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  1. I guess it's just more trying to figure out people here, where they draw the line. To me, it's absolutely bonkers that anybody still listens to a word that dude says despite him being a real piece of shit human. At what point do you say, "okay his insights are great but I gotta stop supporting this dude's work"?
  2. Was Ivellise ever accused of being dangerous? I know she's a world-class asshole and incredibly unprofessional, but I wouldn't wish injury on her, just don't let her have a job...
  3. Fuck, I forgot about Kilgrave and how wonderfully slimy David Tennant was...
  4. I'll second both SOMA and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.
  5. I really liked Until Dawn, even if it's more like an interactive film. I also really love Dying Light but it's pretty difficult until you level up enough.
  6. I think it would be a safe bet that TK has his eyes on Keith Lee, Mia Yim, and Ember Moon specifically.
  7. It's an easy joke to make, and yeah nobody here wants to get punched for an internet comment, but Dana's dude is clearly a bit of a psychopath. Simultaneously, all internet trolls who relentlessly shit on talent are also pieces of shit. Fuck everybody involved besides Dana because she seems like a good person.
  8. Danielson is neutral, dude will kick anybody's ass if he wants to and I'm all about that.
  9. So y'all are just cool with Corny's not-so-casual racism and he and his wife sexually harassing/assaulting talent? Cool, cool cool cool.
  10. Romero and Trent were a team, I'm assuming that's why.
  11. Edith Finch is a one-day game, maybe two if you really take your time. Save it for the potential spare time at the end of the mont, perhaps?
  12. In reference to that guy showing up on Dark...
  13. As mentioned, Bowens looked really fucking good tonight. Some of that is because of his opponent, of course, but he definitely didn't look out of place against such an established and legendary wrestler. John Silver fucking rules. I hope to see him get a run with the TNT belt someday.
  14. American capitalism at its finest! So many places where budget issues could be solved at the top but instead they are always concentrated at the bottom.
  15. I hope that most of those released aren't too disheartened for too long, and from a completely selfish point of view, I'm happy to know that some of those great talents will be back on TV shows that I actually watch
  16. Gordberg - good guy and time traveler!
  17. I would imagine that Rami stays unmasked, the dude has fucking loads of personality and it would be completely weird as hell to go back to the old gimmick... Although it would be wonderful if he initially showed up with that and then finally unmasked and revealed to the world that he was El Generico all along!
  18. I think the issue with Aerostar is most people are familiar with clips of him in his prime, and obviously he has slowed down over the years because, you know, fucking crazy spots and dives from the past. Still, I thought he looked good, and was Samuray Del Sol doing a shout out to Dragon Kid with that gear?
  19. Damn it, I will sit and wait patiently for Danielson/OC but I definitely got my hopes up last night... Still, Miro fucking rules. Isn't it nice to see him both exactly the way everyone thought he should be booked? Andrade also rules. Same with Jamie Hayter, who has so much more potential than being a pseudo-lackey. Wasn't she originally supposed to be Britt's muscle? It hasn't felt that way even though she can obviously pull it off.
  20. I'd love to see O'Reilly in AEW, not sure about Johnny Gargano but everything I've heard, he's really dug into great character work lately. Adam Cole came over and hasn't had any Shawn Michaels inspired kick out epics, so perhaps Johnny Wrestling could fit in pretty well... And then apparently between December and January we also have Steen and Sami/Rami potentially becoming free agents. I think you can fit all those guys in with the current roster, although I makes you want another hour or so to Rampage.
  21. Mox seems to be open and honest about his struggles to almost a fault, so him being upfront and sharing with the fans is both incredibly fucking awesome of him but also somewhat not surprising. Hopefully dude gets to be where he needs to be for himself and his family, and we will all be super stoked for his healthy return.
  22. Temporarily stuck in Nebraska last night with two flat tires, and of course it was their first snow of the season. Six inches outside and in the upper 20s, while it's quite nice at home in NH
  23. From what I've read, besides this complaint there's a lot of the opposite, bitching that Marvel can only make one movie. It's pretty damn weird that reviewers en masse can have completely opposite takeaways Still hoping to catch it in theaters but that will depend on actual fan word of mouth.
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