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  1. I don't understand why they put the title back on Sasha. If they were putting the belt back on her anyway, why not just have her win at Hell in a Cell? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Is it just so they could say they "made history~!" on RAW again? Seems really counter productive.
  2. Scott Hall murdered someone. "In 1983, Hall was charged with second degree murder after shooting a man with his own gun (after wrestling it away from him) in an altercation outside of a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. According to Hall, this was done in self-defense. The charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. In a 2011 interview for ESPN, Hall admitted killing the man and said he is unable to forget the incident."
  3. I think it would be funny if Cesaro did something that put him in the doghouse so he got beat 4-0 as a way to bury him. Didn't he recently shoot about wanting to be on Smackdown or something? I've not been paying attention lately, so I don't know if it was a work or not. I don't even know when it happened. Did it air on TV?
  4. ♫ It's all about the game, and how you play it All about control, and if you can take it ♫
  5. I don't even know if she's better than Becky Lynch, let alone top ten on the entire planet. I like Sasha but no way I'm saying she's better than people like Owens, Zayn (even hurt) or Balor...or even Breeze. Probably not putting her ahead of Joe, despite him not doing much lately. Definitely not putting her ahead of people like Lesnar, Rollins or Cena. And she doesn't touch guys like Nakamura, Tanahashi (even hurt) or Okada. Saying Sasha is awesome is one thing. Saying you enjoy her work on NXT is great. Saying she's one of the ten best wrestlers on the entire planet when she's only been
  6. Eric Young is too good for TNA, in my opinion. Surprised he hasn't shown up in NXT or WWE. Him, EC3 & Rockstar Spud.
  7. I'd go so far as to say that Sasha is one of the top 10 workers in the world right now. Now we're getting ridiculous.
  8. Lana doesn't work as a babyface. Dolph doesn't work as a babyface. Them both being babyfaces with a generic love angle slapped on top of it is just Jerry Springer levels of shit TV. Lana was one of the only things WWE was doing right. Same with Rusev and Brock. Now Lana and Rusev are floundering and Brock is getting beatdowns from Kane & Joey Mercury. Heh. Good things never last!
  9. I read elsewhere that it involved a crank-call to Jim Duggan, with someone doing the Austin impression (Sasso?) and making domestic abuse jokes. I didn't hear it first hand, so take that for what it's worth - second hand information.
  10. I was a big fan of Jesse Ventura. Both in WWF and WCW. Ross/Ventura in WCW was a lot of fun. I always thought Gorilla was overrated & Bobby spent most the time trying to get himself over, especially in WCW. Always trying to get the last word before a commercial break or going off the air, trying to talk over people or my least favorite thing of all, just screaming "OHH!" for any and every big move.
  11. Hulk Hogan, because he is pro-wrestling to me. There's no way I don't cry like a baby when WWE airs the video package twenty times. Without Hogan, I never even get into wrestling. Thirty years later and he's still around and I still mark when his theme hits.
  12. And a few years after he retires he's gonna be in the greatest wrestler ever conversation.
  13. How about someone just tells him to make a Twitter account or a blog like Jim Ross. His mind still works, he can still use his hands. He just can't speak. Give him a voice back, via writing.
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