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  1. MS-1 booting Sagrada from behind was fantastic. Tierra seems like a creepier, more unlikeable version of Veneno, however, I did like his stooging. This was excellent whenever the focus was on Charles/Dandy. Really high-end brawling from those two guys. I loved that brief section on the outside where Charles was just stomping Dandy into oblivion only for Dandy to retaliate with stiff Inoki leg kicks. Other highlights include Dandy punching Charles off the apron and his out of nowhere, violent headbutt that led to Charles blading. Pretty great trios.
  2. Fuerza Guerrera vs. El Hijo Del Santo vs. All Star (Mask Match) (12/8/89) Aside from the first few minutes which were a bit on the dull side, this entire thing was epic. Santo and even All Star were great but Fuerza was on another level entirely. His bumping was just ridiculous, as expected he was flawless during rope running exchanges with Santo and, once All Star entered, he had no problem cranking up the intensity. I mean at one point both guys were on the outside and he just launched All Star face first into the bottom rope. His blood-soaked, desperation comebacks were awesome, especially his big punch before he crumbled to the mat. I really liked all the Santo/Fuerza camel clutch teases as well. Guys trying to avoid submissions is far more exciting than watching them in the actual hold. All Star/Santo was very good, too, particularly the throws at the start and Santo's beautiful tope comeback. All Star flying into the fifth row was quite the visual.
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