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  1. Probably not a coincidence. I had problems registering and Eoae contacted Rippa for me to straighten it out.
  2. I spoke to him a couple of days ago. He's fine. Says he just lost interest in the site and quit visiting. Wasn't any drama behind his disappearance, so far as I could tell.
  3. The babyface turn killed Ziggler's momentum. A lot of the interesting bits about his character were stripped away and replaced with... nothing. He was an interesting heel and a generic babyface. Been thinking about it and my pick for "seen the most, enjoyed the least" is probably Mark Henry by a comfortable margin. Never had any interest in seeing him on my tv. I can't think of a match I ever particularly liked involving him or a segment I thought was memorable (in a good way; some of his Attitude era skits were memorable for the wrong reasons). He seems like a personable guy, but I think I could have ff'ed through his entire career without missing anything I wanted to watch. I do sort of admire him for no-selling Vince's attempts to embarrass him into quitting (Vince supposedly wanted out from under that early megabucks contract Henry signed and intentionally gave him crappy gimmicks & angles), but, at the same time, I'm not sure that "black guy willing to let old white guy humiliate him publicly as long as the checks keep coming" is a great look. Henry's not the worst guy around, but I feel like he was average at best and he got a lot of exposure during a long career.
  4. Still holding out hope that their second child will be Lockjaw Gargano. If only the Inhumans tv series hadn't flopped....
  5. I have a copy of the softcover collection that was published in 2008, so I don't need it. But Perez might be my favorite artist and I really like the Perez/Busiek run, so I'm willing to double-dip.
  6. Just realized that Whitta and Robertson did a book together for Image. Title is Oliver, It is apparently a sci-fi steampunk retelling of Oliver Twist. Ran four issues. Haven't read it. I'm going to call the lcs later and see if they have the tpb in stock. if not, I'll be ordering it from Amazon later today.
  7. I want a copy but am expecting to have to pay a huge markup to get one from a reseller. I'll do it, but it's a little annoying.
  8. Gary Whitta hasn't done much comics work, but has written several screenplays (Book of Eli, Rogue One) and the story/script for several video games. He co-wrote the story and dialogue for Telltale's first Walking Dead game. I thought that was rather well-written. He's also written a couple novels. His debut novel, Abomination, got good reviews and I liked it a good deal. It's traditional D&D fantasy but the setting is Europe during the Dark Ages (instead of, say, Narnia) and the monster stuff leans way into H.P. Lovecraft body horror. The real-world setting was used to good effect and gave the book some grittiness I don't usually find in fantasy novels. Darick Robertson is best known as the artist on Transmetropolitan (w/ Ellis) and the Boys (Ennis). He's not the fastest artist in the world, so I'm expecting he'll only be on the book for six issues or have a lot of fill-in arcs. Assuming the title is an ongoing and not a miniseries, of course. In any case, I'm a big fan of Robertson's art.
  9. Not gonna lie. This is going to get me to watch First Take on Wednesdays. I'd probably watch Fridays too if Francessa was the guest host. Mostly because i am e-v-i-l and like to gawk at car crashes.
  10. Picked up Leave it to Chance earlier this week. Thanks. Does anyone know why the first Image tpb collection of Mage: Hero Denied seems to be completely unavailable? Image re-released all of Matt Wagner's Mage titles a couple of years ago and gave them matching formats and numbering. Basically, they re-released the entire series in six paperback collections and called Hero Discovered book one, Hero Discovered book two, and Hero Denied book three. They also numbered each volume consecutively. It's confusing. The first part of Mage: Hero Denied collects issues 0-7 and is titled "Mage Book Three: The Hero Denied - Part One(Volume 5)" Anyway, five of the tpbs are readily available and can be bought for cover price. The fifth volume - covering Hero Denied issues 0-7 is out of print and only available digitally. No copies on Amazon, ebay, any of the used book services, Barnes and Noble, several dozen comic and graphic novel websites, etc. I spent more than an hour last night trying to find a copy and the book seems the have completely vanished. I'm used to being able to buy almost anything on eBay as long as I feel like paying a markup, so this seems weird. There definitely was a retail tpb but no one seems to have it at any price. The single issues and the other Image tpbs aren't hard to get at all. Any idea why this is? I'm really curious now.
  11. OK, just call it a day and shut down the internet now. No one's topping this one. We can come back tomorrow and try again.
  12. Local guy at an indie show I attended in the early 2000' s had himself announced as being from "the side of the pillow you try not to think about". He was doing a sort of ugly guy playboy gimmick so it fit.
