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  1. TLDR: Made a lot of changes to get better at pvp and learned some interesting things about the game.
  2. Currently you can't craft any swords but they do have a section for them so they will be adding some eventually. Also I found that light.gg shows good rolls from vendors and they had an amazing quickfang a couple weeks ago and it's my favorite heavy weapon for pvp. It's so cool to look like a ninja on my hunter!
  3. I got some decent guns from this past week that I can use. I was more talking about the armor. Do you get the enhancement prisms often enough to upgrade new gear?
  4. A little irritated that the lore puzzle in preservation mission isn't working at the moment. Maybe it'll be fixed when they update on Thursday. Is it worth the materials to upgrade the iron banner gear? I managed to get 4 pieces. Slowly getting better at it. Probably going to try a different pvp build next time to see if I can do better. Off to go find this weeks moths and level weapons.
  5. There is a new perk called Lasting Impression that does that. Usually it's on rocket launchers. You get a small initial hit and then a much bigger explosion afterwards. If it's not that perk then it's Timed Payload.
  6. I got Dead Messenger a bit ago. It was fun solo once I got past the tank part. Was looking for the catalyst only to find out they haven't put it in the game yet. I am a moron. I used my exotic cypher from the season pass to get Witherhoard and it is so good I don't know how I didn't get this earlier. My three characters are all at 1560s and my glaive is at level 57. Wonder if it will stop at 100. I am trying to find more lore books. This season's story is really interesting to me. Guess I have to look what gives you more of them. Don't sleep on the Psyops missions lore. Saladin, Crow, and Zavala have been very compelling so far.
  7. Darkness where there should be light. Light where there should be darkness. Queen Mara preparing her own agamemnon contingency. The Traveler doesn't want smoke with The Witness but we're supposed to defeat it eventually. Savathun's ghost just peaced out, but she's the hive God of cunning so somehow this is all part of her plan. What will we learn from the Psion in HELM? Once the Eliksni find out why the Traveler left does that change the opinion of the rogue houses? Lots of questions for Bungee to answer this year. Also, suppressing glaive and supressing grenade are gamechangers. Add devour to it and the enemy light bearers are in for a bad time. Good luck trying to get deepsight weapons from Wellspring. I was not lucky at all yesterday.
  8. I was very excited to beat the legendary campaign only to see my exotic reward have stats in the 40s. I hope it's just a bug. On the other hand the campaign was a fucking banger. This was way better than the other three. The implications of what we found out is...troubling.
  9. Working on legendary solo and it is really fun. OK not having the radar sucks but it gives it a frantic feel. Also double loot is nice. The game so far has been pretty liberal with upgrade modules as well. We'll see how I feel if I can finish the entire campaign this way.
  10. More questions! - Will WQ download while I sleep or do I have to manually do it and ow bad will servers be when it launches? - Get artifact first before turning in bounties or it doesn't matter? - I got my highest stat gear drop (67) and my highest single category (30 intellect, 64 overall) yesterday. How do you guys decide which items to upgrade at first? - Can you recommend which void tree to level with for each class? And yes I do goggle a lot of the questions I ask but sometimes answers conflict or I can't always find exactly the answer I need.
  11. Played Iron Banner for the first time and got through it enough to get three out of four bounties done. I didn't ask if the tokens you earn go away after it's over so I spent about 3 or 4 levels worth. I am glad I did. The multimach smg is awesome and I didn't even get that good of a roll. Peacebond is interesting as well but I need to work with that one a bit. I also managed to get the catalysts for lorentz driver, cryothesia 77k, black talon, darci sniper, and lord of wolves so I have plenty to do. Cryothesia is the best gambit weapon I've found. Are any of the other four worth using after I finish?
  12. JT, RIPPA, and Eivion thank you. I will try to focus on one part of what you've told me until I have that down and add more. I have a clan but since I have been gathering materials, which is a pain, I haven't joined in groups for too much. Besides your clan is there another way to find groups for stuff like raids and nightfalls?
  13. As I am farming The Fanatic for shards and cores, I learned things that are old to all of you but make a lot of sense to me now. 1. Most mobs seem to be right handed. So if I hide behind a pillar on the right side I can angle it where I can shoot them and they can't shoot me. I am going to see if this will help me in pvp. 2. Trinity ghoul is absurdity good with the catalyst. But I learned that I can kill mobs before I even see them if I shoot the right spot. 3. I learned that if you are too far away for the gun type you're using, the damage drops off the further you are away. I had noticed this on shotguns but it seems to be on all weapons. Do you guys have any tips on pvp? I've been in the crucible twice to do the weekly quests and I did so poorly. Even with the recommended resilience I still die so fast. I would like to try Iron Banner though so I may just have to tough it out.
  14. The exorcism mission is out today and it is dope. I feel like this is a big moment in Destiny.
  15. Witch Queen is exciting to me because I can finally be level with everyone else. I found some cool YouTube content guys and found out about destiny recipes. I had only played Warlock so far and when I found out you could store bounties I made the other two classes and I thought everything would already be unlocked since I did it all on my Warlock. Silly Shadow. It's been a long couple weeks but I've finally unlocked all the subclasses. Now I just need to farm legendary shards till my eyes bleed. Lastly I got Stompees on my hunter and going back to titan felt so sluggish afterwards.
  16. All I could think of is that autotune Tiktok sound of, Ooooh that brother's floating in the air. How could his hands do this? Aww somebody get him out the air! https://m.youtube.com/shorts/0Mkc8jSFEkU
  17. I am a new light Warlock who really enjoys the game. I liked the game enough to get all the content so there's a lot for me to do. I didn't play the original Destiny so to understand the story, YouTube has been my friend. Gambit is fine now that I understand how to play. I like the difference between strikes and lost sectors. I have not tried the pvp mode yet or raids because I needed to learn how to gear for them. Jumping puzzles can kiss my ass though. Also who thought it was a good idea to just throw you into Dares of Eternity with no warning. It's a fun game mode but weird decision making there. Being able to solo the strike that you do to get Malfeasance is one of my proudest gaming moments. That thing was very hard but I made it. I've come a long way in three weeks. Looking forward to Witch Queen.
  18. I got Hades on the black Friday sale. Excited to jump into that. Wish I had gotten Guardians too but I assume I will be busy for awhile.
  19. Something I've been wondering for awhile, does Rey Mysterio have a claim to be the GOAT?
  20. I am glad I didn't wait to order the ppv. It took a bit to figure out how to get the show on my roku but it looks like we're good to go here. I can't wait!
  21. What a shit week for the Best Friends crew.
  22. This is amazing. All your CB's are belong to us. Horn, Gilmore, Jackson, Henderson, Bouye is already the best DB group we've ever had. Tampa isn't getting any secondary help if we can help it. With Shaq Thompson out I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers weren't at least trying to get Smith as well. I only wish we had more than one offensive lineman worth a damn but GMSF has only had a short time with the club. It's nice having a real GM.
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