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  1. I IMMEDIATELY thought of the Sidewalk Slam. It's to the point now where newer fans will cry "botch" if they watch an old tape and hear someone call the Ron Simmons/Booker T spinebuster the sidewalk slam, even though THAT IS THE CORRECT NAME. I fucking refuse to call the side slam the sidewalk slam. Also, thanks to goddamn Yukes, people call the Air Raid Crash the Emerald Frosion. Get that shit out of here. Also "tiger bomb" drives me nuts.
  2. My cat flips everything over :/ He just takes the joy out of this house, and he's codependent as fuck. This is my life.
  3. So Sergei Kovalev was sufficiently frightening. A few holes in his games, but if he's landing shot like that, it may not matter.
  4. This is kind of along the same lines. A friend's mom gave him a box full of tapes a while back. These tapes originally had old episodes of Wrestling Challenge and Superstars, but sadly had long since been taped over with daytime soaps. Aside from awesomely reliving 1989 Days of Our Lives(Hope's hair!!!!!), there were a couple of moments where the original recording came through. One such time was just long enough to see Piper on the set with Vince. For reasons I don't know, Piper, with arms outstretched, yells "YEEEAAAAHHH HAAAAA"!!
  5. I recall going to an ROH show in 2007 or so. Someone kept yelling "faggot" at Jimmy Jacobs, and that person was promptly shouted down by a large number of people in the crowd. So I'd say Philly is alot cooler with it than most people would expect.
  6. I kinda feel dumb, because I latched onto all of the guys who had zero shot of winning. Ishii, Devitt, Yujiro and DBS Jr were easily my favorite guys to watch in the tourney. Hell, I even enjoyed Yano's act for the first time ever.
  7. I love that they highlighted Iizuka's unsettling abuse of announcers.
  8. I liked it a lot as well. Same here. It filled a much needed void for me because you never see movies like The Goonies, ET, etc. anymore. It was the best of those 80s movies that did such a great job at capturing the imagination and sense of wonderment that kids can have and it played out on screen perfectly. I probably spent the whole movie with a huge grin plastered on my face. Love that movie a ton. Plus, it had Coach in it. This was exactly how I felt about it. Reminded me of all those movies I grew up on. It's so rare to see a movie with kids these days, where you don't want to
  9. I just wanted to say that it took me 2 years, but I finally watched Super 8. How I avoided spoilers that long is beyond me, but I wish someone had just said to me "dude, it's a wonderful film". I know there are people that disliked it, but I couldn't love the movie any more.
  10. You just reminded me that I meant to check out the Christian/ADR match.
  11. That's what it seems like so far. It's annoying the shit out of me, I know that much.
  12. Combofix is always my ace in the hole, but I'm going to give MBAR a shot here.
  13. Yeah, I've had many run ins with it back when I actually worked in tech support. My first guess was that it embedded a rootkit that keeps bringing it back, but I've scanned 4 times for rootkits with Tdsskiller, Combofix and rootrepeal and found nothing.
  14. Here's the funny part, I never actually see the symptoms of the virus they describe. But when I go through all the steps, I'm definitely removing more than one trojan. It was initially described to me as one of those fake FBI warning viruses, but when I go over there, I see not hide nor hair of it. Basically, I end up with alot of bogus .exe versions of legit programs in my scan reports. So I'm seeing vlc.exe, java.exe and so on. I will probably need to actually take note of the name of the trojan when I go back. I never think to do that, because I've never had the same one come back.
  15. Oddly enough, I really enjoyed Shibata vs Tanahashi and Kojima vs Okada. Tana/Shibata had a story I really dug, with Shibata just absolutely unloading on him, and Tanahashi just tried to hang on and survive. The finish played into that too. He got the pin and went the hell home. Also, when did they ditch the traditional semifinal matches? Is it just me, or did they seem to go out of their way to show that Yujiro wasn't on everyone else's level the last 2-3 days of the tournament? I have to say that this was by far my favorite G1 ever. I went into this as someone who had completely lost
  16. Ok, so I do computer work for this family. I went over there about a month ago to remove a virus. Everything was fine, had no problems with it. Installed an A/V program, gave them some tips, and went home. A couple of weeks later, she called me and said it was back. Went over there, removed it, checked a few things and went home. She later called me AGAIN because the same virus was back. Removed it again, installed a couple of programs intended to save them from themselves, combed the browser history, and went home. Well she just called me again, and the same virus is back. I have ne
  17. Ishii vs Makabe was almost on par with Ishii/Shibata for me. Great slugfest. Kojima/Archer surprised the hell out of me, but that probably comes from me still not accepting that Archer has gotten decent. Absolutely loved the last couple of minutes of Minoru/Ibushi. I can't decide who I'm more in love with right now, Ishii or Takahashi.
  18. Vince wanted Jean Pierre Lefite. Basically, a more "classic" pirate. Not a lovable sarcastic one.
  19. Little booklet?! Grandma would always get the GIANT FUCKING satellite tv guide.
  20. That HBO gimmick screams my childhood. I get borderline teary eyed.
  21. Exactly. The kids still have their head up their ass. Shit, I used to as well. Real life always wins out though. Some people can't understand that, unless you are in WWE, TNA or working a major Japanese promotion, pro wrestling is not real life. If you can't pay your light bill with it, it's not real life.
  22. I've never gotten a ton of heat for my regular job getting in the way, but I HAVE gotten heat for choosing important life events like weddings or what have you. It doesn't happen much anymore, simple because most people that know me, know that I give no fucks. Fortunately, most of the circle I run with do not have that mentality, because they themselves are trying to make a living. Oddly enough, it's more young guys in the business that I meet that think this way.
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