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  1. I think he meant about the in-ring product. It wasn't as chaotic and dangerous as WWE and ECW were most of the time.
  2. So I was seeing on Twitter that Jeff Jarrett and Keiji Mutoh were having meetings about talent exchanges for TNA. A) I had no idea Jarrett still had clout in TNA, and 2) Who the fuck can Mutoh exchange since he's not president of AJPW anymore?
  3. For me, it's the feeling that you are wasting your time if you invest in a wrestler you like. No one is going to move into an elite spot unless the company has already decided they are going to. There are rare exceptions like Punk and Bryan, but that's because their work is phenomenal, and the company was unable to kill their heat. Some like Ziggler gets a "push" that consists of him losing every match. Also, as others have stated, nothing is different than it was 10 years ago. There is a major feeling with everything of "been there, done that". The booking is designed in a way that no o
  4. Sorry for the double post. Somehow, Berto looked better after the shoulder injury, but the fight pretty much showed he's not an elite level guy. Showed heart, but got stopped by a "lesser" fighter.
  5. I'm downloading that card right now Edit: Sweet blazing ballsacks!! Watch this fight NOW!!
  6. TNA shows are always fun. Borash will even tell you guys they'll come to town for Impact or a ppv in the future
  7. I was mostly just curious if Scola would be willing to take such a reduced role off the bench. But with that said, he'll still get 20 min a game.
  8. I know its only another month and half to two months away, but damn is the wait hard, especially now that I've seen a trailer. Wow, this looks incredibly non-intelligence insulting for something on Nick. I may have to go out of my way for this. Also, I've gone back and started going through Justice League again on Netflix. The "Maid of Honor" episodes from Season 2 is shockingly grown up in tone. More so than any other episode I can think of in the series.
  9. So Indiana is trying to get Scola from Phoenix. I'm not sure what I'd give up if I'm Indy, or where Scola even fits into the offense.
  10. This is just too perfect. Bobcats are playing the Mavs RIGHT HERE in Greensboro in the preseason this year. Beyond excited. My first NBA game, and I get to see my boys on top of that, 5 minutes away from my house.
  11. As long as Stallone still choreographs the fights, I have zero worries about the rest of the film.
  12. Yes. Yes it is. I spotted Osiris from Scottsman's site; The Spoony One, and MATTHEW EFFING LESKO! "What's a Paladin" is #1 and the best.
  13. In their defense, they were quoting "Humpty Dance" with their question.
  14. But someone randomly asking her "What if God was one of us?" was legit funny.
  15. Berto-Karass might at least be kinda fun. Interested in seeing Chaves.
  16. This is incredibly exciting. I have SOME reservations about a movie in the Rocky timeline that isn't all Stallone's vision, but the potential for this is extremely high.
  17. #askdixie is one of the best things I've ever seen on Twitter.
  18. Wait......what?! How is Arenas making that much?
  19. As I recall, he was mostly a job guy, but was placed in the match as a replacement for.....someone.
  20. Batman can still be brooding, that's his thing, but having Superman do the same thing is counterproductive. The tone of the movie itself needs to be fun, that doesn't mean we need Adam West Batman. I mean, the Justice League cartoon pulled this off perfectly.
  21. I just want a movie with some actual fucking joy and fun in it.
  22. I always looked at the attempts at grounding the characters as being very tongue in cheek, with the possible exception of Shirley, and to a lesser extent Abed. I always felt like the show is more enjoyable once you understand that none of it matters.
  23. Let's not act like Hero doesn't work out at all. I am damn sure he's at least doing alot of cardio. I would definitely not say the guy is in bad shape.
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