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  1. Also known as a "buster". She didn't want no scrubs you see.
  2. Entries you add yourself do not count.
  3. The child porn stuff was surprising, but his vindictiveness and some of the other stuff seemed in his nature from some things he said and did when he was younger and when I was still around there. Nothing that would make you think he'd go that far, but he had the personality for it.
  4. I have a family full of teachers, tell me about it.
  5. Good to know it's not an application file copy.
  6. I've been in a coma for months though, surely it's September?
  7. What's the take on the ongoing Lio Rush and Mark Henry heat going on, which one is the more TRUE BLACK MAN... *is beaten senseless into coma by mods* *wakes up months later* What now? Oh right, I like Orange Cassidy. He amuses me. More of him, please.
  8. That's giving the rich and powerful too much credit, they're just as stupid as the rest of us. We're a fallassbackwardintostuffocracy.
  9. We don't even know what he was making. It could have been awful and he just wanted to be able to afford to live.
  10. I like that Mr. Danger seems more menacing than the guy wearing a hockey mask, the guy with a chainsaw and whatever Hido is holding. Also Kanemura just chilling.
  11. That was like 80% Morgan, some of the technique on the lucha moves looked really off compared to some guys that do the same stuff. Maybe it was the pants making it hard to see.
  12. They're allowing everything to open up here in NEW, they all threw in the towel yesterday and said fuck it because the legislature doesn't give a shit and the governor can't do anything. They never cared in the first place. If people in Madison and Milwaukee and in the city of Green Bay, so what? They're not in their districts. Our brain dead supreme court is allowed to hear cases from their own campaign donors through legal shenanigans and they do not give a damn.
  13. Longer than 2 seconds for 6 feet? Do they realize how short 6 feet is on a fall? That would take very little time. Hell, in a free fall it only would take about 2 seconds to fall 60 feet. https://www.angio.net/personal/climb/speed.html
  14. Come get your socks! Rest in spoiler for size.
  15. Get back to me in a month when we see how the cases are in the places that haven't put their own orders in place up here and the death counts. You won't know with Florida and Georgia for quite awhile until sick people start mingling with the rest of society. There's also the people who will just stay at home because they're not fucking idiots or have the ability to wait it out monetarily. Also, Wisconsin is never NOT drunk. It's a continuous state of pure inebriation. I don't drink, so I don't fucking care about the Taverns, they could close the whole damn thing for all I care. Plenty of ways to get fucked up on alcohol without being around a bunch of cursing drunk old fucks in some dive.
  16. He temporarily worked Big Japan and NOAH too. Must not have paid him enough.
  17. Depended on the bar. WE CAN GET DRUNK AGAIN! YEEHAW! *cough cough*
  18. Wisconsin's Supreme Court is packed with fucking garbage. Bars are allowed to open up IMMEDIATELY, but I think counties can still do their own rules. Brown County(Green Bay) already put theirs back in place. I'm sure someone will sue them. I bet all the bars are packed with maskless morons tomorrow without a care in the world.
  19. They can tour in tons of small buildings!
  20. Anyone want to fashion me a wig out of all your left over hair? It would be quite luxurious and strange. I'm not ready to be Gordi.
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