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  1. If you look closer, he Pepe's in there, it's just another conspiracy if it's not.
  2. Time to start the DVDVR pledge drive for one big donation of.....87 yen!
  3. Turantulon 3000 Vs Birdemic 69 Vs. Plandemic 4D, coming soon to SyFy, written, directed, produced and effects done by @OSJ. Editing done by the cats. Mostly shots of birds for some reason.
  4. Shannon Sharpe peaked hunting aliens on American Dad, anyway. Don't eat his Spaghetti.
  5. Isn't that roughly 95% of sports media on major channels now?
  6. This explains the grand unified conspiracy theorem.
  7. They knew you were coming, that's for sure. Had to shut the place down for fear of running out.
  8. Not enough Time cubes and lizard people.
  9. Can we randomly insult it without naming it as to not give it a plug somehow?
  10. More like current HC watcher, although they may not be conspiracy-minded enough for his tastes.
  11. He has a rich naming history. WWE can't own all of these. Ring name(s) Big XLG[4] Deacon Deville[5] D.O.C.[6] Doc Gallows[1] Dorian Deville[5] Festus[5] Festus Dalton[5] The Freakin' Deacon[5] Imposter Kane[5] Isaiah Cash[7] Johnny 99[8] Justice Dalton[5] Keith Hanson[3] Luke Gallow[9] Luke Gallows[10] The Masked Assassin[5] Super Festus[11] Tex Ferguson[12]
  12. Remember how much money 10 million yen actually is. About 94k at current conversion. Realistically, that isn't astronomical considering what it's for. They're averaging about $100 per donation which is more than doable at the pace they're on.
  13. Then the elephant will eat you because it turns into a zombie for some reason. Insert plot here.
  14. Combine them all and get an Elephant shrew.
  15. It's almost as if what we think in our heads about states that seem to be bottom five in every conceivable positive statistic and top five in all the bad ones is true. Almost...
  16. A store-bought pet rat would be fine. They won't do anything besides give @Nice Guy Eddie the plague on command.
  17. She can throw the cocaine at you and you can try and catch it on your tongue?
  18. I hate sports media. They're worse than the talking heads in other fields who just say shit to garner reactions, but secretly don't really give a shit because it makes money.
  19. Rodgers is going to finish his career with the Bears, the Lions and finally, the Vikings after we trade him during the season for some magic beans and Mitch Trubisky.
  20. Favre stirring the pot nicely in an interview about Rodgers and Love. Thanks, sports media. Just give the local idiots more garbage to talk about. Don't go by the URL, that's not what he's saying, he said somewhere else and possibly sooner than later. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29113844/brett-favre-says-thinks-aaron-rodgers-finish-career-packers
  21. That is frighteningly accurate to human reactions in a crisis.
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