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  1. https://www.f4wonline.com/news/aew/tony-khan-teasing-surprises-for-both-aew-grand-slam-dynamite-rampage

    I’m trying to think who is a big enough free agent out there to show up tonight.

    if The Elite show up tonight and have a stare down with Death Triangle would be a surprise and the pop would be massive but I don’t see that happening just yet.

    Colt Cabana showing up tonight would get a pop but I don’t know if it qualifies as a surprise.

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  2. On 7/31/2022 at 6:40 PM, Octopus said:

    I’ll throw you a match. Based off your name you like Nate Webb and ex-Con, Nick Gage. MDK!


    I don't think i necessarily dislike DeathMatch Wrestling but i don't seek it out either. I know of Nick Gage, I'm familiar with his reputation I've only seen the matches with Jericho and Arquette but I've seen the Darkside of the Ring I like the guy and Nate Webb I remember from Wrestling Society X and from having Ween play him out at a GCW show a few years back but i can't tell you if i've seen him wrestle or not. This is from the 2005 Tournament of Death. This is wild and brutal as I think one could estimate match involving these two guys would be. Nick Gage is a fucking animal in the best sense he wastes no time fucking Nate Webb up with a powerbomb through a table, well head drops Nate head first on the table it was ugly so much so people in the crowd yelled "what the fuck Gage". Nate makes a come back hitting Nick with light tubes, he puts tubes down Nicks back and hits a spinning heel kick on Nick. Nick powerbombs Nate through a chair like bends the chair all the way back. There's blood and shattered glass everywhere the crowd is loving it i'm admiring the spectacle of it all. Nate hits a moonsault with light tubes the commentator coins the 'tubesault'. There's so many light tubes used they just hit each other with light tubes with no regard for the others well being. Oh the humanity!!!! A log cabin of light tubes is brought out to ringside, Nick calls for "that fucking the thing" to be put into the ring. There's a fight between both men on a ladder and Nick suplexes Nate through the log cabin of light tubes, some body sounds off an air horn Nick Gage covers Nate Webb for the 3 and wins. Nate Webb is a fucking crazy man, early in the match Nick set up all these light tubes around Nate who was in the corner then rammed a ladder into his gut and then the finish he's as crazy as Nick Gage is. There's testimonial after the match, Nick Gage with dried up blood covering his face is confident that he's gonna win the Tournament of Death this year. You can hear a weed whacker in the background and you know somebody is getting fucked up in that moment. Nate Webb with even more dried and no so dried blood covering his face but with the weed whacker still in the background takes solace in the fact that even though he lost he gave it his all and left it all out in the ring against Nick Gage. Know I enjoyed the match I did I wouldn't watch it every day but I liked the wild ride.


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  3. 2 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Hulk Hogan's Last Match will be headlined by a Hulk Hogan and Abyss vs Kevin Sullivan, Brother Bruti The Butcher, Meng, The Barbarian, Colonel Rob Parker for some reason, and The Blood Hunter in a Doomsday Cage Match which ends with Bruti turning face and giving Hogan and Abyss frying pans to take out the heels.

    Yeah like Flair wouldn’t some how take the pin.

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  4. Did anybody but me watch this?

    I thought the presentation looked good, their was production glitches but hey this was their first show. I thought the old Saturday night layout was cool and seeing Jim Crockett Promotions run a show again was cool. If this thing makes any money maybe they run more JCP shows. If they can mix old with the new like this more often maybe it will gain some traction. Wishful thinking I suppose.

    I enjoyed it the matches were kept short. They were fun. The Lucha 4 Way and Briscoes Vs Von Erichs we’re my favorite matches. Watching Pillman and Brock teaming up with Arn by their side I hope Tony Khan was paying attention, they make a good pair. I’m happy Ellering’s ankle wasn’t too badly hurt and I was really liking Alexander Vs Fatu until that damn Matt Cardona showed up. 

    Flair looked old but he is old. Crowd was behind him. Jarrett is great at getting heat and Lethal and Andrade are really good wrestlers so the match wasn’t going to be a complete train wreck. For what the match was I enjoyed it. It had some Gaga, Karen yelled “I’ll fucking kill you” at Meghan had me howling. Flair bled and took a superplex I think he’s crazier for taking the superplex. 

    This was a fun show, it was cool to see the wrestling world get together and celebrate Ric Flairs storied career and hey for all his faults the man is one of the greatest of all time and it was cool to see him and his career celebrated tonight. That’s my thoughts on it. 

    Also Doug Dillinger was there.

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  5. @HarryArchieGusback when ESPN Classics started to airing the old AWA shows in 06 or 07 there was a thread on the old board. I couldn’t tell you if they still air on ESPN Classics or not, when I do flip through the channels Classics seems to be always playing early aughts College Football Games.

    What I remember from watching those shows well one of the things and everyone on the board watching including myself agreeing that Jerry Blsckwell in retrospect should have had a World Title run.

  6. Fired up the Pluto Machine and joined Briscoes vs Bullet Club in progress. Good brothers killing it on commentary talking about popping the Fukuoka Dome business and all that carny shit. Then Chris Bey hits an outside dive on the Briscoes. The match was equally as good as the commentary. Mark rolls Bey up in a school boy for the 3. I liked this match. The Briscoes in Impact is a good fit. Took em 20 years to come back but hey they are back.

