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  1. Sounds like something that would've made the old WCW Observer quotes thread.
  2. Hmmm, I'm the outlier here I guess. I thought it was a decent enough show with some questionable finishes (been a bunch of weird finishes in WWE PPVs this year actually) And living in a Punjabi household I'm obviously biased but the main was a ton of fun for us.
  3. TV

    Lol, you should I saw the first commercial and thought "why is (spoiler) aping some old British comedian?"
  4. Unfortunately, not too many people picked up on it, but at a house show here in Calgary, he was doing his gimmick, getting booed and then said "If I could be serious for a minute..." I thought it was a clever touch, but like I said, barely anybody picked up on it.
  5. GIF

    Lana drinking a Guinness! What a lady
  6. You guys ALL suck! He was scrambling for a name, looked at Dillinger and came up with Tenee Young.
  7. Real fun Ride Along tonight. Both sets of partners have really great chemistry with each other.
  8. Big fan of Sheamus busting out the LFC patch on his jacket tonight.
  9. It must kill Vince to be getting this huge media exposure, but constantly be described as "a man with a CNN Logo covering his face"
  10. In the first ever, historic, women's MITB match, they actually had a man climb up to get the briefcase and hand it to a woman. Absolutely one of the most tone deaf decisions they've ever made. So, so stupid.
  11. Photo

    I had to look it up after the other poster posted the goalie picture, so figured I'd share. Tom Boric is Paul Diamond/Max Moon. This part on his wikipedia page seems unnecessarily thorough...
  12. Photo

    I think the guy on the right is referee Nick Patrick.
  13. Even though we saw the photo being taken, Tozawa still looks photoshopped as hell in there.
  14. Photo

    If Ellsworth is Lt Dank, does that make Shinsuke Gump?
  15. Somehow this is Dutt's first time winning the X Division title. I would've sworn he'd won the title before, but shockingly not.