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  1. Hi. I just got a ps5 yesterday. It's like I'm not even playing the same game. Can't wait until I get the 4k TV I want in a few weeks.
  2. We scored a touchdown? From a takeaway? I didn't know we could still do that.
  3. Another year, another UNC disappointment. Sigh.
  4. Props to Wake Forest for hanging in there with Clemson. I thought it was going to be a blowout early. But down 6 at the half is not bad.
  5. Week number one billion of asking why haven't we fired Matt Rhule yet?
  6. Would be a shame if they finished before I get home. *weeps softly*
  7. Of course I have to work the weekend of the raid race. At least I should be able to catch a few of the challenge modes when I get home at 8.
  8. Does this work if you watch it later? I don't get off until 7 tonight.
  9. I wonder if Mox drops the strap to Jericho who then drops it to Eddie at Arthur Ashe. That would be a Stone Cold/Rock level pop. It's also convenient that he just happens to have problems with both Jericho and Punk. I feel rewared for watching Death Before Dishonor. Watching Rush vs Dragon Lee helped me understand how violent the match with Mox could be and how important the mess with the bulls you get the horns was that missed. Also Daniel Garcia is slowly taking the moves that he's learned from fighting Mox and Yuta and that helped him win against American Dragon.
  10. This PPV was so good that I had to watch it twice to truly appreciate it. Where do FTR and The Briscoes rank in terms of all time tag teams and are either of their matches all time greats? For me the first one was a tiny bit better but I respect the hell out of both teams and everyone on this show. Dax said it best: Goddamn I love professional wrestling.
  11. What does it mean to gild a seal? Is it worth it to do?
  12. So I haven't been playing long enough to be around for the Solstice event. What all is it about? I remember one of the YT guys, maybe Divide, say to save my bright dust so I think I have about 18k. I also wanted to ask which of the weapons from Duality are worth getting? I would like to give the dungeon a shot. Mini Tool is dope but Drang is slept on. Probably most weapons with incandescent will be really good though. I have a decent amount of weapons I need to level still. Takes me a minute though.
  13. Shadow


    Incoming scandal coming out of Raleigh involving Ian Cole and Canes reporter.
  14. The ruling class can do this because their children/grandchildren will always have access to safe abortions no matter what the law says. I already knew as a black man that our country didn't care about me but giving this big of a middle finger to women...wow. They say it can't keep getting worse. Well here we fucking are.
  15. It's funny. I was just finishing up the quest to go to the pyramid and while I was loading, I came here to see what you all thought of the story. I'm looking at the posts confused and I turn to the tv and I'm like "Oh. Oh no. Helm is fucked."
  16. Crow not too long ago killed a scion who was critical to the mission and got Iron Banner guy exiled. I'd like my leader to exercise a little bit better judgment than that. Also he still needs to work shit out with Mara. He needs therapy first.
  17. Classy restoration + 100 mobility + Sixth Coyote = good times
  18. I took a few weeks off to play a few other games and to take a break from D2. Apparently the whole world changed with the gun changes. As a hunter am I aiming for mobility/resilience now instead of recovery? Looking forward to doing the new dungeon as the weapons look dope. I haven't enjoyed solar as much as void but I will give it time and try some builds from the creators on YouTube or Twitch. I like the story. I'm proud of Crow. Really wish he hadn't killed the psion but really good comeback. I don't know much about Calus but I am interested in his involvement with the darkness. Lastly I have to go and read your posts on how to play this IB. I've been finding that even with lower skill playing the objective is still really useful.
  19. Of the matches I cared about I think this is the first time I didn't get a single result I wanted. Blah.
  20. Xur has a DMT this week with fullbore, high caliber rounds, vorpal, and short-action stock. I remember people saying wait until vorpal but is this the one to get?
  21. I don't think I will ever get tired of the BCC just stretching fools and beating the shit out of them. Hangman please stop dying for our sins. You are already the badass we deserve.
  22. This was my first ROH show and I really enjoyed it. I was stunned Swerve took that spot and I'm glad he's okay. The Briscoes are crazy people. Amazing match. Yuta has grown on me and I hope his push continues. Main event was aces. One reason to continue to watch is the Pure division. The separate rules they have are interesting to me and you can go in a lot of new directions in that match type. Will have to find out where to watch this weekly.
  23. The best thing I can say about this show was that when it was over, I immediately wanted to watch it again. AEW heels are too good at what they do. I don't want to boo The Acclaimed. I don't want to boo Powerhouse Hobbs or Ricky Starks. I mean I know I don't have to but they are the "bad guys." Speaking of which, isn't about time The Acclaimed got a big win? Yuta + BCC = Joy Darby dying for our sins will never get old. Jade is a license to print money. Cut the shit Tony.
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