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  1. Must have. Samurai Reincarnation is one of my faves.
  2. Yeah Demetrious Johnson is still that dude. Him framing a wobbly Moraes's face up for that knee stone cold.
  3. ...I'm so late to the conversation but Wes Craven's People Under the Stairs starts as a heist and turns into a Hansel and Gretal/Home Alone kind of situation. It's also has two great villain performances from Everett McGill and Wendy Robbie. Also, I think if he ever wanted to do a family film, Wes Craven totally would've crushed Home Alone. Several of his movies have that "here's the plan" trap trickery.
  4. That was one of the absolute best moments ever. Absolutely incredible. Din Thomas said he was broken. His body language as shameful going into the fifth. And it looked like nothing was going to change. And then it was lightning. Joe Rogan said it best - It was like it wasn't real. I just stared at it thinking "that's odd. Usman is on the ground. what is happening?"
  5. Luke Rockhold/Paulo Costa was the most entertaining fight for all the wrong reasons. Me and my son were howling with laughter.
  6. This story is so fishy. If I recall correctly, Kyrie was the one complaining about the Nash hire, and Durant was the one supporting it. And at the end of the season he was still defending Nash. Now all of a sudden he wants him fired in order to stay. I don't get it. The coach wasn't the problem.
  7. Geoff Neal looked fucking unreal. He touched up Luque's face from about every conceivable angle.
  8. How fucking awesome would it have been if Pauga's running big boot to open the fight actually finished it?
  9. Juliana Miller throwing crotch chops while standing over her beaten opponent was the kinda salt in the wound I didn't know I needed right now.
  10. Bryan Battle with a solid head kick finish and a great post fight promo. As much as a Battle of the Bryans would be fun(You spell your name wrong!) let's get that Ian Gerry matchup going.
  11. Absolute shame. I think this was going to be a fun fight and the few seconds we got looked to bear that out. Feel for Aspinall. Also... watching them transition him from the cage to the gurney - you'd think they'd have a better way considering the probability of fucking up your legs in an mma fight.
  12. Did Aspinall tweak his leg entering the cage? Edit: just watched his entrance again, I think it was just the way he was bouncing made me think he was trying to work something out.
  13. The bad news for Paddy is he's fighting at Lightweight. As fun as he's been - that shit gets real real fast in that division. I haven't seen enough from him to convince me he can hang yet, particularly with the strikers. McCann could probably start testing the waters of the Top 15. There are some tough gals, but I think she'd have a chance.
  14. I want Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann to win for years and years.
  15. Poor Darren Till. edit: I can't even remember who Darren was supposed to fight.
  17. Lots of decisions so far. That last England show spoiled us. Sorry to my UK brothers and sisters - gotta rep my guy Curtis Blaydes. But I'll root for Molly McCann with y'all.
  18. NOPE was great. It was like some kind of Jaws/Tremors/Signs hybrid with the best live action Akira Motorcycle slide you're gonna see. At one point I started to tear up because for the first time in a long time I really felt wonder while watching a movie in a movie theater.
  19. No joke. I mean I don't know nothing about nothing, but just watching it I was overwhelmed by the sense that none of Meisha Tate's offense looked dangerous or threatening - besides that one gnarly elbow in the clinch. She looked slow and lacking in power. Love the lady, but none of it looked good. If that was in the cage with Valentina.... yikes.
  20. Really like Jourdain's response to being told he was down 2-0 going into the third. That's definitely what you want to see from a fighter. Tough loss, but I think stock went up for him regardless.
  21. Shane Burgos on your back looks like an absolutely miserable experience.
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