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  1. Maybe it was kind of a goof, but BUSHI and SUSHI were a tag team for awhile before BUSHI left for NJPW.
  2. DePaul University recently opened a new 10,000 seat basketball arena, less than a mile from McCormick Place (the multi-hall convention center) This could be the venue. https://wintrustarena.com/arena-info/
  3. Get the app for your phone, having a "keyboard" helps immensely.
  4. Suzuki-gun stuff is done through Suzuki's Piledriver shop, not New Japan, so they'd have to make a deal with them to get the merch over here.
  5. Are you using a VPN to access the Samurai TV shows?
  6. Schamberger's art is the worst. He's a poorman's J. K. Woodward.
  7. DDT Universe clarified on Twitter, sign up anytime, it's free until the end of February. They're not even collecting CC numbers, or PayPal info.
  8. The weird guy that owned All Japan was Nobuo Shiraishi, who actually fired Uchida on his Facebook wall.
  9. It's caused by Cupping Therapy.
  10. What can you tell me about Ryo Mizunami and Yumi Ohka? Both are working for Shimmer this weekend, and it will be my first time seeing either. Thanks!
  11. He's also at a lot of NJPW shows, and it appears he is a huge fan of Alex Shelly. "SHELLY!"
  12. You'll burn through those 40 matches real quick.
  13. Ugh, where the hell is the GEDO/JADO interview?
  14. I think it's Animal Hamaguchi.
  15. Ryback used to be in a team with Jon Bolen called High Dosage.
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