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  1. Americans are so...one dimensional it's funny.
  2. Guys he's got coke sprinkled all over his chest can't you see it?
  3. I hate the pair of you with such passion
  4. He's not a major character!
  5. Colin Hanks doesn't do movies does he? I thought he just did cancelled tv shows.
  6. How dare you defile the good names of Blade and Wesley Snipes with this cretin
  7. See what Colin Hanks brings out of me? He's like the Clive Owen of acting.
  8. Ok let me put it in a language you understand. COLIN HANKS NOT AS GOOD AS ANYONE ELSE IN SHOW. WATCHING SHOW AND LIKING COLIN HANKS LIKE WATCHING PORN AND ADMIRING DIALOGUE. I even included the word "porn" so you might make it to the second sentence without getting distracted by the sound of your own breathing.
  9. Nobody has a cool walk any more. Steve Austin always looked like he was gonna fuck people up.
  10. You have BBT and Martin Freeman crushing it every week, the only two people that even remotely stack up to the True Detective guys, and you talk about Colin Hanks. He's the worst actor in his on screen family damn it!
  11. That was a far better England performance than I expected. Great to see Studge bring the wriggly arms dance to the big stage. Gotta drop Wellbeck and Johnson and bring in The Scouse Cafu.
  12. How does someone watch this and come out loving Colin Hanks!?!
  13. Yeah because we'd all rather watch Joel Campbell over Zlatan
  14. Legitimately haven't heard a crowd enjoy a movie as much as 22 Jump. Tatum is amazing.
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