book character of all time is Betty Cooper, of COURSE I watch this show and love it. I also appreciate how the show is seemingly aware of how ridiculous it is.
  12. One's gender and their presentation thereof are completely different things, which are nuanced concepts that most of the world struggles to understand in a binary system where there appears to only be one way to be a man (which Sonny Kiss rejects). And if you want me to explain any of that, well...
  13. The quickest way to my heart is to feed me and tell me I'm pretty, so yes.
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