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  1. Going back to someone saying Johnny B Badd confused a lot of people, I genuinely thought Macho Man Randy Savage was black from the ages of 5 when I started watching to around 18 or 19 when I read that he was actually of Jewish and Italian heritage. The Jay Lethal Black Machismo gimmick was a bit after that, but even at that point, part of my brain rejected the idea that a 'Randy Savage, but African American' gimmick was any less redundant that 'White Stone Cold Steve Austin', or 'Yokozuna, but fat!' I don't think I was a stupid child by any means, but, y'know, maybe I was?
  2. That stair Blackout was definitely incredibly dangerous, so many ways it could have gone wrong. It looked awesome, but I popped out of relief that Hangman was alive and seemed to retain full motor control of all his limbs more than excitement for the move itself.
  3. My girlfriend's been asking me for the last, well, 90 days or so, when Keith Lee's going to turn up in AEW. Looking forward to hearing from her when she gets a chance to watch Dynamite later. Great show. One thing though, why the fuck is Sammy still carrying around the interim TNT title?! It was bad enough that they muddied up the lineage for the sake of a one week Cody absence, but Sammy won the actual belt, why does he need the 'IOU one title match' token now? Is he a magpie, does he just want to accumulate shiny things for their own sake? Does he explain this in his vlog? I will not watch it, so an explanation would be much appreciated. Absolutely maddening.
  4. I love pineapple on pizza, but won't have a Hawaiian on account of the ham. Which oddly enough sort of brings this back to wrestling discussion, as I was raised to keep kosher, rebelled against doing so as a teenager and let loose on the pig meat, then came back around to not eating it a few years ago thanks in part to seeing videos of Alexa Bliss's pet pig (RIP Larry Steve) and deciding I could no longer eat such smart and adorable beasts. Also I read an article on the shit they put into bacon around the same time, which was another nail in the pork coffin.
  5. As far as I know Sydal just thinks ayahuasca lets him control time. If he also believes that a coven of rabbis is trying to teleport puppies into the sun, he's kept quiet about it.
  6. Yeah, Bix just posted a clip from 2011 of Kendrick chattering away about The Zionists sending helicopters full of 'Jewish medics' to harvest eyeballs from Haitian earthquake casualties. I was looking forward to his breezily enjoyable ten minute match with Moxley as much as anyone, but maybe it's preferable not to give this guy money to ply his trade on national TV, Tony, if you get a spare moment and are reading this?
  7. Hobbs and Dante Martin at least do seem like they're seen as future stars of the promotion, alhough it's fair to question why that translates to losing records on TV for them, and undefeated streaks for Hook and Wardlow. Let's see what happens with Keith Lee though, if they sign him and he isn't Goldberging his way through the roster for the rest of the year, they have a problem.
  8. I once saw them by accident when I intended to see Kylesa and had failed to grasp that the Islington Academy had two venues in one building. Decent show, but I was very confused for a lot of it.
  9. I know, that was the joke I made in my previous post! I'd change it, but am choosing to trust that fifteen years or so of posting about once a month in a generally inoffensive manner are enough to have conveyed a general aura of ''not a Nazi'.
  10. I think it's literally just that, for your typical non German speaker, their only association with that word is from an awareness of Mein Kampf being a thing. They don't know the meaning of the word in isolation, their brain just goes straight to 'bad Hitler book'.
  11. I mean, Ring Kampf has a word from the title of the most infamous Nazi book in it, but I guess I can't throw stones at people using perfectly innocent German words and trusting that context will mean everyone knows they refute the principles of National Socialism that have sometimes been associated with those words.
  12. That Brock vs Roman match was so weird. I expected a Roman hate fest, instead it was near silence and confusion for 20 minutes or three hours or however long that match lasted. The Roman Sucks manchildren and the actual children were all united in being too tired to care any more by that point.
  13. I got one of those inferior AJ vs Shinsuke rematches at the only Wrestlemania I've been to (and probably will ever go to), 34. The match itself was disappointing, but I was much more disappointed that Nakamura didn't beat that flat earth fuckwit for the title.
  14. If you like open world games, Days Gone is a great one. It's Sons Of Anarchy meets Walking Dead plot wise, but a bit less cynical and unpleasant than either of those. The plot is genuinely good, though it takes a long time to get anywhere, and the power curve from more than two zombies meaning certain death to taking on hordes is very satisfying. I also really love how when you have to take out a human camp, they are made up of a specific, realistic number of enemies, who don't respawn and summon reinforcements. Plus, if you're smart or lucky you can sic zombies on them and pick the bones when they're done.
