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  1. Specs were an Intel i7-980x Extreme with 12GB of RAM and two ATI Radeon HD 5770s, and it couldn't run the game at more than middle settings. Thankfully, those cards decided to finally give up the ghost today after five years, and I replaced them with a GeForce GTX 970. MUCH better - the game is now running with no frame drop at maximum settings (1920x1080, though, since my monitor doesn't do better). Ran Brock v. Luke Harper in a No Holds Barred match, and it ran smooth as silk, with Brock over after an F-5 on a ladder. (Ouch.)
  2. I enjoyed the finishes of all three matches. Even though both Barrett matches featured a crazy leap into a Bullhammer, both were done very well and looked like they took the other guy's head off. Neville is a great babyface, and I liked that he essentially beat Sheamus with his regular finishing sequence and not just a flash pin, to make the win look more legit than just Dolph fucking Sheamus over. Also, Sheamus' entrance is fucking awesome.
  3. Don't worry, Jericho will come back this summer to put Rusev over and all will be well. If they sacrifice Rusev to that overrated starfucker, that might be what finally gets me to stop watching. I mean, probably not, but come the fuck on. Enough with Jericho already. He hasn't been relevant since he was punching Shawn Michaels' wife in the mouth.
  4. WWE 2K15 comes out on PC this Tuesday, and is on preorder on Steam for 10% off ($44.99 USD). It won't have a retail release - Steam only - but will include all the DLC, except for Paige, who was a Showcase Pass console exclusive. I'll end up getting it to see what the differences (if any) might be, while also hoping the mod community latches onto this one.
  5. For anyone interested, WWE 2K15 is on preorder on Steam (releases Tuesday) for 10% off.
  6. Crass comment ahoy: Who'd have thought that in a boob battle, Dusty Rhodes would come in a distant last place?
  7. The dude's had three bad bouts of Bell's Palsy. Speaking from experience after just two minor bouts of BP in comparison, it sucks when you can't make the right expression because YOUR FACE DOESN'T WORK. Give the guy a break, he legitimately cannot smile properly, and never will do so again.
  8. He'd have to warm up by telling stories about hanging around actual rock stars backstage, namedropping every single person he had a two-second interaction with. And then go over Bray Wyatt.
  9. I can't tell if you've ruined Bob's Burgers for me, ruined Kevin Owens for me, or made both infinitely better. True. Also, only decade-old pics is better than the new fucking OMEGA poster that came out, with a 1989 shot of Ricky Steamboat with the NWA World title.
  10. It'd be nice if they didn't have ads on the names, though. Seriously, does that even work in 2015?
  11. From now on, I'm using "sorted himself out" in exchange for "got on the gas". So much wrong with this poster. a) Having Joe and Rhyno in the background when they're on the front 2) The photos of Joe and Rhyno in the background are far better than the ones used in the front III) Main photos aren't centered properly, especially Joe Fo') The photos aren't properly cropped, ESPECIALLY Joe - you can see the bottom of the photo peek out from the caption, which looks very bush-league Bundy) A lot of wasted space in the bottom combined with small text - make the text bigger. Sorry, but I spent nearly a decade putting together posters and all of those things drive me crazy. Also, even with Rhino vs. Joe, the ticket price for this show is insane, especially the VIP.
  12. Bret Hart, Curt Hennig, and Sid Vicious. SummerSlam '91 was the first PPV I had ever seen, and the Bret-Perfect match on there blew me away and hooked me as a fan. Sid Vicious was the first guy that really grabbed me with that "it" factor and I remained a fan of his forever. I don't care that he sucks.
  13. I never knew how much I wanted this until now. Seriously, J&J Security and Corporate Kane have been some of my favorite parts of the Authority angle. They should get their own sitcom on the Network.
  14. I'm still trying to figure out why Summer Rae is suddenly with Mizdow. Did I miss a turn?
  15. Man, moving down toward Rosebud status is pretty dire. Hey, the Rosebuds get like, $600 per shot. That's better than TNA does right now.
  16. Hell, I still advocate that and will do so till my dying day. You go past the guardrail, you're fair game.
  17. From F4W: John Cena opened the show and talked about his win over Bad News Barrett. He again put over the London crowd and explained the rules of a Russian chain match. The two men will be chained together and to win, you have to touch all four corners. Cena said that he may not be in that match because he's going to defend the title several more times before the 26th. He issued his open challenge. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro came out. Daniel Bryan also came out. So instead of Cena defending as advertised, it wound up as a tag match for the main event. Bray Wyatt b R-Truth quickly with Sister Abigail Roman Reigns did a backstage interview. The Miz did an interview and said Mizdow got lucky and Mizdow is nothing without him. Bad News Barrett came out and said we're not in Hollywood, we're in London and the people didn't come to see a pretend movie star. Bad News Barrett b The Miz quickly. Renee Young interviewed Mizdow. Miz interrupted and said Mizdow winning on Raw was a fluke and told Mizdow to stop stealing from his brand. So they ended up setting up a match for Raw where the winner gets the Miz brand. Summer Rae is now a face and slapped Miz. Neville b Sheamus via DQ. Sheamus made fun of Neville's height before the match. Sheamus was DQ'd for slamming him on the desk. He kept beating on him until Dolph Ziggler made the save. They challenged each other and Sheamus vs. Ziggler in a loser kisses the winners ass match was added to the PPV. Kofi Kingston & Big E b Los Matadores. Rosa Mendes was depressed after Fandango wouldn't talk to her but Adam Rose wanted to talk to her. Big Show came out and cut a promo on Reigns. Show said he could have finished Reigns on Monday but decided not to do it, and instead wants a last man standing match at the PPV. Cameron won three-way over Alicia Fox and Natalya Fandango b Adam Rose. Rosa tried to cost Fandango the match but it didn't happen. The crowd all did the Fandangoing after the match. Bray Wyatt did an interview Daniel Bryan & John Cena b Cesaro & Tyson Kidd in a non-title match. Several fans hit the ring and started doing spots before the match until security took them out. One gave another a rock bottom. Cena worked most of the way until Bryan hot tagged in and used the Yes lock on Kidd for the submission.
  18. Hey, when you're booked, you get to the show by any means necessary.(Besides, the best part of this pic is that he's apparently wearing a Destination America hoodie. You know that came out of his TNA PO.) So who is this anyway? I presume someone in TNA.It looks like Tony Kozina, who last I heard was not part of TNA. Unless he gets a Destination America hoodie for carrying Davey's bags. It is indeed Tony Kozina. I seem to recall that he did a Gut Check against Davey a couple of months ago. Or he just mooched the hoodie off Davey.
  19. Prediction: Naomi and Cameron reunite, then unite with New Day. Rule 1.5 strikes yet again.
  20. While I popped, you would've received a more sustained reaction had you, perhaps, mentioned the town you are currently in. Or perhaps its local sports team and/or college.
  21. From what I've seen on the community creations area, they're mostly focused on NXT guys. Those guys are obscure enough even on the indy scene that I'd be surprised if there were CAWs for them. Also, the CAWs are so insanely limited, especially on face and size options, that making anyone accurately is going to be nigh-impossible. I can't even come up with good looks for my own personal creations because they all come out looking nearly identical, especially in the face.
  22. Final Fantasy XIV, no shock, has some AWESOME music. But this is my favorite.
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