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  1. The Hurricanes sign Scott Darling who looks to be (on paper and with a small NHL sample size) capable of playing goaltender in the NHL at a league average level, as opposed to the tandem that we currently have. I'm excited, which of course means the team is doomed.
  2. Maybe it's an issue of don't act like a fucking moron and then brag about it on social media, especially if you are there as a guest.
  3. Have any of you guys seen The Founder with Michael Keaton as Ray Krock, the guy who took McDonald's nationwide? For me that's EXACTLY how you should do a Vince biopic. Start him out as the ernest kid who's just buying his dad's business to keep it going and then slowly he puts everyone around him out of business, comes across as a shark and succeeds in the end.
  4. Yesterday I watched a Terry Funk v. Stan Hansen match that might be on of my five favorite matches I've ever seen. Jesus. It was from 1983, and glorious. No no real point to this post, but thanks to everyone that has replied. I'm officially more of an AJPW Mark than I am a Bill Watts mark.
  5. People shitting on Booker T should realize that he's the closest to Dusty on commentary that we're gonna get and be thankful.
  6. Drew looked like a star walking out there. Him and Orney beating the fuck out of each other reinforced that.
  7. That was the best episode of NXT I've seen in months. Every match built up someone or a feud. It just felt fresh. Also, goddamn if Oney isn't the most underrated dude around. In a fair world, he'd be getting the cheers and recognition Tye or Eric Young is.
  8. I watched Takeover with my niece, who is 20. Her response to Roderick Strong? "Is he supposed to be like Michael Scott?"
  9. Does anyone know how Ric Flair's NWA title loss and subsequent regaining from Kerry Von Erich was treated or acknowledged on JCP tv? I was a kid (like kindergarten age) at the time and I have no clue how losses in other territories were treated on Crockett's TV.
  10. People are sleeping on that Almas Lorcan match. Good stuff.
  11. Does anyone remember the old rings on World Championship Wrestling on TBS? They looked normal, but I remember the ring they used at the studio (I guess that was the Techwood Drive studio) sounded really metallic and spring-y. Maybe it was the way they miced it, but that ring always sticks out in my brain.
  12. Sanity bores the ever loving shit out of me. Dane could be good as a hoss on his own. Eric Young and the other guy make me yearn for the days of Alex Riley being all HHH-lite. Nikki is good, but she can do her act on her own also. I like all of the hosses, but NXT is so damn boring now. Tye is a sub-Curt Hawkins job guy that for some reason is being treated like a big deal. What happened to this show?
  13. It's an upper body business. Don't sully the memory of Rick Rude by making excuses.
  14. Has anyone told Seven that it's an upper body business? Because he looks almost as squishy around the middle as I do.
  15. It's not the Hero drive, although the link to the Hero drive is in the tweet. This is just titled AJPW archive. It has old sumo footage of Rikidozan in it.
  16. Thanks, everyone. I've also watched the tag where Tiger Mask unmasked and became Misawa and also the six man where Misawa and Jumbo's feud went white hot with a bunch of elbows. I'm looking to watch a few Funk Brothers tags as well as a Terry Funk v. Stan Hansen match tonight. Any specific tags to recommend? Also, is it me or did the mask coming off of Misawa signal the rocket push he was getting? He is immediately presented as a big deal and you see him watching Triple Crown matches from the wings.
  17. So due to an out with unemployment, I've finally started to watch all of the AJPW matches I can find. Thanks to a very kind twitter follower, I've gained access to a Google Drive folder than holds a ton of stuff. Currently I'm working my way through all of the Triple Crown title changes, which has been a blast. I'm just now into the Gordy/Hansen segment of the early days of the title, but I'm loving all of the matches. I guess I posted this for recommendations, but also because I have questions. Were there faces and heels in All-Japan? Was the Triple Crown the focal point or were there other programs that were higher on the card? Lets say that I want to see the entire history of the Misawa/Jumbo feud, where should I begin?
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