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  1. Only the last two minutes, you can say everyone tuned out for Saraya's interview
  2. They've always had a batch of Dark tapings for Orlando. Elevation is the one taped before a live audience on tour.
  3. That's okay, he can take the year off tv wrestling by remaining with ROH.
  4. Different topic. Not part of this conversation.
  5. He's criticizing your absurd what if's, not the product. For your second note Smellington, Swerve Strickland's got a deliberate style in the sense he's always going for something slick if that makes any sense, pairs well with Keith Lee who's your colossus of a man. While not specifically a fat man tag team, on the ROH side we've got The Gates of Agony as a part of the Embassy who are big hard hitters.
  6. Wheeler should be the one to take on Jeff Jarrett between him and Dax. Other good Wheeler ideas, first ones I've mentioned - Dr Luther, Hager (and his hat), Trent. Ones I just thought of - a returning Kyle O'Reilly, Christian Cage, Miro, Tony Nese.
  7. I personally haven't swung around to his singles work yet but definitely a tag guy who should get his praise more in that aspect.
  8. This is a solid match announcement. https://twitter.com/AEW/status/1599191753344417792?s=20&t=MIMXEImWUqtwSTE7DESzQg
  9. Consider me a part of this one, the last one was a blast.
  10. Rampage is at it's best when it's 1998 Thunder.
  11. Vile, I totally get where you are coming from but maybe raise other points in addition?
  12. I'm in agreement of your top 4, #5 for me would be Danhausen. Bottom 5 (down to 1) 5. AQA (sadly retired before anything ever happened) 4. VanZant (though not her fault, Cody and Brandi leaving threw a wrench in what they plan would've been) 3. Saraya (I'm happy for her coming back from injury but there's a gap in how far everyone else has come along and where she left off) 1b.Jake Atlas (did nothing, got arrested) 1a. Jeff Hardy (do I need to go into why?)
  13. Not going to lie, I think it'll be as good if not better than his Hager match and that was so good I voted it as match of the week last week.
  14. I've noticed after you post, it won't take you to the post if its posted at the end of a page and starts a new page.
  15. I'm hoping we get Leyla Hirsch back sooner than later, and you're forgetting The Bunny finally making it back!
  16. They should throw Wheeler some weird opponents Wheeler vs Dr Luther Wheeler vs Hager Wheeler vs Trent?
  17. The rebranded Iron Savages were on Dark week before last. Looking at Cagematch, Boulder had a few singles matches on the indies but Bronson was out from Aug to Oct.
  18. I've no shame in admitting it was Hagar/Orange for me. Purple vs Orange is a battle as old as Red vs Blue
  19. She had a nice tag team with Charli Evans as Medusa Complex before her run in NXT UK
  20. I'd argue hot dogs but I don't want to take away someone's payday
  21. Leads to MJF being magnanimous in granting Starks an Eliminator match later on that Starks then picks up a win and a future shot? I like it.
  22. Personally I'm giving until Feb because if I remember correctly that's when the networks start announcing shows for the Spring
  23. I'll give him this, Christory is a good pun.
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