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  1. Does that count those who would be perfectly fine if previous versions of themselves that weren't presenting as their actual gender were presumed dead? Because that seems like a different circumstance. ... asking for a friend. (that friend is me.)
  2. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting Nick Gage to bring such a genuine smile to my face, but heck yeah.
  3. Considering Ron Rivera said that the name honors the military as well, maybe Washington Generals would be appropriate since they lose all the time.
  4. People who are elitist about chains don't factor in things like food allergies either. And if you have food allergies AND you travel all the time for work, you don't really have the capability to read Yelp reviews of every local spot that might have conceivably better food. Also, I wish the folks that got the snobbier elements of Food Network had also paid attention to the earlier years of the channel when Rachael Ray was out there cooking most of her meals using canned goods. Like... back before I was working from home (even pre-pandemic), I'd work my normal eight hours, then go work out, then go do my group mentoring. So if I want to have freshly cooked food instead of reheating meal prep that I made from a giant batch on Sunday, heck yes sometimes I need to cook from cans. Big deal.
  5. I don't make pancakes myself, because chances are if I'm eating pancakes, it's either far too early (like 6am) or it's far too late (like 2am), and I should probably be asleep and not cooking. That's practically the only time I eat pancakes. Either I have to be somewhere and I need to eat something before I go, or I'm coming back from somewhere and I need to eat before I go to bed. The exception is the Galaxy Diner here in Richmond, because I am silly enough to eat a pancake with an Oreo in the center once a year.
  6. Prior to my transition, I did occasional ring announcing and commentary. At one show, a promoter must have been expecting to pay everyone based off the house because when it came time to pay everyone, there wasn't enough money to go around for everyone. And as the ring announcer, naturally, I was the first one to end up with no pay. The biggest name on the show was Adam Pearce. He pulls me aside and asks me if I was getting paid. I said no. He then asked me I was going to have enough to get home and get something to eat on the way back. I said yeah. He said "are you sure?", and offers me some of his pay anyway. I tell him not to worry about it, I'll be fine, if he's going to help folks out then there are wrestlers who were on the show that didn't get paid either and need it more than me. So he pats me on the back and I figure that's that. Six months later, I go to a show in a different area without being booked, just to visit, and go out to dinner afterwards with most of the folks on the show. Pearce was there for this one too, and decided to join in for dinner. When it comes time to pay the checks, Pearce grabs mine. When I protest, he says "it's your pay from six months ago. You should've gotten a bigger meal!" So yeah, I always liked Adam Pearce.
  7. You're right about J-Sinn's length of time on Virginia indies. He and Lance Lude were the Set for something like three years in the late-2000s. Before then, he was part of a tag team called the Street Sweepers with Greg Vercetti.
  8. Secret Little Haven is in the bundle too, which is a game I've mentioned on here before. The best way I can describe it is a desktop simulator game set in 1999, and it has a significant trans-heavy theme. I strongly recommend it if you want to see what it was like to be a trans woman discovering who she was in 1999. (It also made me cry. Like a lot. For obvious reasons.)
  9. Hand to hand swings, two-handed swings, various squats, bent over rows, windmills, that sort of stuff. Swings take some getting used to. I do a lot of Jen Sinkler exercise programs, and she has a lot of good instruction videos. Here's her video on kettlebell swings that might help out: https://www.liftweightsfaster.com/lwf-member/exercise-video-library/kettlebell-swing/
  10. Note to self: if anything goes down, go to Broad with a brick to lend a hand.
  11. My Apple TV HBO Now app also turned into HBO Max too, but it didn't retain my list so I had to rebuild it. Oh well, not much of a gripe if that's the worst that could happen. The amount of content available at launch, like @Raziel said, is really impressive. I was already happy to spend the $15 for HBO Now, but the added content makes it even better.
  12. I've just been doing yoga and exercises with my adjustable kettlebell. I've mostly been using Jen Sinkler's Lift Weights Faster plans because they're quite modifiable based off of available equipment, which has been nice to have available. Plus getting in a full workout done within something like 30 minutes has been nice.
  13. I'm still kind of in the same mindset I've been in with WWE for a few years now. If I hear a match is good, I track it down, otherwise for some reason I just haven't been interested. The closest I've gotten is a sustained show of interest in women's wrestling, but after last year's WrestleMania (which was the last WWE show I watched in full), it felt, to me anyway, that WWE has kind of lost interest in providing that anymore. The fact that there wasn't a second all-women's show or a third Mae Young Classic last year made me sad. I realize I have niche interests, but it feels like WWE is catering to a lot of niche interests right now, so that they've sort of walked back from the niche that I'm personally interested in made me move onto other things. Which is fine, I suppose. It's okay if it's not for me. It's just disappointing to see it happen, then see it stop. And I'm not saying they have deemphasized women's wrestling as a whole, but it felt like they were really going to give a chance to having more than the same old thing of only having six to eight women on each roster at a time and rotating talent out for seemingly no reason. I did decide to give AEW a shot since they started up, and I'm still watching them to this day. They have put out the occasional stinker, but I tend to enjoy enough of their shows to keep tuning in from week to week. I'm not sure why that is, specifically. Before AEW I didn't find the entire Elite particularly interesting, but now I've come to enjoy them for the most part. Hangman Page is even getting to be one of my favorites, and if you had told me that would have happened a year ago I would have been tremendously confused.
  14. This just hurts down to the depth of my soul. She was so young. It's just hard to put into words how cruel and unfair life is when someone so young feels like they can't be a part of it anymore.
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