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  1. Happy Halloween to my fellow Americans, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable spooky Sunday and really relish this time before all the Christmas crap starts
  2. Absolutely. Sometimes I have a shred of sympathy for some of these people because they seem to be completely miserable in some other aspect of their lives but maybe they're just assholes. Either way I see very little point in engaging with the negativity.
  3. If a wrestling company can consistently put on great shows with a rating that makes them and their network happy, can't we just enjoy that for what it is? Yeah, a million plus and gaining would be awesome but it's been said that TNT is stoked with AEW. That's pretty fucking great, to me.
  4. I mean she was on the roster at one point with gigantic fake boobs...
  5. I'll be in Washington for the next three nights so I'm stoked to watch Dynamite at 5:00 and then have time afterwards to actually, you know, be awake and enjoy myself.
  6. Shit, now I want Colin Robinson at ringside with the glowing blue eyes anytime fans aren't getting the booking they want... Like maybe during Cody's matches...
  7. You know, I really did feel like an asshole last night for not being sure about the whole situation with Archer, but boy it's nice to see that the usual miserable fucks came into this thread to remind me that I'm actually not a bad dude
  8. Damn, I truly thought it was an angle with how it played out and the fact that they didn't bring it up again/shot an angle later with Eddie and Bryan. Thankfully it seems like Archer is one tough motherfucker, on top of being a really good dude. I'll also throw in that, it you rewatch it, before Lance goes up to the top, Eddie is very much not in place and at least to me it seemed to telegraph Lance was missing the move. That tainted my view, I suppose
  9. I'll have to rewatch it, I was looking at how he potentially protected himself with his arms on the replay. Kingston's quick booking it out of the ring threw me off too.
  10. Am I the only asshole who didn't think Archer landed all that badly and felt it was an angle???!? Very confused right now...
  11. Also I love the fact that Excalibur brought up Danielson winning differently every match so far and that actually paying off.
  12. I'm very much pro AEW but it would take a lot to convince me that the Kingston versus Archer match wasn't garbage and a huge fucking letdown. Otherwise? Great show, especially Dustin calling Bryan a mother fucker to really kick it up a notch.
  13. Archer's got a match on Dynamite so I wonder how that's gonna work out...
  14. Hopefully we get him in there next year. I'd also LOVE to see him do a Bloodsport show or two!
  15. Oh for sure there's always gonna be Cornette types who bitch about the current state of affairs while completely ignoring that their own contributions to the biz were similarly shat upon by miserable old fucks. Those folks aren't my worry and hopefully not for most other fans.
  16. @Elsalvajelocovery true but Austin seems like he was always huge fan of the biz and The Rock grew up in it, and that family involvement was mentioned by @Jimbo_Tsurutatoo. I'm not trying to say that nobody who came before was a fan growing up, but more that we as wrestling fans are benefitting from a current crop of talent raised on the 80s and 90s WWF/E, WCW, ECW, NJPW, AJPW, FMW, M-Pro, etc. The actual in-ring product right now is fucking phenomenal and I think that's due to the fandom of the wrestlers.
  17. Excellent points! I should have specified American pro wrestling.
  18. The Malakai/Andrade connection is a nice little nod to their real-life friendship. Boy howdy that match ruled. It's crazy to think that WWE looked at a dude as gifted as Pac and thought, "Mighty Mouse." Even crazier after he had that great open-challenge match with Cena where they teased an upset. OH WELL. Speaking of Black, Anna Jay should seek his advice regarding putting some oomph behind those strikes. She's made huge strides in a short time but still seems to hesitate. I'm telling ya, OC beats Mox in a similar surprise way and we get a Danielson/Cassidy final.
  19. Hot take? Wrestling, as an art and sport, is at it's absolute best now more than any other time. The reason? 99% of wrestlers grew up fans and WANTED to wrestle, versus previous decades of failed/retired football players, bouncers, and other big tough bastards who only took up the profession because their previous choices weren't working out. Okay, maybe not "hot" as much as "slightly above room temp"?
  20. An alternate universe where Wayne was Winnie's preferred Arnold boy...
  21. With the repeated mention of How Did This Get Made, might I suggest another podcast? "With Gourley And Rust" recently did a loose, two-part 237-minute covering of Sleepaway Camp. If you haven't previously listened to Matt Gourley and Paul Rust talk about horror movies, it's as cozy, comfy, and easy-listening as a horror podcast could ever wish to be.
  22. A buddy of mine is Richard McGonagle's nephew. I've never met the man who originally voiced Sully, but I've camped at the 30-acre property his family owns in Maine along the Saco River. I also LOVE the Uncharted games and have a huge crush on Tom Holland... but yeah that movie looks shitty to me so I'll just use the excuse to semi name-drop
  23. I didn't see it mentioned here yet, but according to a posting on Reddit, BAD BOY Hido has passed away.
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