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  1. That crowd reaction at the end for the Cena/Fiend kind of proves that wins and losses really don’t matter for WM and people just want to see cool match ups. Speaking of cool match ups...let’s get Gulak vs Bryan on a ppv.
  2. Or she learned how to do run-ins from Sandman.
  3. Knowing this board’s tastes, they’d want to see Funk vs Roman because he still throws beautiful punches.
  4. And of course AJ got pinned by one chokeslam. Guys, you’ve obviously forgotten that AJ has shown a weakness for chokeslams throughout his career. If only Undertaker created a dangerous pit...
  5. That’s so true about kids and Goldberg. My nephew also saw Goldberg’s entrance in one of those 2K games and he wouldn’t shut up about it. Goldberg’s mystique is alive and well with little kids. If there’s anyone they can buy beating The Fiend, it’s the guy who beat Brock Lesnar in a minute, who has highlights on the Network of him giving The Big Show a Jackhammer and who always shows up on tv and destroys everybody.
  6. When the thread has to use a weird talking point like "Randy Savage was not an ace worker" in order to defend shittiness of The Fiend, we have strayed way too far from god's light.
  7. Goldberg vs Roman Reigns sounds a lot better on the WM card than fat Bray Wyatt in a Halloween mask no-selling everything vs Roman Reigns.
  8. I did in a schoolyard fight in high school, so your entire argument is now invalidated.
  9. I’d rather see another Cena/Orton match than Ciampa/Gargano again.
  10. That kid is probably a jerk too. No mercy.
  11. I think it was the use of the word “finally” that confused me, as I think there’s been lots of women feuds in the WWE that I would say were interesting watches in the last year. Unless you meant the Smackdown brand and Bayley specifically.
  12. How else can they capitalize on Bianca Belair? If she doesn’t get a title shot it could be seen as a waste but the fact she IS getting one is also a waste? In this thread alone, I’ve seen Ruby Riott, Bianca Belair, Montez Ford and Liv Morgan described as wrestlers that “deserve better”. The idea that everyone deserves it is the reason why the detestable concept of 50/50 booking exists. If everyone is special...then no one is special. And even when WWE tries to do something with these wrestlers it’s still not seen as good enough. The fact is, not everyone can be pushed straight to the top at the same time and someone’s gotta put over the actual chosen ones. And I’m glad they’ve actually decided to strike when the iron is hot for once and Rhea is their chosen one. If Bianca or Io or Shayna or Charlotte or whoever has to be sacrificed for that greater good then so be it.
  13. I don’t give a damn about Seth, but more Buddy on my tv is never a bad thing.
  14. If it's just two hours of WALTER chopping those TUE geeks, I'm sold.
  15. They should make a stable of Lanas like they’re Villanos (Villanas?).
  16. iirc, Lucas said Wookies don’t really care about medals, but I can see how Han’s medal would carry a lot of significance to Chewie and why that scene is more than just Chewie getting a random prize.
  17. Yeah, I don’t think we wanna get into the implications of Ben impregnating Rey with the force without her consent.
  18. I thought TLJ blew donkey balls and disagreed with everything that happened in that movie, so TRoS is the greatest movie in the history of filmmaking in comparison for trying to undo everything that happened in that garbage fire.
  19. Lacey’s daughter looked like she could beat up present day Izzy. She’s a feisty one. lol
  20. What’re they gonna do, have Sasha turn on Bayley yet again to get the title on her? Not when Bayley just turned heel and changed her entire gimmick. Even if Sasha’s been doing good work, there’s no good way to make Sasha the face of the Smackdown wonen’s division atm.
  21. Let’s be honest here...Lacey Evans’ daughter made Sasha interesting in 5 seconds.
  22. I don't blame Asuka for looking like superwoman in the finish, fighting off Becky and Charlotte at the same time and winning single handedly. She was probably doing Kairi's spots too.
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