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  1. 25 years and you don't appreciate his talent? I can't see how it's boring. Not at all. I definitely readily acknowledge his skill, that doesn't mean I find him exciting. I've only questioned one decision win in his whole career, and that was the first Castillo fight. I will always give him credit when he wins, it's just a chore to get through.
  2. I'm by no means a meathead. I've been watching boxing for 25 years. Floyd's style is fucking boring. Chris goddamn Byrd was more exciting to watch. Juan Manuel Marquez is a masterclass tactical fighter, and still manages to rise above "paint drying".
  3. I did love Alvarez disrespecting the fuck out of him early in the fight. He should have blasted Mayweather when he was clowning him for punching the rope.
  4. Typical one sided boring Mayweather fight after the halfway point. The right guy won, but at least Alvarez really tried to press him. He basically gassed out after round 7. I will always find Floyd's fights infuriatingly boring though. Potshot, shoulder roll, potshot, hold. That CJ Ross card was baffling.
  5. My first two picks were Dirk and Rondo. Together, they played a whole season. I need a little more luck this time.
  6. Last season didn't happen.Sure it did! *Polishes imaginary trophy.* Is that the King Nerd Of Basketball trophy? Loooolllzzzzzzzzz
  7. So we're doing fantasy this year, yes? I need to redeem myself from last year's injury plagued season.
  8. The "Show loyalty to your team" line kinda made me chuckle in context.
  9. THE PARK IS MINE looks like it missed it's calling as a Reb Brown film.
  10. So I've been watching random episodes lately, and just happened upon Dr. Forrester's last show. Kinda surreal. I seem to always forget that he and Mike were around at the same time very briefly.
  11. Rey/Kidman vs WGTT was fucking great. Actually, that whole Vengeance show is criminally overlooked. So much fun on that show.
  12. For some reason, about 3 years ago, the "hey Rocket" was just the "thing" in the locker room around here. You were never safe sitting in your chair lol
  13. I've still got 3 huge boxes full, probably close to 300 tapes. I could probably get rid of 200 of them easily, since most of that stuff is easy to find online. I do have some stuff that isn't so easily replaceable though. I really need to minimize this stuff, since it's a pain in the ass whenever I have to up and move(which is distressingly often), but I always talk myself out of it.
  14. I recently watched the Badd/DDP series too, and I was very sad to see that it doesn't age well. That Mero/Austin match is just superb. Most of KOTR 96 is a lost gem, frankly.
  15. The skits brought us the "Canada Song" and "Patrick Swayze Christmas". I could never hate them.
  16. I think you could see alot of matches from the last 6-7 years pop up, simply because you'll see a great match on ppv that is completely swept aside a month later due to the pace of production now.
  17. That Lucha doc is on Amazon Prime as well, so if you have an account, watch away!
  18. Year-old report. I'll never understand why you hire a great director and then refuse to let him do his thing. I always think it's case where the studio knows exactly what they want, but someone technically still has to direct it.
  19. Not just this set, any set. The only time the early days got any love was when they released a set solely dedicated to that. With anything else they do that involves best Raw matches or moments, pre Attitude era is very underrepresented.
  20. I'm sure the kid from Robocop 2 would have little trouble with this version. Also, apologies for missing the release date. It just screamed summer cash-in film to me.
  21. So basically a heavyweight Arturo Gatti without the chin.
  22. I love how WWE acts like the only Raw that existed before 1997 was the first one.
  23. People thought the Robocop trailer looked good?!?! WTF it looks like gd garbage. We already know it's going to completely miss EVERYTHING that made the original great, and be just another generic summer film that we'll have all forgotten about the next year.
  24. I think alot of that is from the "new generation" of posters that came about after the crash. We do get an influx of new folks from time to time, and they are mostly useless. To answer the question, I'm 32, but I tell most girls I talk to that I'm 25.
  25. Pod People. Also the home of the Potato Soliloquy. I remember Pod People. It's probably a top 10 episode for me, the Potato bit was so great. The other movie I can't remember for shit. I agree that the show stayed strong no matter what the cast was.
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