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  1. Shibata - "I'm gonna fuck you up & fuck Yujiro's bitches."
  2. Lol, EWR or whatever it was called did the same thing.
  3. Didn't enjoy Nakamura-Ibushi that much outside of Nakamura's playing up his gimmick & the "FUCK YOU" kicks to the face they traded.
  4. I just figured Dazzler was just poisoned. This will be like her 3 "death" this year. Anywho, loving Thor, tho I wish they finish the God Killer storyline. And Ultimate Spider-Man is great as well.
  5. Holy fuck, I want to be that Shibata-Ishii match when I grow up. Fucking fantastic.
  6. I started to watch it but fell asleep. It's on YouTube.
  7. When the fuck did Ishii get so over & when did he become Tenryuito?
  8. Good post. Good WWF card, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling ran 2 shows in different cities one where I was actually born to boot, CWF which makes me want to find Lord Alfred Hayes matches, & a stampede show. 3/27/1981 WWF @ Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1 Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Johnny DeFazio ended without a winner as a time limit draw 2 Dominic DeNucci defeated Red Demon 3 Rick Martel defeated Hangman 4 SD Jones defeated Lou Albano by referee stoppage 5 Tony Garea defeated Davey O'Hannon 6 Texas Death Match - WWF Heavyweight Title Match Bob Backlund © defeated Sgt. Slaughter 7 Texas Death Match André the Giant defeated Hulk Hogan Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling @ City Armory in Lynchburg, Virginia 1 George Wells vs. Mr. Fuji - winner unknown 2 Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat defeated Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling @ County Hall in Charleston, South Carolina <--- I was born on "A wooden floor" 1 Gene Lewis defeated Abe Jacobs 2 Steve Muslin defeated Ben Alexander 3 Swede Hanson defeated Tony Tosi 4 Johnny Weaver defeated Kurt Von Hess 5 Ray Stevens and Ivan Koloff defeated Paul Jones and The Masked Superstar by disqualification CWF @ Eddie Graham Sports Stadium in Orlando, Florida 1 Gran Apollo vs. Nikolai Volkoff 2 Lord Alfred Hayes vs. Mike Graham 3 NWA Florida Television Title Match Jacques Goulet vs. Manny Fernández © 4 Mr. Pogo vs. Sweet Brown Sugar 5 Assassin #1, Assassin #3 and RT Tyler vs. Dusty Rhodes, Bugsy McGraw and Barry Windham Stampede @ Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 1 Kerry Brown vs. Rocky Brewer - winner unknown 2 Leo Burke and Randy Webber defeated Mr. Hito and Cuban Assassin 3 Hubert Gallant defeated Gama Singh 4 Duke Myers and Mike Sharpe Jr. vs. Jim Neidhart and Keith Hart - winner unknown 5 Bruce Hart vs. Dynamite Kid - winner unknown 6 David Schultz defeated Bobby Burke
  9. Yeah since he formed Bullet Club all his singles have had Dragon Gate levels of interference. The Shelton-Karl match wasn't bad. I wouldn't want a best of him, but I don't get the hate for the guy.
  10. Watched half of day 1. Shibata-DBJ was the best so far followed by Nagata-MiSuzuki #2 million & 87.
  11. Knew I should have hate the Usos more. Never wished anyone get future endeavored but For touching my Naomi!?!? I'm wishing like a mofo.
  12. Who the fuck is Trinity? And is her boyfriend one of the Usos?
  13. He would've became a walk on linebacker for last years 49s & won the Super Bowl for them. Or he'd been the first Zombie on record.
  14. Don't understand the hooligans winning. Didn't one of the Wolves turn down a world title shot for the belts?
  15. I have no issue with them punishing Hero for not getting into shape, especially since they've mentioned it multiple times. He is a naturally big guy working at a company full of naturally small guys. He doesn't need to be Rick Rude in the physique department, but losing the baby fat would make him look distinct against most of the roster. The fact that he is in the best shape of his career and still can be described as doughy is the exact reason he is being punished. Being in shape is based on nothing but effort, and he obviously isn't putting in forth the effort to get into the shape that he needs to be in to further his career. Part of his job is to be in shape, and he isn't doing it therefore they had to let him know that he better get serious about his body.I guess I haven't been paying Hero's body much attention, because I thought he got in real Barry Windhamish shape. Ah well.
  16. Actually thinking about it, he's probably one of the other dudes that left Osaka Pro earlier this year.
  17. Wtf, Hero seems like he's in the best shape of his life, it's crazy how the worst(triple H) is on raw proclaiming Danielson as more then deserving because of his size then shitting on Hero because he's not fucking with the 80lb dumbbells.
  18. Maybe because I'm on my ipad, but is their a separate video to the matches & then I have to download the audio? Or is there a YouTube vid with your Merican commentary?
  19. I watch the Purp & Yellow vs Dual Force & Pesdilla(?). Damn sure wasn't Sugi unless he's done away with everything that he was know for.
  20. It's mind boggling to me that a lot of you are paying $25 for Puro Internet PPVs. I'm nowhere near broke, but I'd never. My interest in wrestling is at a all time low tho, so :shrugs:
  21. It's weird when WWE gives us epic shit like Dragon-Cessaro. If it was a ROH match I'd expect it, but I was waiting for the flash pin or tap like this is taking FOREVER! Then realized they were going all out & got into the match. Don't get the da finish tho. Could've swore Ryback was made to look like a bitch & a chickenshit heel in the last couple of weeks. He could've & should've tapped.
  22. Quality shots with the 10d. I'm thinking about preordering the 70d. Nothing to do with Puro... But yeah...
  23. What shitty ass strip club are you patronizing that has those wedge sneaker as "stripper shoes"?
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