  13. Sorry for your loss @Tarheel Moneghetti. I could have written your post. My father passed away in his sleep a few weeks before my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. The night before he passed, my family got together for dinner to discuss details for the anniversary party. Dad seemed normal and had seen his cardiologist and gotten a blood workup only a few weeks before. Test results were good and he seemed fine. We thought he'd live into his 90's. He had a good relationship with all of his kids, but we still felt guilty that we didn't do more for him in life. We didn't realize until he passed how much he did for us even as adults. Like Tarheel's father, he was always around, but sort of in the background. My mom was more outgoing than Dad was and sort of demanded your attention. Dad wasn't aloof, but he was reserved and didn't show his emotions easily. He wasn't much for small talk and never seemed to ask for or expect anything, so it was easy to get involved in our own lives and not really notice how much he was doing for us. Before he passed, I felt like we didn't talk that much, and then he passed away and I realized we talked constantly, just short conversations. I still find myself occasionally reaching for the phone when I see a headline that would interest him or one of my kids have news. Good luck. Hope your mom can adapt. My mother held up really well and was independent enough that we hoped she could transition to living alone. She passed away too a few months later. In hindsight, we feel she realized she would never have a partner again and probably gave up a little. I wasn't as sad when she passed because it really did seem like she had a long, full life & joining with dad in the afterlife might have been the best result. I doubt either of my parents really wanted to outlive the other.
  14. Been reading a lot of Wildstorm lately and really enjoying it. Only been a very casual fan since the mid-90's and never made much an effort to keep up with Marvel/DC much less anything else, so a lot of older classic books are new to me. Reading Planetary, Authority, the Ultimate line, etc. for the first time and really enjoying all of it. It helps that i can mostly just cherrypick the best books from the past 35 years and don't have to take a flier on a bad book from a writer you otherwise like or a book with so-so art. Anyway, big surprise lately is Alan Moore. I read most all of Moore's DC work when I was into comics more and also some of his early stuff, plus Miracleman. From Hell, etc. Basic opinion was that he was a gifted writer with a weird depressing outlook. i found (and still find) Watchmen, Swamp Thing, V for Vendetta, etc. to be well-written series that didn't pull me in because the characters tend to be varying degrees of unsympathetic or morose. I won't be going back to any of Moore's DC work anytime soon. I have been reading his Awesome Entertainment/America's Best Comics stuff and really loving it. Promethea is rather interesting and JH Williams art is lovely. 1963 and Supreme are very silly and a lot of fun (Moore says Supreme is basically his apology for his dark, depressing DC wotk). Tom Strong and Top 10 were great, etc. So, yeah, have done a major turnaround on Moore lately and highly recommend Supreme and his ABC books (1963 is fun, but not as easy a recommendation. It's Moore, Rick Veitch, and Steve Bissette aping the golden age style and the result is more copy than homage or sendup. I kept thinking it would have been better if Alan Moore had just wrote like Alan Moore and Rick Veitch had just drawn like Rick Veitch. Plus, the project never got finished due to yet another Alan Moore spat with fellow creators). Wildhorse and it's various imprints did a lot of great stuff. I also have a lot of Astro City to catch up on. Really enjoyed the early stuff, but drifted away from it during V2 or the Dark Age. so.... Starting Mage later this week. Was a huge fan of Grendel and Mage: The Hero Discovered back in the day, so curious to see how both hold up. Did read Mage: The Hero Defined about ten years ago. Only realized last week that Wagner finally got Mage: The Hero Denied published. There's also a Hunter Rose mini from Dark Horse that i was unaware of until last week.
  15. Yes. it's expected to only be released in PAL territories (Europe and Australia). Customers in the US, Japan, etc. will have to import it. I'm guessing that won't be too hard to accomplish. Reviews are making Sifu look very interesting, so hoping to finish Uncharted 4 Remastered tonight or tomorrow and dive into Sifu by midweek.
  16. FWIW, I just finished scrolling my Twitter feed and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.
  17. From what's been said, Shane was trying to change the match to make himself the star and being an ass to people who were reluctant to stand up to him because he's the boss' son. I'd be surprised if anyone else wanted to use the Rumble match to set up a WM feud - for the title - between Shane and Lashley. It's hilarious to me how much Vince toadies to Brock and how little he gets out of him. I'm skeptical Brock has really elevated anyone or "moved the needle" much during his second stint with the company. Good work if you can get it, i guess.