    The Reverse Battle Royal is being promoted as “uniquely TNA” well it is. Then they have some guys Johnny Swinger included talk about the battle royal and Swinger says he’s a natural like Andy Douglas and that popped me.

    When I read the spoilers and saw that Bischoff and Brisco were showing up as the Aces and Eights I rolled my eyes then I watched the match and I liked it. TNA/Impact had had a history of invading stables so it was cool to see the invading stable of ten years ago Vs the invading stable of today. Eddie Edwards at ringside got into it with a fan, verbally. I wouldn’t mind Bischoff and Brisco coming in semi regularly as a lower card tag team with D’lo as there manager. The biggest pop of this match was when D’Lo got involved after the match was over and hit a sky high and teased a frog splash crowd went crazy for him. The TNA/Impact crowd also went crazy for D’Lo whenever he showed up. I wish TNA just worked around Browns All Japan commitments and just booked him as a special attraction he was a made man to the TNA audience after that ladder match With AJ but I digress.

    Hey you know what D’Lo should have been the 5th man not Davey Richards. 

    I got busy doing something so I missed the beginning of the contract signing but I enjoyed it, Josh Alexander referenced the Don’t Fire Eric angle, D’Amore dropped Deaner with a right, Violent by Design tore the ring canvas up, piledrove Alexander into the weed and The Champ was left bleeding by The Challenger going off the air.


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  7. Turned on the Pluto Machine at the start of EC3 vs Eli Drake. It was ok. IDK I don't have a thought one way or another.

    Allie backstage with JB was good she was really happy about winning the Knockouts Championship. There's no way this is gonna end up well for she's too excited and this is pro wrestling. 

    I said it when i reviewed one of these Impacts from June of '16 but whats with the 'moments ago' segments? Anyone who was watching Impact on Pop was watching from the beginning you didn't just flip through the channels and see wrestling on an obscure cable channel and start watching you were watching cuz you watch every week.

    The Hardys are feuding with Decay and Rosemary is in Matts house with Reby and the baby. 

    DJ Z cuts a promo on winning the X Division Title I missed the match from earlier in the show but DJ Z seems proud of himself and Eddie Edwards told him congrats.

    We got balloons and a giant trophy in the ring. We see clips of how Allie won the Knockouts Championship in a complete fluke. Crowd is behind Allie and for winning a championship for just falling on top of somebody she is very happy about her accomplishment. Sienna and Marie storm to the ring, Sienna is upset and I looked it up Sienna was Chmapion and Allie won the championship by pinning Madison Rayne to win the championship. Maria is very mean to Allie poor gal, what did she do so wrong? I'm with @Ultimo Necrohad Allie kicked out at two the place would have lost their mind. Maria is an effective heel cuz I was actually upset at her treatment to poor ole innocent naive Allie. It's a good segment if you haven't seen it you should watch it.

    Mike Bennett hands Moose a pipe backstage so I take it they're in a partnership. Bennett is wrestling Bobby Lashley for his World Championship next.

    Allie is backstage and she is dejected she starts crying and honestly I don't like it. I stand with Allie. #JusticeFor Allie

    I'm putting the video up of the segment of Reby and Rosemary cuz I don't think words do The Broken Hardy stuff justice so one should just watch it. And this sets up the Delete or Decay match.

    So now its Lashley defending his TNA World Heavyweight championship against Mike Bennett in the Main Event. The match was fine Lashley retains his title after Moose wouldn't give Bennett the lead pipe and Lashley spears Bennett for the 3. I don't wanna come off as dismissing this match it was fine but thats not to say it wasn't a good match, it was. Lashley is a power wrestler but he also has spreed and agility to go with his strength. For A guy his size he can hit an impressive leap frog. Moose saunters out to ringside and we with the pipe and we go to commercial. We come back from commercial and Bennett is in control of the match. Lashley has the size and strength advantage so Bennett just keeps attacking Lashley not letting up but then he poses and Lashley takers over briefly before Maria gets involved. It's a no DQ match so Maria can get involved. Bennett hits some offense tosses Lashley to the outside as Moose stands around looking opposing Maria clothes lines Lashley from behind. So we are in the gaga portion of the match. I liked it better when Lashley was tossing Bennett around the shop. The action returns to the ring and we start setting up for the aforementioned finish. Perfectly acceptable TV Main Event. After the match Bennett berates Moose, who drops Bennett with a Killer right hand and thats the show. Well the show actually ends with a teaser trailer for Delete or Decay next week.


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  8. Watched PCO vs Maclin which lead me to PCO vs Chris Sabin. The match is really good. How could it not be? There’s some good shit in this not only is it a badass match with PCO doing crazy shit but there’s also good storytelling, for example this is early on in the Impact vs Honor No More storyline and Eddie Edwards hasn’t turned yet, there’s some nice foreshadowing with Eddie pulling PCO’s legs out for under him leading to the Impact Squad being ejected from ring side as a result. On the surface it seems like a misguided attempt at helping Sabin but later on in the match Sabin gets PCO up for the Cradle Shock but Honor No More is still at ringside so Sabin has to fend them off which he does but Marie proves to be his ultimate foil. Really good match.

    For anyone who doesn’t know PCO had a brief run in TNA in the winter of 03 as the masked X. Chris Sabin and X had a match in TNA on a Weekly PPV the day after Christmas, Boxing Day to some of 03. Just barely over 19 years later the two Main Event an Impact against each other. The commentators never bring it up so maybe PCO and X are two separate people in TNA/Impact Canon. 


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