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  1. You're putting too much faith into Dustin Hopkins
  2. The Falcons are 10 for 16 on third down today. Fire Jack Del Rio.
  3. God the WFT defense sucks
  4. Ok, if WFT doesn't bring in a kicker this week Ron Rivera needs to be fired too.
  5. Cincinnati Tennessee New Orleans Kansas City Buffalo Dallas Cleveland Miami Chicago Washington LA Rams Seattle Green Bay Denver Tampa Bay LA Chargers Tiebreaker #1: 5 Tiebreaker #2: 62 Tiebreaker #3: 340
  6. Richard Sherman is signing with Tampa Bay
  7. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/09/wizards-of-the-coast-entering-the-triple-a-fray-with-g-i-joe-game/
  8. Referee Scott Novak explains the delay-of-game mechanics that applied in Ravens-Lions
  9. As mediocre as Heinicke was today, I'm much more concerned about how bad WFT's defense looks. They're getting almost no pressure on the opposing QB and in some cases the linebackers look even worse than last year's.
  10. At least it wasn't on purpose and head first...
  11. (I honestly can't remember if it was decided to talk about it here or in the Anime thread)
  12. Carolina Baltimore NY Giants New England Cincinnati Tennessee Buffalo Kansas City Arizona Cleveland Denver Las Vegas Seattle Tampa Bay San Francisco Dallas Tiebreaker #1: 64 Tiebreaker #2: 320 Tiebreaker #3: 108
  13. Well that's not a good way to start for Baltimore
  14. Looking at the lineup on 506Sports it's...Mark Sanchez?!?!?
  15. Yup, Daniel Jones is gonna go 5-0 against WFT tonight
  16. Washington New England Denver Buffalo Cleveland Cincinnati San Francisco New Orleans LA Rams Las Vegas Arizona Tampa Bay LA Chargers Seattle Kansas City Green Bay Tiebreaker #1: 289 Tiebreaker #2: 78 Tiebreaker #3: 52
  17. Ah, the Grossman/Beck year. I have NO idea what Shanny was thinking.
  18. Well this is interesting, especially since it seems no one had any idea it was coming: Nintendo finally adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch in new software update
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