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  1. 13 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    Imagine Suzuki being Jericho's final labor.

    Id lose my shit. When Minoru came to Vegas 4 years ago to wrestle Cody I spent the 75 bucks for a floor seat. I’d probably fly out to see Minoru vs Jericho where ever it was.

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  2. 2 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Be cool to see one of the greatest to ever do it in AEW. Cool getting KENTA and Yuji Nagata there from NJPW but more so someone of Tanahashi's legend. If it's not Tanahashi, how about Minoru Suzuki?

    If Suzuki was to come into AEW I’d love to see him against Jericho


  3. 5 hours ago, Eoae said:

    I've seen several sources claim Cody's had a falling out with the Bucks and Omega, but it's always been from dubious sources like Sportskeedia and social media rumors.  

    That’s what I’m saying. The Between the Sheets guys have eluded to it, not saying they aren’t reputable I half entertain the thought cuz they said something about it. The Bucks said something in their book about Cody almost resigning to WWE and everyone took that as shots fired.

  4. Anyone else find it interesting that the angle; Kenny vs Cody that had a large hand in the idea that there could be a viable number 2 promotion as both matches drew decent houses hasn’t been revisited yet in AEW? And yes I know Cody has vowed to never challenge for the World Championship ever again and Kenny’s Champ right now but I think the angle could be big in AEW.

  5. The slow crawl continues

    OsThe New Beginning in Nagoya 1/30/21:

    They are hailing from the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, the home of the B.League's (Japanese men's basketball league) Nagoya Diamond Dolphins also known as Dolphins Arena. What a great name for an arena. 

    1. Chaos (Okada and Yano) vs Bullet Club (Evil and Yujiro Takahashi w/Dick Togo: Will Yano tag in? That is the question. Yano is The Boogie Woogie Man of New Japan, with these "no bumps given no bumps taken brother" approach isn't he? Yano bumped I repeat Yano bumped. I counted two flat back bumps from Yano. Dick Togo bumped more in the ring and he wasn't even in the match. Yano did take a whip into an exposed turnbuckle and took a can shot to the head so there's that. Gedo is a fan of 80's Memphis so a manager taking more bumps than someone actually in the match isn't too farfetched. The match was mostly a handicap match with Okada agaisnt two Bullet Club members who seem to like to make his life a living hell every time he gets a chance. I think Yujiro does it just to watch the world burn but you can see it in Evils eyes he's out to prove a point that he's better than Okada. Yano and Dick Togo fight over Yujiro's Pimp Cane the ref sees Togo with the cane, hilarity ensues Yujiro goes for a German, Yano mules kicks him in the balls ref doesn't see Yano with the roll up for the 3. Yano and Okada win.

    2. LIJ (Bushi, Hiromu Takahashi, Naito and Sanada) vs Honma, Master Wato, Sho and Kota Ibushi: Mostly everyone has a program going into the Hiroshima show; Kota vs Sanada, Hiromu vs Sho and Wato vs Bushi. They all pair off together in this match leaving through process of eliminate Naito to pair up with Honma. The poor bastard. I've gonna chewed out on the board before for bad mouthing Honma before. I haven't seen his death match stuff or Honmamania so to me he's just a balding man rocking a bleach blonde hair in yellow trunks doing head butts and only head butts. Honma was in the match for a lot of the first half of it so yippee! he has other moves than the head butt he also throws forearms and hits DDT's. he was gang jumped by LIJ so it wasn't a complete waste. I dig the New Japan style of building towards solo matches by putting the opposing wrestlers across the ring from each other in multi man matches. I'm looking forward to seeing Kota vs Sanada especially after seeing them mix it up in this match. SO is this the angle for Naito this year? Creative having nothing for him? Sho hit an under hook piledriver on Bushi for the 3. Honma, Master Wato, Sho and Kota Ibushi win.

