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  1. Wazzu holds them off to claim the Pac-2 championship!
  2. The Coogs had run up the score on Illinois awhile back (EDIT: actually the week before) as well. I remember it because Moeller mentioned them in that same presser and said something to the effect of "you don't do that to a Big 10 school."
  3. If you took Sac State to cover (3.5) and had the under (57.5), that is a double whammy of bad beats. Also, seek professional help.
  4. I guess the question is this. WAR - what is it good for?
  5. Reading around, it sounds like Ali's contract simply expired and they didn't renew. So theoretically he could show up anywhere immediately.
  6. Shelton, absolutely. Ziggler, not so much. His WWE presentation was all about being a showman and "having great matches" which pretty much goes against the entire BCC ethos. Ali OTOH would be a solid choice... all you need is for BD to endorse/fast-track him for the group. I imagine Shelton could go back to Japan as well.
  7. I have no horse in the race but I absolutely love how Coach Prime has completely revitalized that deader-than-disco Buffs program. They are turning into must-see TV. Meanwhile, Iowa State gets hosed by the refs at Ohio after they blow the call on a late field goal try.
  9. The theater ticket group my mom subscribes to is offering $5 ducats for Grand Slam (yes, FIVE DOLLARS). Unfortunately they currently require ID and I'm not passing for an octogenarian woman any time soon.
  10. Meanwhile in the FCS, Drake drops a close one to Northwestern. No, sillies, not THAT Northwestern. The Raiders are the defending NAIA national champions, but even so.
  11. This is soooooo cute. Love Christian breaking character for her at the end.
  12. The stat or that ridiculous graphics package?
  13. My turn: Mountain West Conference absorbs Oregon State and Wazzu... and the Pac-12 name.
  14. Put some gravitas on that name, plebe. AMALGAMATED Coasts Conference.
  15. What a visual. Supposedly Nebraska Volleyball is one of the very few women's programs that actually turns a profit, and it's not hard to see why. They also obliterated the volleyball attendance mark, as one might imagine.
  16. Always a shame when someone that young suffers from early onset Alzheimer's.
  17. Congratulations to Edmonton on the first home win in Elks history.
  18. Who the fuck runs ropes like that after almost 20 years?
  19. A wonderful gesture for the most horrible of reasons.
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