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  1. I mean, the May Young Classic was it's own thing, too (not that it'll come close in quality)
  2. That's exactly what prompted my post about him. Guy just fucking sucks.
  3. During my latest travels across the country for work, I've seen yet another animal I was not expecting, and this time not as roadkill - prairie dogs! Just bunches of the little bastards right on the side of a highway outside of Denver, CO. Not quite a kangaroo, but still neat.
  4. Sekimoto is seriously next level meaty, would be glorious to see him slap meat with Big E someday.
  5. I generally try to avoid just straight-up talking shit about something, and the show had plenty of good stuff, but man I fucking can NOT stand Justin Roberts. It's a shame that he didn't disappear with the whole being exposed as a total creep. So yeah, he's a creep and his ring announcing is garbage. Perfectly fine show otherwise, Ricky Starks totally impressed me and I don't think he was doing much selling after that skateboard bump
  6. As a huge fan of John Silver's work in Beyond Wrestling, I'd love to see him shine at some point in AEW. He could be a breakout little scrappy face splitting from The Dark Order, but who knows if we'll ever see it?
  7. I'll take "seems to be genuinely rekindling his love of pro wrestling" Schiavone over "perpetually perturbed at the state of the industry" JR any night... HOWEVER, when Ross puts over something modern - like saying how The Bucks can scrap - it's great. I think JR needs to be reminded that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it - unless it's directed at the heels
  8. Maybe, but he's rich and has a hot wife, and now plays all the videogames he wants. Miro kinda won at life.
  9. Supposedly Psychonauts 2 will still be released on all platforms, despite Microsoft acquiring Double Fine. That means PlayStation 4, not 5, but hey whatever. Now I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for Hellblade 2...
  10. Looking at social media, there's a fuckton of people who didn't know Eddie Kingston before tonight but now love him and want him signed, so hopefully the EVPs recognize what a potential star they've got.
  11. I've still only played 0 and while I completed the story, I will almost certainly never get 100% - there's SO much stuff to do, you could seriously make a gaming life out of just this series.
  12. Man I'm only one online trophy (Numero Uno) and one single player trophy (Solid Gold, Baby!) from the GTA5 plat - my son having done almost every online task and myself doing single. So close but likely never to get finished I really dislike it when multiplayer trophies are part of the Platinum hunt and rarely bother trying to get them unless they're incredibly simple, like Uncharted 4. I'm truly just a single player gamer.
  13. What about replaying games at all? Like if a game is a great experience I'll go back, but for example, Beyond: Two Souls is an easyish Platinum but i barely got through it the first time because I didn't find it enjoyable, so yeah I'll gladly not get those trophies. Spider-Man? Loved it and gladly went back through.
  14. Yeah if a game is enjoyable and the trophies are attainable without an absurd amount of dedication and frustration, why not go all the way to the Platinum? Hell, I've had a few pop up naturally without me ever seeking them out, or I've finished the game and saw that I only had to do a handful of additional tasks to obtain all the trophies. I only have a few hours a week to play, and yet I have over thirty platinum's so it's not something you need to spend every waking hour on unless that's your hobby. plenty of people have hobbies I'll never understand but they make people happy, why should trophy hunting be any different?
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