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  1. I care about equality dearly and shit like this really angers me anyway, but I can't find the words for how to describe how it makes me feel knowing I have blood relatives and adopted family that are African-American to have to be growing up and still have this shit going on. There's so little I can personally do and it frustrates me greatly.
  2. The last thing we needed at this specific time was another Summer of 1968, but dammit, here we go. Fucking bullshit.
  3. I think most of his sources were just fans or translations of Japanese sites.
  4. They were there 2 weeks ago already.
  5. Quarandumped sounds like a shitty new live action show being developed for Adult Swim starring some youtuber everyone hates.
  6. Pearce is bald, Page rides a horse, Cole is really short. That probably helps a little if you saw them all at once.
  7. I think she should hit her with a pirate ship wheel.
  8. None of them look anything alike though. Must be selective Adam blindness.
  9. Kairi is a tiny person and is easily ten times tougher than I've ever been.
  10. Charlie Brown is starting to look like Marufuji.
  11. Golden Corral dumpster dives for food from other buffets and reheats it for your convenience.
  12. As long as the rats are eating each other, I'm fine with that.
  13. I played RF and caught some balls, very few left-handers or kids that would hit the ball that way. Still, never got a pizza party either. I should file a grievance.
  14. I've never even heard of that. What kind of dog is it?
  15. Making fun of someone's shoulder width. What the fucking hell? That has to be more of a cultural thing, but I'm sure there's plenty of equivalents in the US, hell maybe even that.
  16. Covered in the RIP thread, but Hana Kimura has passed away. Dammit.
  17. Fuck, what else can be said. This sucks. RIP, thoughts with her mother and family.
  18. I hope you get your pet sooner rather than later @Control. Side note, fucking dog shit will not make depression go away. I assume. This has been a PSA.
  19. There's a mama mallard about to hatch 10 eggs in the next 5 days that's literally feet from this house. I can stand on the deck and look at her. Does that count as birding?
  20. I've heard amazing things about Control from things I've listened to. 82 on Metacritic is probably a good sign. And for @Setsuna, if you're not going to collect all those damn things, literally check what I mean by what you get when you collect all of them. It's one of the dumbest collect-a-thon rewards they could troll you with and it will take you til time stops at your play rate.
  21. Don't look for the koroks, you'll save yourself a lot of misery for literally shit. Yes, shit.
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