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  1. Not Aussie, he was a British expat that lived here. Moved back in 2004 or 2005 to the UK
  2. As someone that was kinda close to him, running a site on his network...I dunno what to say! Wow, just wow .. While there is a good possibility it is probably the same guy, but I remember him being a huge Manchester United fan, not City. So yeah...I'm still speechless if it is him
  3. Well working NJPW, he wouldn't have to relocate to Japan like he had to with WWE, so he'd work a week or two then go home for a while before the next tour (and even then it's unlikely he'd be in every tour). Seems like a fair choice
  4. Loverboy as well??? I thought that was a work with his Uncle Paul promos. A real sleeper of a signing though, his character work is so great. Love to see who becomes his NXT Miami.
  5. Nagata replaces Elgin in the gauntlet!
  6. Back many years ago (like 10-15 years) I had an unusual dislike for KENTA, but got over it when I got back into puro 4-5 years ago. Can't really think of anyone I loathe these days. I do find Makabe and YOSHI-HASHI really uninteresting though. Don't really watch much outside of New Japan (time constraints) these days however.
  7. Those days were amazing. And to think we nearly banned her when that happened. Pretty sure Scott himself came on and apologised.
  8. Noticed Kanemitsu at ringside tonight doing young lion duties, how long as he been back doing this? Hopefully its a sign he'll be back soon after his 2 year injury lay-off. Really fun show tonight, shocked by some results but the last few tag league matches were a lot of fun.
  9. With my limited exposure to Eagles coming from MCW these past 12 months, I kind of feel he is miscast as an edgy heel, hence the trying too hard. He works so much better as a face, atleast he has at every local show I've been to. I kind of think he'd be a better (or worse depending how you feel about him) teaming with Ospreay given their history if Ospreay had any interest in the Jr tag belts. Still hope he can find his rhythm in Japan though.
  10. It's way too early to tell, but of the young lions, I really like Tsuji. He's already a heavyweight, so hopefully he keeps getting better and doesn't end up like another Hirasawa. Kanemitsu got pretty big at the Fale Dojo too. I think he's back in Japan now, but no idea if he's at the dojo again. New Japan have never announced his retirement, so maybe he is? Ayato Yoshida is obviously an outsider they see something in. Is he training with the young lions now? Thought I heard Kevin Kelly mention something along those lines last night.
  11. Hiromu is the only guy at the moment that when I watch I feel this guy is going to be an absolute star. SANADA comes close, but I always kind of wonder if New Japan hesitates a little with guys they don't develop themselves. EVIL at best feels like a future Ishii, but let's see what he does with the Jericho opportunity. Maybe after excursions, one or two of the current young lion crop will show something. In other news, apparently last night Ospreay cut his match short after a bad neck landing and was rushed into an ambulance. Hope he's okay, was kinda looking forward to him vs Taichi as something fresh.
  12. Still no diagnosis (that I can see), but maybe this is a positive sign.
  13. Latest Hiromu update is that he can sit and talk with conciousness, but no statement as to the extent of the injury. Keeping my fingers crossed for the guy though.
  14. I might catch a bit of flack for this, but the one guy I never got was CM Punk. And I can't even explain why. Maybe I could just never make a connection to him or his work? I can see why people like him and acknowledge some great matches he had (I.e. Cena at Night of Champions) but there's just something unexplainable why I just don't like/get him. I just don't enjoy his work all that much.
  15. Thanks guys for the answer. I did EVIL and would like to see him do well, but do agree SANADA will be the star. I just found him an odd choice for the Japanese fans to get behind, but not that I'm complaining. Really looking forward to night 1 as I'll be there! Seeing Tanahashi vs Suzuki live is going to be something else. Also really curious about White vs Okada. Picking an upset win for White to finally set some internal conflict in CHAOS.
  16. Hi, random lurker, very rare poster, but I have a question: How/why is EVIL so popular with the Japanese crowd? I like the guy, but the reactions he got on the G1 announcements were right up there with the top guys and I saw on Twitter some results from random Japanese fan polls about who they want to see in the finals, he was battling out with Tanahashi as the fan's choice to take on Ibushi in the final. I guess he could be a real dark horse in his group
  17. Melbourne show was probably 85-90% full (Festival Hall is generally a 3000-3500 seater depending on configuration) and crowd was pretty much hot for everything. Cody got massive heat doing the Omega terminator pose. Awesome seeing NJPW live at home and doing awesome
  18. Wow, when did Araya decide to come back?
  19. Meltzer gave the main 5 stars. I'm not sure if I liked this one or Invasion Attack Okada/Tanahashi back to back. I think I need to watch them both next to each other
  20. So anyone who has been to Osaka, I'm heading there in November for a week (going to go to the Power Struggle show as its in the time frame the discount flights were available), are there any good Puroresu shops in Osaka? Definitely want to grab some stuff while I'm over there. Also where is the Bodymaker Colosseum in terms of Osaka, if I booked accommodation fairly central, is it easy to get to?
  21. Just a couple of shows for me: 15/12/1986 JCP Taping @ Greenville, SC 1. Bunkhouse Stampede Match: Big Bubba beat ??? 2. Steel Cage Match: Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff beat Ric Flair & Arn Anderson CWA @ Memphis, TN 1. John Paul & Tracy Smothers vs Tony Burton & Tony Falk ended without a winner as a time limit draw 2. Jonathan Boyd beat David Haskins 3. Lou Winston & Jerry Bryant beat Goliath & Downtown Bruno 4. CWA International Tag Team Title Match: Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond beat Tarzan Goto & Akio Sato (Title Change) 5. AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match: Mike Davis & Tommy Lane beat Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis 6. The Great Kabuki beat Jerry Lawler WCCW @ Fort Worth, TX 1. Dingo Warrior & Tony Atlas beat Black Bart & Abdullah the Butcher 2. Master Gee beat Steve Doll 3. Al Madril beat Steve Simpson 4. Bruiser Brody beat Tim Brooks 5. Mike Von Erich beat The Grappler 6. Brian Adias beat Mark Youngblood 7. Matt Borne beat Scott Casey 8. Kerry Von Erich beat Al Madril EDIT: A search on Cagematch dug this one up too CCW @ Birmingham, AL 1. Brad Armstrong beat Mike Fever 2. NWA Alabama Heavyweight Title: Wendell Cooley vs Chris Colt (no contest) 3. Bull Rope Match: Tom Prichard beat Roy Lee Welch 4. NWA Southern Heavyweight Title: Tommy Rogers beat Adrian Street 5. Danny Davis & Ken Wayne beat Jerry Stubbs & Tony Anthony 6. Chris Colt, Jerry Stubbs & Tony Anthony vs Danny Davis, Ken Wayne & Wendell Cooley (no contest) 7. NWA Continental Heavyweight Title: The Bullet beat Kevin Sullivan 8. Kevin Sullivan, Headhunter A & Headhunter B beat Robert Fuller, The Bullet & Tennessee Stud
  22. I enjoyed this show, but I didn't love it. Nothing overly outstanding, but I did enjoy Nakamura/Sombra, Suzuki/Ishii, Okada/Devitt and the opening tag. The 8-man could of used a little more time though, however I thought it was perfectly placed as it woke the crowd up after intermission. I'd probably rate it on par with Dontaku ultimately.
  23. I don't think K-DOJO ever announced anything besides he was taking an indefinite leave of absence due to health issues back in August 2011. He's only made one in-ring appearance since then, and that was at the 2012 anniversary show in the battle royal where he didn't do that much.
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