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  1. God the Ziggler stuff is awful. I assume it's leading to a feud with Roode, a guy with an over entrance but who can also back it up in the ring.

    What was his response?
  3. Raw is Cena vs. Strowman - 9/11/2017

    I wasn't a fan of either promo to be honest. Sure, there's some funny lines in there, but a lot of it feels really mean spirited to me. I might be being worked myself here, but it comes across as kind of bullying. I don't care for Enzo and wouldn't miss him if he disappeared tomorrow, but damn I felt sorry for the dude tonight. To me, it felt as if the company was trying to humiliate him. To what end, I have no idea, maybe just being petty (which obviously wouldn't be the first time that was a reason) Cena and Reigns at least seems to have a goal in mind. I firmly believe Reigns is winning at No Mercy and this is just their way of knocking him down in order to light a fire under his ass, but I detest the way they always have Cena get the better of guys on the mic (including his feud with Miz recently) He gets his stuff in, but then when it's the other guy's turn, he interrupts or talks over them and then never reacts in any meaningful way, just laughs it off with a "that's the best you can do?" The series of promos with Reigns might all be scripted and I might be way off base here, but I've had the impression that Reigns is being tested. Cena gets to go off on whatever he wants, Reigns has to stand there and take it like a chump, and then try to make a comeback off of that, at which point Cena will just brush it off and no sell it whatsoever. I don't see how the company pointing out his flaws benefits him or anybody really. Again, I might be fighting battles for guys who are in on the work themselves, so could very well be wrong.
  4. SDL - 9/5/2017 - Dolph Ziggler Sucks

    One doesn't ask a lady such things.
  5. SDL - 9/5/2017 - Dolph Ziggler Sucks

    That was a hell of a lot of oompa loompa paint Carmella left on his face. My sister in law did that to our toilet seat once.
  6. It's shocking to me how many people I've heard of who are planning on watching this tonight who couldn't name one boxer or MMA fighter previously. They sure have sold this thing well.
  7. Smackdown is GLORIOUS!!!! - August 22, 2017

    I'm not as down on him as most of you here, but I genuinely hadn't noticed that Ziggler had gone anywhere, so was pretty surprised when he made his "comeback"
  8. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    Hey, all you assholes criticising Corbin's cash in attempt... have any of you ever tried cashing in MITB? No? Then you have no goddamn right to talk about it!

    Has it been suggested that there may be a full blown Shield reunion at Summerslam? I'm thinking Ambrose & Rollins win the titles, and then interfere in the main to have Reigns win the title and have all three dominating things on Raw for the next few months. The crowd wants it and it's probably the only way they'll get Reigns cheered these days.

    You guys ever seen Lisztomania by Ken Russell? It's the nuts, balls to the wall, throw everything on the screen kind of nonsense I wish was made more often. (How come outrageous rock operas like this aren't made nowadays?) Here's a couple of NSFW clips
  11. The Criterion Collection

    Well, this looks amazing!

    I'd pay good money to see them do a Bob and Doug McKenzie skit.
  13. Raw Is Bayley Booed in Bizarroland - 8/7/2017

    Yep, this bugged me too. If it's no DQ, then why is the ref even concerned at all when Joe interferes? He should still be counting out Strowman.
  14. SDL is PROTECT YA NECK. 8/1/17

    No idea why they showed that replay of Chioda getting decked. It missed so badly that it actually made it look like the ref took a dive to screw over Owens.
  15. WARNING - Board Upgrades

    Yeah, when someone posts some mid 90s photo of Tammy Sytch in a thread, do we really want to know that a bunch of guys "reacted" to it?