  18. I forgot this was still dragging on. i don't get why anyone would give up much for Simmons. Either he's too mentally fragile to play - in which case giving up a lot for him and taking on his $30 mil+/year salary may be a bad bet - or he's a toxic dude willing to fake Covid exposures and mental health issues to get out of playing. Neither scenario makes me think he should be in anyone's locker room. Except maybe the Nets. I fully expect that he'll get traded eventually and all his issues will spontaneously resolve themselves, but I'm not really looking forward to seeing that play out.
  19. Jesus, they do realize there's this thing called April coming up in a few months, right? I have a ridiculous number of titles on my buy list for Feb and March, practically nothing after that.
  20. Maybe, but that's not how the story is being spun on the sports talk shows I've caught since last night. The talking point on ESPN this morning was that Harbaugh went to Minn fully expecting to be offered a job and got a reality check when he realized he was just a candidate and not one they were still considering post-interview. Maybe that's not how it played out but it puts him in the uncomfortable position of suffering through some public embarrassment or being petty and trying to set the record straight. Not that "I wanted absolute power and they just wanted me to coach" would help him much. Not sure I buy that this was leaked to the media as a way for Harbaugh to get some leverage for the next contract negotiation. I don't have a problem with coaches doing that when they can, but that works better when you don't really intend to leave your job and just want your employer to believe you have options. If - and it's a big if - Harbaugh really wants to go back to the pros and thought Minnesota intended to offer him a job, he doesn't have a lot to gain from Michigan. Maybe Mich wlll start showing him more love if they think he has interest from the pros, but it's equally possible they'll decide he's eventually going back the pros and they should start thinking about his replacement. Lol, I did the same thing 12-15 years ago. I was up-front with my employer about interviewing for similar/somewhat better jobs with bigger firms. Came to a point where I had a better offer in-hand, but sort of wanted to stay where I was if the current job would match the pay and a few other things. Current employer (nicely) declined because they knew i was ready to move on & figured I would eventually move on even if they gave me what I wanted. Shrug. They were probably right and it turned out moving on worked out well for everyone involved. My replacement still works there and has done a great job growing the company.
  21. I feel a little bad for Harbaugh. The ESPN talking heads think he went to Minnesota with the expectation that they were going to offer him the job and the interview was just a formality. Not what happened and Minnesota has already decided to look elsewhere, so it's probably safe to think Harbaugh didn't wow them. However he - and Michigan - spin it, he's going to be the punchline of a lot of jokes and recruiters at other schools targeting potential Michigan commits will be using this episode as fodder for the next few years. He does deserve some respect for doing this publicly instead of stealing off to the interview under cover of darkness and hoping no one leaked it to the press.
  22. Shane vs. Austin Theory sounds dull, but might have been the way to go for a Shane WM match. There's a natural angle there and Theory's not so high up the card that Shane going over would be a big deal. And, honestly, the Theory push seems like another one of Vince's failed experiments, so it might have been a good way to shuffle Shane to the side. Bryan Alvarez said he's been told Shane-Seth and Shane/Lashley were also in the plans at some point. Those matches sound... bad. I'm sort of curious what Shane's standing with the company really is and why he keeps coming back. He apparently no longer has a stake in the company, but I doubt he needs the paycheck? He and his wife both come from wealthy families. Maybe just likes performing? It feels odd to see him come back strictly as a performer when Steph is a company executive but I don't know how much should be read into that. Honestly, I'm hoping this was his last run as a wrestler. He seemingly blew up and was drenched in sweat from coming to the ring. He generally looks alarmingly red-faced during matches and he's in his 50's. Considering his matches are usually built around dangerous spots, it's probably time he stops doing those before he injures himself or someone else.
  23. Says a lot that Inoki may only be Japan’s second-craziest wrestling politician (behind Great Sasuke?).
  24. The Alexa segment got a chuckle out of me when her therapist told her the doll wasn't the real Lily, but a doll he bought on WWESHOP.COM. Product placement, lol. The scooter race looked dumb, but then again, professional WWE-hater Bryan Alvarez went gaga over last week's spelling bee and thought it was his favorite WWE segment in forever, so what do I know?
  25. Weren't they supposedly hiring Byron Leftwich a couple days ago? Wonder if that was a fake story or contract talks stalled out? Unless I was really eager to be a HC, I'd want Jacksonville to overpay me too to try to extinguish their dumpster fire.
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