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  1. More MyCareer spoilers for awesomeness and goddammit:

    After winning the Universal title from Braun in an Elimination Chamber match, Triple H brought back Evolution (with Batista and Orton) to take me down, only for me to form "The Buzzkills" with Balor and Styles.  We met in an elimination match at Fastlane, but I was eliminated very early on.  I decided to see what would happen, and lo and behold, after over half an hour of action with some awesome spots (my favorite was Styles getting caught out of the Phenomenal Forearm with a Pedigree - Balor saved the pin only to eat a Pedigree himself, then another Pedigree on Styles, but he kicked out) Styles and Balor ran the board on Evolution and we won the match.

    Then Styles and Balor turned on me.  

    A note I had COMPLETELY forgotten despite him having it in his hands for the entire MyCareer timeline: Styles had Money in the Bank.

    A three-count later, and I no longer had the Universal title.

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Player One said:

    Is this really in the game?  Cause, if it is, I'm buying the game tonite.  And the last next gen console i bought was a PS2, lol, so how I'd actually play the game , I have no idea.

    I swear on my life, this is all actually in the game.


    My vessel ended up basically being Serpentor.  Giant cobra head and all.  Apparently one of my past vessels was killed by a horrible asp.  Vanguard 1 showed me.  There are also other choices, like a polar bear and a Demon version.

    Demon Balor and I beat Cole Quinn (the indy guy) and Bray at Survivor Series in an Extreme Rules match.  Afterward, Balor too sweeted me.


    I am not making ANY of this up.

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  3. Also.. (MyCareer spoilers)

    When Miz is a chickenshit about defending the IC title, you create your own championship with special rules (no DQ, steel cage, submission, etc)

    You lose the IC title because Bray Wyatt sets fire to your dad's van then gasses you in the locker room and you're taken to the Wyatt compound, where you fight a zombie Triple H and set fire to his house.  Your indy friend is brainwashed into a sheep of Bray's but you're saved by Demon Balor, at which point you journey to the multiverse with Matt Hardy to unlock your inner demon to vanquish Bray and save your friend.

    Seriously, what the fuck else do you want in a video game?!

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  4. I'm not sure what was stupider, Khabib throwing his career away or the announcers calling the guy throwing furniture through car windows "honorable".  What a complete and utter shitshow UFC has become.  You reap what you sow.

    Everyone that threw a shot, especially Khabib, should be booked for assault tonight.

    Dana basically convincing Khabib to leave without the belt is telling me he's never seeing that thing again.  If he's still champion tomorrow morning, something is seriously wrong.

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  5. I'm not sure how they got Taker and Kane in it, but it's a scene from the MyCareer with you and Barron Blade down in Mexico after a long roadtrip.  Your character has a van from his dad who was an exterminator.

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  6. He's back.


    For those interested, the Botch Club logos are available in the Community Creations section on PS4; just search for DVDVR or Botch Club.

    Just started MyCareer, and holy shit.  This is fucking great.


    Barron Blade, rival in 2K17 and road agent in 2K18, now runs the BCW indy school and promotion.  You're putting up posters before the show and living out of your dad's van.  The half-filled high school gym, dirty mat, top indy star that thinks he's going straight to WWE and Blade doing running snarky commentary over the PA system is so insanely accurate to my own indy experiences that it's almost depressing.

    The voice acting, so far, is damn good, especially AJ Kirsch as your character's voice.  

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