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  1. True fact, Hogan breaks 2 bones in his leg every time he shows off his newest pair of Jordan's on twitter.
  2. Wasn't it Marafuji when the GPWA was actually a thing? And not a Dino driver but he tried kissing everybody or challenging for the gay homo championships.
  3. Summer looks like some undiscovered exotic ass bird. I'd bang that bird tho.
  4. That got him heat? THAT? Seems like they wanted a reason to stop his push or he's beyond getting into hot water and is just super annoying backstage.
  5. I haven't been super into ROH the last few years, but I saw the beginnings of Cheeseburger. Have no problem with him. He's Delirious's Ring Crew Express/Grizzly Redwood. That Kongo dude can suck all the dicks tho.
  6. That's a powerful ass DDT to make him levitate & break his leg.
  7. I said I fast forward through shit that bores me on raw(Big Show, Usos, etc), for some strange ass reason he takes that as me watching raw on 48x speed and then saying the show sucks.
  8. The mojo rolling 3 point stance was begging for no to call time out or throw a flag on the play. I wish the live nxt shows get 30-45 minutes added to it so we don't have off weeks from certain wrestlers, but on the same token wouldn't want them to overdue it with angles or unmotivated Kofi or Nattie matches.
  9. You 2 look related. It's actually about how foreign the fast forwarding feature is to the special Ed kid.
  10. I have no idea what you are trying to get at. So.... congrats? You are commenting on the quality of a show you admit you did not watch.. I'm just going to assume you're a retard or have massive brain damage.
  11. I have no idea what you are trying to get at. So.... congrats?
  12. Oooooooh! My mistake. That Show-Swagger masterpiece, Kofi-Orton 5 star match and 1 hour of Bray & the Usos shouldn't have put me to sleep.
  13. This weeks Raw was great. Great? My FF finger was on OT. I fell asleep during the Orton-Kofi match then just gave up & watch the ending on YouTube.
  14. My dvr never records the overrun. What exactly are quarterly breakdown of ratings suppose to prove? How boring raw is? Hasn't been a raw I haven't fastforwarded through in years.
  15. Is it weird that I think Triple H would Benoit the whole McMahon family, his kids included, to get that standing ovation sendoff he's been dying for?
  16. Brock losing to Triple H, actually a one arm Triple H was the worst. Brock should just gorilla fuck everyone in his way or keep him far away from anyone like Bryan who has no reason lasting more then 5 minutes with him.
  17. WWE signed Uhaa? Nobody should end the Taker's streak. Not someone established or someone for a rub. Could you imagine someone getting the Ryback push, ends the streak and end up tagging with Curt Hennings boring ass son. Wasteful.
  18. Did he fuck his knee up bumrushing mini Jim Neihdhart through the door?
  19. Hopefully a mod puts you down before we all get your wordy ass rabies.
  20. Probably not. He probably got rolled into the ring and hulked up on fighting spirit and elbowed them both & the ref. Who is the 5th Horseman???? JJ Dillon?
  21. Is a Super Carelord in anyway a new Dr Who alien race?
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