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  1. Also, well done to the Usos for saving those kids from getting Tyler Breeze's boots to the face.
  2. I like a good comedy match so the Usos/Fashion Police match was fun. The Uso promos have been ridiculously good lately, so I'm not complaining that they retained, but I would've liked the po-pos to get the win tonight, if only just for a two day title reign.
  4. Glad I'm not the only one to think Bate/Dunne is WWE MOTY so far. Amazing. There were a couple of scary moments in the tag match where I legitimately thought there had to be a serious injury. Gargano is nuts to take that ladder shot to the face.
  5. I'm not sure that JR is the right man for commentary for this. I would've preferred someone with a bit more knowledge of the UK scene, or at least someone who sounds a bit more modern and less Southern old-timey. If I had my way though, Graves wouldn't have a day off.
  6. On Jericho's podcast, Jinder mentioned a knock off Undertaker appearing in a Bollywood movie and thus being a popular character in India. This appears to be the movie from 1996 (Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi) (the knock off Undertaker is actually Brian Lee doing his gimmick) Anybody know how this all came about? Akshay Kumar is a huge Bollywood star, so this is no low budget movie.
  7. Graves losing it was the absolute best WWE moment this week.
  8. Damn, now that you mention it, that was such a missed opportunity for Rollins or Miz to go "Well, lemme tell ya something, Mean Dean..."
  9. When the FA lays an 18 month ban on him, is that enforced by UEFA and FIFA too? Is his career legitimately likely over, or could he technically go to China or someplace?
  10. Photo

    Fuck me I'm sincerely apologizing to myself for engaging with a mental person on the internet again. Promised myself I'd stop doing that.
  11. Photo

    Haha, for what? For asking you if you had a problem with David Arquette or not? Ok dude.
  12. Photo

    You didn't have a problem with him taking someone else's spot?
  13. I like that Mahal and the Fashion Police both won the #1 contender matches out of nowhere. It feels fresh and pleasantly surprising. Mahal riding off in the limo with the belt was a fun image. Things are kinda weird right now with the title pictures though. They're building Mahal vs. Orton even though he still has to face Wyatt. Wyatt meanwhile is showing up on Raw to get involved there. Owens and Jericho have barely had any interaction in the last few weeks, and Owens is involving himself with Styles. It's like the company can't wait to just fast forward the next few weeks. Ziggler tonight was awful, and the company is dumb for having a face with limited English speak in front of a bunch of idiots in fricken' Iowa of all places. If you're gonna have him speak, do it in front of a more cosmopolitan city where he's not going to get WHAT chants when he speaks.
  14. Man, you're treating Kalisto getting a lucky break in a gimmick match as if it's the same thing as if Kalisto went over Strowman decisively with a pinfall? You think Strowman losing that match hurts him in any way?