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  1. The match had I believe two pretty bad botches, but they're forgivable. Otherwise, it was a fun enough match.
  2. I know people that still own pieces of the damn turf that they boxed and sold, the Packers have some dumb fans. Also, this: http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2013-new-york-giants-1245071776
  3. I just watch and root for them, I don't really give a shit beyond that. I'm not one to provoke fisticuffs with my fellow rival fanbases. Unless it was Fowler and his perverse lust for the Lions. Have at thee.
  4. At least it wasn't Tebow.
  5. Maybe he should go spend some time in an equipment shed reading Mike Leach's book.
  6. Sorry about that, I wanted to show off my sweet "whatever was blocking your way at that show".
  7. In his defense, he was talking about Quinn Gray.
  8. It's probably not smart to talk like that to a crowd of people who are likely drinking. Best to just have a handler contact security. You might start some pretty bad fights otherwise. On the other hand, that may be just the thing he needs. Fight! Fight! Fight!
  9. They can always sign Vince Young.
  10. Raul Julia's last work is apparently something called Down Came a Blackbird.
  11. That sounds more like a booking idea that someone like Liger would come up with at the time.
  12. I may have to re-evaluate this. She's worth even more than I thought. I figured she was worth like 40 million or so. It turns out she's worth 150 million. Um, I'm going to go lie down for awhile until my brain explodes.
  13. She could buy and sell every single poster on this board combined, I don't think it really matters what we idiots think.
  14. Close! It was started by a Yankees fan and then edited by this guy: "J. Myrle Fuller Meteorologist, sub sports announcer, wannabe humorist, and self-described jack of a lot of trades." How exciting.
  15. You can bring a hollowed-out wheel chair to store free swag in, Simpsons-style.
  16. Those damn bears don't even wear pants and yet they live in a house, wear glasses and use the toilet.
  17. Her career peaked on Criminal Intent! .....
  18. The Jets have been awful a few years now. The Dolphins have been generally bad most of the time recently. The Bills have been horrible for a long time. Um...I guess a few years ago with the Wildcat year and the Jets AFC Championship runs, the division seems better?
  19. 4,012 according to their website, but I'm sure they can jam more chairs in there if they didn't care about fire codes.
  20. They should work together. Morrison will write, Hickman will do the art.
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