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  1. 15 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    The growing rumblings are that the Lerners might already have some sort of deal in place with Ted Leonsis (well more specifically Monumental Sports which is the business entity run by Leonsis)

    It would be interesting, mostly because even if it's all under Monumental I'm not sure how Ted could afford to run three major franchises.  I have a feeling that the Wizards will either be sold off or become more the red-headed stepchild.

  2. https://theathletic.com/3228165/2022/04/04/ex-commanders-exec-alleged-financial-malfeasance-to-congress-source-says-he-offered-no-evidence/


    Jason Friedman, a 24-year ticketing employee for the Washington Commanders whose employment the team terminated in 2020, testified in the past two weeks before the House Oversight and Reform Committee and alleged financial malfeasance at his former team, three sources said.

    His secret testimony appeared to trigger stories last week that the committee, which is already investigating the Commanders’ culture, would now probe the alleged financial improprieties and an allegation that Commanders owner Dan Snyder had failed to share ticket revenue with his peers as required by the NFL.

    However, Friedman supplied no evidence to back up his claims, one of the sources said, and it’s not clear if he held a senior enough position (he was a vice president when he was terminated) to have access to the types of records that would back up the assertions, which have sparked renewed speculation about whether the NFL would force Snyder out.


  3. https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/23/22992066/stephen-wilhite-gif-creator-dies


    Stephen Wilhite, one of the lead inventors of the GIF, died last week from COVID at the age of 74, according to his wife, Kathaleen, who spoke to The Verge. He was surrounded by family when he passed. His obituary page notes that “even with all his accomplishments, he remained a very humble, kind, and good man.”

    Stephen Wilhite worked on GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, which is now used for reactions, messages, and jokes, while employed at CompuServe in the 1980s. He retired around the early 2000s and spent his time traveling, camping, and building model trains in his basement.

    (And it's pronounced jif!)

  4. 3 hours ago, DEAN said:

    Well, the Commies have been in the wilderness since.... Mark Rypien?

    EDIT: And Eli got you two Superbowls, so you should be good for a few more years.

    I would actually say Washington's been in the wilderness since Theismann, and they got a career year out of Rypien and a last gasp out of Williams for the other two Super Bowls.

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  5. 5 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    Sprong and TWO picks


    Clearly the Caps were drunk

    The two picks were so that Seattle would still retain 50% of MoJo's salary.

    Now why they would bring back a player who rumor was caused some friction in the Caps locker room (and I also sort of remember stories when the Caps won the Cup that one of the reasons they won was that they got rid of MoJo)...

  6. The problem is that other teams were trying to get Wentz too, so I can sort of see why Washington jumped, especially since they had offered a better package for Wilson only to be turned down.

    (And, hey, massive overspending is becoming the norm for DC area teams)

  7. Not sure what to think about the Wentz trade.  As bad as he is now, sadly he's still an upgrade over Heinicke.

    I still expect Washington to pick a QB at 11th, though, if Willis or Pickett are available.

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