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  1. Never seen indy workrate Avalon before, just seen his comedy bits. He's a damn good wrestler. Hopefully he can do this for a few years then settle back into his comedy to keep his career long.
  2. Yuriyan Retriever is an amazing comedian. She pops up in a lot of Japanese comedy shows. Gordlow would know more about her. She has some amateur wrestling background too, and is obsessed with pro-wrestling, so I don't doubt she's put her soul into this. Definitely going to be something to look out for.
  3. Hmmm, what if Eddie wins the Royal Rampage? Him vs Mox leading to him vs Punk?
  4. More Regal goodness, great PAC promo and ZSJ at the end inviting Bryan to the UK or Japan - Wrestle Kingdom anyone?
  5. Weird sequel I didn't know I wanted but am totally OK with. None of them have aged?! Must be witchcraft.
  6. Rementioning Sonny Kiss as I want to will it into existence, but I guess they need someone who normally fights women for the proposed 3 on 3. Although Kiss vs Statlander is a match I never knew I wanted until just now.
  7. If it's not CSRO I'm throwing my monitor out the window.
  8. After just googling her, I'm sure I just discovered mine. I'm 35.
  9. Also would like to know the answer to this. As for Pixies, sure they've gone from albums full of hits to only having 1-2 decent tracks per album, but that's better than nothing. I'm just happy they're still making music, they've got a new album coming in September and I'm seeing them and Pearl Jam at Hyde Park, London soon, so I might be bias.
  10. Recently released for free on the tubes: Takeshita's match with Moriarty a couple days ago is meant to be amazing too, looking forward to seeing that and his Garcia match coming up soon.
  11. I second this warning. Same thing happened to an elderly relative of mine, everyone thought she had dementia until 9 months later when some clever student doctor tried her on some antibiotics. Within a week she was completely cognizant and independent again.
  12. This is fun too if you haven't seen it before. Great atmosphere as well.
  13. Officially pants free. Give them 20+ mins please Tony, shit, give them an iron man match.
  14. Definitely a drop in quality from Mando and even Boba. Some of the editing in episode 3 was laughable. Especially the geography of the tunnel being confusing and Obi Wan's endless ducking and diving out of the mounds of dirt. Deborah Chow has never had more than a single episode run of TV before and the main writer has 6 unremarkable credits and it shows. Seems like poor decision making from Disney. Should have just backed the money truck up for Filoni and Favreau and just let them do it, no matter how long it took. Hopefully the last 3 episodes get better. Reva is a cool character though and Ewan is doing what he does best in Star Wars and trying to make chicken salad etc.
  15. I think it was Poetry in Motion a bit before that. One of the Bucks countered it with a kick and Jeff landed hard. He moved really slowly after that. His equilibrium was off just trying to get up on the turnbuckle for Whisper. Didn't help his boot broke the same time either.
  16. Slap some JR's BBQ sauce all over them bah gawd!
  17. Eddie is 80s RDJ and I'm fine with that. Just finished all 7.
  18. Dang Tom Hanks just won't say no to anything will he? He really needs a Henry Fonda moment in OUATITW, to play an out and out bad guy. Would really freshen him up for me.
  19. Wrestling and Limp Bizkit? Is it 1999 again? My inner angsty teenage self is feeling very satisfied right now.
  20. What are you, opposite Gordlow? Don't manifest that evil upon us!
  21. At the start the hallway they ran through during Order 66 was very reminiscent of Grogu's flashback during Mando. This series is going to be chock full of cameos.
  22. I love you. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  23. I'd drink a can of Stinger Splash.
  24. Oh yes, I like this idea. Do we have time to manifest this for Rampage? Someone get Tony another can of Bang! Or whatever energy drink is the popular sponsor nowadays.
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