  15. I disagree, I think they need to keep signing as many wrestlers who can improve their roster as possible. The possibility of new people debuting is the thing that excites me most when I tune in. It doesn't even need to be a permanent signing every time, something like Samurai Del Sol or Matt Cardona or Jeff Cobb showing up for a one off, or a one month programme, keeps things fresh and unpredictable. Give me a bloated roster any day over an understaffed one, split in half and full of endless rematches. They need more TV time, but until then it won't hurt to upgrade the level of matches on the Youtube shows to something closer to last week's episode of Dark.
  16. I think AEW should 100% sign Buddy and Swerve, I love watching both of them and the potential matches make me drool. Never been convinced by Bandido as a top tier talent, but he's good and I wouldn't be unhappy to see him there. Gresham is excellent but incredibly short, I know his style makes up for that but I think it limits his main event potential in a company of AEW's size. Again though, would be happy to see him there. Having said Gresham is too short, I don't think any of these guys, or AEW's current roster, should be pigeonholed as cruiserweights. I don't even like the idea of a junior division in Japan, where they're treated with relative respect. Darby Allin shows how a small guy can be a believable main eventer if they work to their strengths, and in a company where an Alan Angels can get 10 minutes with the champion, someone with Ali's level of talent and presence can be presented as capable of beating the champion. As far as what Ali brings that separates him, apart from the superb wrestling and promo abilities, he's been hinting/outright saying for years now that he wants to present an heroic Muslim babyface character, which pro wrestling is definitely ready for and would firmly put a stamp on what separates AEW from WWE. But probably getting ahead of myself, as they could yet stick him in Pac exile for years for not being satisfied with being an ineffective Antifa ringleader or whatever the fuck he was meant to be until they settled on him as Mansoor's unsupportive friend.
  17. I watched it on Wrestle Universe and was overjoyed to be able to do so through my Xbox browser rather than streaming NJPW World in terrible quality from my phone to my TV while using 2/3 of the battery. Yours and Stewart's commentary is excellent, and NOAH in general has won me over, happy to keep paying the subscription for now just to keep watching KENOH kick people.
  18. He was a Jungle Boy, she said see you later boy, Luchasaurus has horns and an ancient history degree.
  19. No, clearly not. I will give Will a pass, while feeling a bit uneasy about it, because the thing he was accused of, while bad, was significantly less bad than what Marty was accused of, and was at least partially debunked, as far as whether he actually caused Polyanna to be blackballed. It sounds like he's an idiot who acted shittily to misguidedly defend a close friend, which is less definitively unforgivable than being a sexual predator using wrestling to prey on young women. Separately from that, I enjoy Ospreay's wrestling a lot, he does graceful flippy stuff and he hits people hard. I think Scurrl was a good wrestler who polluted his matches with shitty finger spots and pandering to fans far too much to be an effective heel.
  20. Think it's a bit unfair to compare Ospreay to Scurrl, both in terms of their alleged wrongdoings and as wrestlers. I never got the hype for Scurrl as a wrestler, whereas I love Ospreay the wrestler, and don't think he's irredeemable as a person just a bit of a dick who's very good at leaning into the dickishness as a heel.
  21. Raquel breaking up a pin that would have guaranteed her a title match next week because Cora Jade was stealing 'her' win is one of the stupider things I've seen on a wrestling show in a while, though to be fair, I have stopped watching Raw and most Smackdowns.
  22. I dunno, I wouldn't want every belt defended on a one hour show. They've just established that a match between two elite wrestlers can take a full hour, cramming four ten minute matches into one show would suck. A two hour show, sure.
  23. Kind of disappointing card, but LIJ vs Kongoh is very exciting on paper. What this card really needs more than a particular match is some angles setting up future crossovers, they need something to freshen them up if Covid will be keeping their foreign talent inaccessible for the most part.
  24. Of all the things I love about AEW, I might love Tazz the most. He's a joy to listen to, just an endlessly chuntering orange cube of grumpy good cheer, Dad jokes and spot on analysis.
  25. Not sure who I want to win. I prefer Danielson, obviously, but he won't be hurt by a loss and Page might be. And normal AEW booking is to build a heel or quasi heel up to be unstoppable with an unbeaten streak when they come in, then have them lose definitively in the big title match to be reheated as needed. In BD's case, he can lose, switch back to unbeatable babyface with one handshake and busy himself with literally anyone on the roster for a few months until he's ready for a title run. He doesn't need the belt yet, but I kind of want him to win it to break the pattern of long reigns. I like them, but only doing extended title runs can hurt the drama with any defence prior to the obvious coronation. Kenny vs Christian and vs Pac/OC were very good, but hurt by being obvious filler on the road to Hangman. In this case at least they have people genuinely unsure of the result, so they've sort of solved that issue for now, whether you credit a strong challenger or a vulnerable champion. Not gonna stay up to watch live, but think I might have to set my alarm for 5 and watch it before work.
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