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  1. Yes. She has been on the World Wide Web.
  2. Only way they can fail is if on 2/24 Vince tweets "Sike! $10 for all my shit? Y'all bugging!"
  3. Mae is probably calling the grim reaper a pussy and punching him in the face every time he pulls her towards the pearly gates.
  4. Who is that getting spit & beat on by Brahmans & Shinobu?
  5. Only thing going through my mind as he flew over the top rope was Punks "Click" promo he cut on Nash.
  6. Is Vicne some meme diss I missed? Why exactly 2/24? Some anniversary of some random Vince Sr shit? Should've went live today so I can spend my day off watching Legion of Doom squash mofos and Summerslam 91 five times in a row.
  7. I'd also hate to be *that* guy, but jeez, man - it's $10/month. If you're that strapped for cash then I really hope the only beverage you consume is water from the tap; all of your meals are cooked at home, and you don't smoke a single cigarette or chew any gum. It's hard out here pimpin. It wouldn't surprise me if what you described was considered a dream to a few people here.
  8. I don't think he's your pal, champ.
  9. Everyone is congratulating you, but I have to be the fucker who put your wife in a corner for call Mr Rhodes "dubby rose" NEVER DISRESPECT A LEGEND!
  10. Jericho and edge were boring the fuck out of me. They both sound like they just woke up. Had to cut it off before I fell asleep at work.
  11. Embezzlement? ROH make enough to embezzle?
  12. Meh, NJ had quite possibly the best lineup in quite some time last year or the year before, I don't think it turned out half as good. Noah and AJ jr divisions are weaksauce, so a J crown would be useless.
  13. he'll tell us about how vaccinations cause disease and how the natural cure for diseases is being hidden by the government too Sovereign Citizen Daniel Wyatt! I swear he went into that whole shit on Austin Podcast.
  14. Hold on... I thought Amazing Kong's baby daddy was white. Oh well. Is big daddy yumyum always in all caps or was that your doing?
  15. Junior what? Can't be weight and his pa has been dead.
  16. If that's what it's supposed to be they failed pretty badly. Yep. I don't think they were going for Attack on Titans tho. Didn't Carnage just come back from dying in the Superior Carnage mini series, which would explains the coffin.
  17. That style clash was nasty. How is he fucking it up so bad?
  18. Wait.... When did the Wolves match air? I don't see Mojo doing anything special. Damn sure hope they don't Ryback him down our fucking throats.
  19. My mom had that exact outfit on in one of her summer camp pictures.
  20. As heavily anticipated as a Tanahashi-Devitt matchup is more likely.
  21. Dragon just needs a prison tattoo & a meth addiction to complete the turn. Those overalls are way too new. Have Zack Ryder or some other jobber roll around in some dirt to get it up to par.
  22. Watching punk start in iwa:ms I would've never guessed he'd have a house show squad, even if its the b squad, based around him.
  23. Jesus, he must have spent $450 to take that picture with them. Nash alone is like 2 bills.
  24. Meh, the last thing on my mind was Batista after that spot & until you wrote it, so he will be fine.... And it was the middle turnbuckle....
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