    3. Winner and only the winner gets to use the Mongolian Chop going forward - Great O-Khan vs Tenzan: Khan hit Tenzan known for his Mongolian Chop with said move at the end of the tag match they were both in at New Year Dash resulting and Tenzan leaving the arena on a stretcher and now here we are. Exactly what it should have been, two gnarly dudes beating the dog snot out of each other for 13 minutes. Fucking awesome. Tenzan is in his 40s with bad knees and he did a spinning round house kick. Dudes a wild man. They hit so many Mongolian Chops on each other. I guess if you might not have a chance to do it again do it to your hearts content. The have big plans for O-Khan and they should he's great as the imposing monster. O-Khan hits an Iron Claw Chokeslam for the 3. The Great O-Khan wins.

    4. No DQ Match: Will Ospreay vs Kojima - The Unite Empire vs Tencozy feud continues. Ospreay comes out with plunder, Kojima does not. I've been dancing around the Ospreay situation. He's from all accounts and purposes most likely a trash human being but a t the same time he was being pushed super hard in New Japan for the first part of the year and having stellar matches. This match was really good. As much as I liked this match I couldn't happen but think this guy and his girl friend blackballed a women who Ospreays buddy assaulted and now he's getting a super push with all the information coming to light. it's tough to shake but I did like this match. They built to the plunder. It was a fun match they beat the shit out of each other. Kojima with that guitar shot holy shit call him the Otoko. Ospreay hit this running power bomb on Kojima through a table sat up on the turnbuckle proving Japanese tables do break. Fun match despite Ospreay being trash. Ospreay throws a chair at Kojima's face, Kojima catches it forearm to chair smashes Kojimas face, Forearm tot he back of the head, Ospreay hits his underhook pop up cutter over the shoulder he calls the Stormbreaker for the 3. Will Ospreay wins. 

    5. NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo (c) vs Takahashi - You know what i dig about New Japan Main Events? That they take their time, i dig the chain wrestling feeling out process. They actually grapple, take their time wrestle each other to the mat trade holds get to know each other warm up. Close to 15 minutes in and we hit the floor, the action speeds up. Tanahashi dives off the top rope. Shingo whips Tana into the guardrail. Then they slow it back down, not in a lazy sense but they just get back in the ring and start beating each up. Shingo taunts Tana to kick him in the neck, so Tana kicks him in the neck. Shingo then starts working over Tana's leg after a chop block, tons of Dragon Screws, he even pulled the leg back and strums the air guitar. Nice heel tactic Shingo good on ya man. Tana starts hitting Dragon Screws on Shinjo. Turn about is fair play. Tana hits a High Five Flow to Shingos back turn shim around goes for another Shingo moves Tana hits the mat Shingo takes over. Shingo hit this Cartwheel Suplex into the turnbuckle. Shinjo also hit a falcon arrow where Tana lands directly on his head, I thought he was dead. Nice story telling with every time Shingo hits an offensive move it irritates his knee but he powers through cuz they will to win is greater than the pain. Tana takes over again. Shingo hits a run off the ropes lariat that almost decapitates Tanahashi but Tana kicks out. The resilience this man has. We hit the portion of the match where they start hitting each other hard straight in the face. I'm all for it. Shingo sets Tana up for a firemans suplex, Tana counters into a neckbreaker cutter. Gotta hand it to these guys they Main Evented a B Show for a Midcard Title and went out there and burnt the entire house down. Tanahashi hits a flying cross body a Dragon Suplex and a High Five Flow for the 3. Tanahashi is your new NEVER Openweight Champion!


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  6. I think Luger winning the WCW title on the 100th episode of Nitro then losing it back to Hogan 6 days later at Sturgis didn’t a lot to harm the blow off that was suppose to be Sting vs Hogan. Luger was over at the time and the fans went crazy but it hurt the bigger picture. Luger got Stings pop 4 months too early. Orange is over abs will stay over he got sooo close which only further legitimizes him in the fans eyes as a World Title Contender. If Hangman is suppose to be the one to dethrone Kenny then Hangman should be the win to dethrone Kenny.

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