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  1. Ha! Should've recognized the red hair.
  2. Wack. When I moved to Japan for awhile I was gonna hire the whole BJW crew to move my shit & bump in my new livingroom :-(.
  3. Looks like Tyler's long time girlfriend or any other random suicide girl.
  4. Nah, you have to run in atleast a 2500 seat arena before the yakuza even waste their time with extorting you.
  5. They won by interference & a handful of tights. Heels man.
  6. He skipped with AJ on his shoulders. New power couple.
  7. FUCK YEAH! When I was reading the father bit, I automatically thought Jake. Start having Brodie & Rowan carry Lil gators on their back so they can drop gators & snakes on mofos after the sister Abigail.
  8. I never understood wanting to get fired. Just quit. Unless you can't quit, then by all means develop a Matt Hardy gut & blowup in the ring after the first lockup.
  9. Big Japan has/had a moving company. I know alot of the Noah wrestler work in the office. When the AJPW/W1 split happened all of their salaries leaked. Most were making 60k or more per year.
  10. I retread that Harley Race, "Race Riot" article 3 times trying to figure out how Harley started a race war before I realized it was a play on his name. Smh. Who is this Steve MrMiami fellow?
  11. Oh snap I'm remembering all the drama with the show & Venue. Dudes were scared to go to Asbury park and people were posting war stories about how they were robbed and/or beaten on the ROH message board. Hilarious.
  12. Japanese wrestlers don't get paid in money/yen, just ramen, stale popcorn and a small coke.
  13. I think it's those stupid ass Indy contracts that ruined ROH and Dragon Gate. Look at how awesome PWG shows are, now just imagine that in ROH with even a half decent booker.
  14. I'm sorry I laughed hard as fuck at the double reverse rib, but Stan Lane would've been a midnight express member earlier cause I'd killed Dennis.
  15. That shit was so epic tho. I think NJ was supposed to have their title defend on a NJ show & instead put it on a LA Dojo show, if my memory & timeline is correct.
  16. Why would Taichi leave because of Taka? He's a contracted NJ wrestler, not Taka's pool boy.
  17. I don't think it's dying, just weak at the moment. I don't think no promotion is treating it as a afterthought but really trying to make something work... It's just not.
  18. Zero1 just had a show in what looks like someone's single car garage for their ring crew.
  19. Again... A J Crown will do nothing to better the Junior division. Dragon gate is probably the best thing going in Jr wrestling, he'll puroresu period. Watch that & imagine the Open the Dream Gate title as the new J Crown.
  20. So let me try to understand this... The American wolves work a next match, Davey burns his ROH & NOAH bridges to work said match. Eddie Edwards wrestles his final ROH match because he got "signed" with Davey. Then reports come out that the E has no interest in signing the wolves because of a botch spot and not going home early after Triple H said so, so... WTF started all those rumors? Davey?
  21. Yeah, Tanahashi has the crowd firmly in his control. Surprised he didn't spend a hour or 2 wiping his sweat off onto fans towels & kissing ugly baby.
  22. I'm going out on a limb here but I bet she telling him how tight to hold the headlock with a super vulgar sexual pun.
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