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  1. Same group were also very upset at the Macon Whoopee's promulgation of loose morals and easy carnal relations. (Cindy and I were driving through Georgia when I warned her she wasn't ready for the Macon hockey team name. The car actually swerved a bit when I finally dropped it on her. :D)
  2. Sydney with the DOUBLE TON! My Eagles are a freaking dumpster fire.
  3. LSU beat Wake Forest 2-0 in 11 innings with the sayonara home run and advance to the finals against Florida. What an f'n game.
  4. Is Douki still a freelance guy like MiSu or did he officially join NJPW?
  5. The search & rescue mission for the Titanic submersible got me like... I'm one of 17 Americans who actually saw this at the movies during its original run. It's one of my go-to movie stories, right up there with seeing "Bloodsport" at a drive-in theater.
  6. Hershey Bears beat the Coachella Valley Firebirds in OT of Game 7 to HOIST! the Calder Cup. No word if they celebrated at the Carrot Festival afterwards.
  7. I dig the smoke and mirrors. There's all sorts of tricks they can gin up to keep the facade going until they inevitably share a ring again... and they would be fools not to mine that vein of gold eventually.
  8. Yuta has turned into an AWESOME stooging heel out of nowhere. He was tremendous bursting into flames for both AD's and Okada's finishers. Dig the pop for Ishii as the mystery partner, but something tells me he gets incapacitated and sets the stage for Ibushi as the actual guy. We shall see what we shall see. I lost my shit for Shibata/OC doing the baby kicks on Garcia. Was NOT expecting Shibata to eat that fall.
  9. WOOF. As miserable as I was outside before heading home, I can't even begin to imagine how hideous it must've been inside. Didn't Scorpio literally come to the ring for his match with a huge jug of water?
  10. I was at the ECW Arena for Heatwave '95. Temperature: 102. Heat index: 135. Yes, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE DEGREES. I came down with heatstroke and didn't even make it into the building.
  11. I dunno... that's multiple matches where they play two countries at the same time. I think the fix is in.
  12. Jo Adell punched this thing into escape velocity last night. Apparently the longest home run in Statcast history.
  13. Waitaminute, that's the same asshole who flipped off my kid at an autograph session! The fuck, Dolfan?
  14. Big wow. I guess success really DID spoil Rock Hunter.
  15. In a surprise for timing reasons if nothing else, Gary O'Neil has been FE'd by Bournemouth.
  16. It's common for players to get loaned out from their parent club to another club to get more playing time. Typically it's a year-long agreement with the player getting recalled after the agreement expires, but sometimes the clubs will make the deal permanent.
  17. He's a WVU alumni, so that probably bought him a ton of time and goodwill with the poobahs.
  18. So what was Mox visibly conveying to the Bucks at :56? That ending to the show though. Million buys.
  19. AEW Chyron: still undefeated.
  20. I'm more amazed that theoretically-reputable sports leagues thought the dude who stripped down and went peace-out on his team literally DURING a game might be stable enough to run one of their franchises.
  21. You mean to tell me a 15-minute "sprint" with those two wouldn't be incredible? Even better, you use that to build to a longer match where they waive the 15-minute limit.
  22. MJF blowing off Tana makes me more hopeful they run him vs Yano at Forbidden Door. Like he picks the shlubbiest looking guy on their roster only to get put through the wringer by the sublime master thief because he didn't know any better.
  23. I still can't get over that Rocky makes over $600,000 a year. For reference, the WNBA player salaries top out at $250,000 or so.
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