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  1. Carolina is driving @ the 12 now
  2. Russel Wilson looks to be in for a long day against the Panther D. Panthers just had an O lineman go down. We are really thin there.
  3. What is on the gameday menu for you folks tomorrow? Fire up the grill or just keep it simple with snacks? If you catch someone you invited over double dipping their snack how do you handle it?
  4. Hull down to 10 men against Norwich after a headbutt after a challenge in the Hull box. This has been a very sloppy game so far with a ton of giveaways, but hopefully this will open the game up for the remaining 55 minutes. Currently the only goal has come from a penalty given for a marginal challenge in the Norwich box. I do have to add that this new deal with NBC Sports much better than the deal they had with Fox Soccer. Being able to pick from any game playing at the time is fantastic.
  5. Its been a long time since I've seen rain fall on a match like it did in the first fifteen minutes of Fulham/Arsenal. The first half has been entertaining because it meant that there was much more shooting instead of probing for quality shots. There were also quite a few opportunities missed for Fulham to tie the game up, but this is a much better effort than at the start.
  6. I heard during NBC's coverage of this weekend's games that a majority of the time teams that are promoted from the Championship are usually relegated the next year. If this is true, what do teams usually do to try to stay up? I understand that you usually need to have about 40 points to stay. Do the newly promoted teams usually have enough money to buy a quality player to help? If they do, do you buy a striker to help you score or focus on defense because your squad will concede a lot of goals because of a lack of quality?
  7. Slowly been working through my backlog and I'm working on Hitman: Absolution from PS+. Working on the Terminus challenges now and I've enjoyed the experience so far. I also need to go back and work on XCOM. That is a deceptively fun game.
  8. Wait the 76er's job was still open in August? How bad does that job have to be...
  9. I am curious to know how you all picked your squads? This will be my second season of watching Premier football and I've narrowed it down to four teams. 1. Man U - I like watching RVP. It's not true but it always feels like he has to bail them out to win a game or get momentum. 2. Man City - They have amazing forwards and they look to play a very skillful brand of football. 3. Swansea - Not at the top of the table but I have not watched one of their games and not been entertained. 4. Arsenal - For some reason I hate Chelsea. Don't know why but I do and I think I'd fit in with these guys. Maybe I'll just have to watch another season to decide. But seriously how did you decide on your squad?
  10. My first question when reading this is why would anyone care about 2016 in 2013? Then I realized you must be a Bulls fan. It was still funny enough that I want to find out myself for fun. Let's assume that: 1. Al Jefferson stays all three years 2. Cody Zeller turns out to be a marginal nba player and 3.The draft picks between now and then aren't significan't upgrades. I believe that the combination of the three would lead to an increase of 7 games won next year and for the sake of research, constant from then on (28 wins, .354 win pct the next three years). Here's what you would have gotten the last 4 years. 2013: 6th 2012: 8th 2011: 7th 2010: 8th
  11. Hi...I'm new here and I just wanted to check in as a Bobcats fan. *sobs uncontrollably*
  12. Shadow

    Tyson Gay / PED's

    PED's have made it so that I can't get the same interest in sports where it occurs. I mean hypothetically I could root for Usain Bolt but then one day it'll come out that he's been doing it and I'd feel like it was all a lie. I still can't enjoy baseball the same way I previously did but i guess PED's usage in sports lead to a different for everyone.
  13. I can't wait for the season to kick off. Here in Carolina there is much excitement over our defensive front seven. Even though we have an average at best secondary I feel that the pressure on the quarterbacks of the NFC South is going to be ridiculous. I do feel that adding Quintin Mikell would ease my mind at safety just by virtue of him keeping Haruki Nakamura as far away from the field as possible. Josh Thomas reportedly had great OTAs but its still July, so I hope he'll show what he can do when it matters. As much improved as the defense could be, the offense still worries me. I would personally welcome a reduction of the read option as we have two good running backs and a decent bowling ball of a fullback in Tolbert. We are still asking the same question since Mushin Muhammed; who is going to step up to take the pressure off Steve Smith? LaFell is a good reciever but we need him to not completely disappear for weeks at a time. We've got a lot of 2's and 3's but no one who can step up and make plays. There is also a need for a second TE. Its no surprise that Cam looked so much better when he had another big target in Jeremy Shockey. There were talks that Tyler Eifert was going to be the pick at 14 if Star was not available. There is potential for the offensive to go back to its explosive ways but lots of players are going to have to step up. Lastly the Falcons can go to hell.
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