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  1. Dave has been strangely doom and gloom about AEW ever since Double or Nothing when by all accounts things seem to be fine on all fronts
  2. Like if you're Brooklyn at this point, I don't think you're doing better than Jaylen Brown + a pick
  3. Honestly I feel like AEWs in a pretty good spot right now. Every major network is looking for cheap, easy to produce content to fill ad space and this def fits that bill.
  4. It'd be like the four best workers in AEW in one feud lol. It'd absolutely rock.
  5. Yup https://twitter.com/TonyKhan/status/1518704880633982976
  6. This is why the Rams operate the way they do. Why take a chance using my first on an unknown quantity when I can get someone like Stafford or Ramsey where I know exactly what I'm getting?
  7. Bryan and Mox vs Suzuki and ZSJ sounds like a lot of fun Hangman vs Jay 2 feels like it'd be a good thing to throw on this show
  8. Solid show Cole vs Ishii was fine but I was expecting it to be a disaster so it exceeded expectations Kingston vs Garcia was great Jade vs Shafir was decent I guess
  9. My guess is that the show will largely be AEW vs AEW and NJPW vs NJPW with a couple big cross promotional matches thrown in there. My guess is that with the way they framed the show as a Bullet Club/Elite deal last night those matches will probably be Punk/KENTA, Hangman/White and Okada/Cole
  10. Dave's saying on the board that the rumored AEW/NJPW Supershow is definitely in the works with a sunday in late June as the target date
  11. I think I'll throw my hat in the ring as well Punk vs Cena - Money in the Bank 2011 Cena vs Lesnar - Extreme Rules 2012 Punk vs Lesnar - Summerslam 2013 Bryan vs Cena - Summerslam 2013 Shield vs Wyatts - Elimination Chamber 2014 Zayn vs Neville - NXT Takeover: R-Evolution Sasha vs Bayley - NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Revival vs DIY - NXT Takeover: Toronto Andrade vs Gargano - NXT Takeover: Philadelphia Bryan vs Lesnar - Survivor Series 2018 Bryan vs Kingston - Wrestlemania 35
  12. Giving the ROH book to Daniels might be a nice experiment to try. Like he obviously is familiar with the ROH product and he's been in the AEW offices since the beginning.
  13. The FTR match at All Out 2020, the Omega match at Full Gear 2021, the Cole match at Revolution
  14. This is probably just me being stupid but I think I'm super high on Hangman as a talent so I'm always a bit frustrated when I see a guy like that put on something actively bad when I know they're capable of so much more.
  15. Hangman's super frustrating to me because I feel like he's really good but he's just as likely to have a dud main event against Cole as he is to put on a classic with Danielson.
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