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  1. I feel like Suarez was basically the batwing dropping in and blowing up that tumbler at the end of TDKR. Twice
  2. England are better, they're just playing like dogshit
  3. We won the League Cup a few years ago, which is more prestigious than the Scottish League.
  4. They'd still win the league. Paper champions without their big brother to keep them in line.
  5. I saw it and it did make me want to hang out with Charlize Theron for as long as possible
  6. Shit like this is why I'll never understand why people are so insistent on the movies being accurate according to the source material
  7. Now I know what people who don't find air bill jokes funny go through. Except there were some funny air bill jokes in the beginning
  8. To be fair, Spain has been an U21-force since the 90ies, which took up until 2008 to translate into success on senior level. It is definetly the - temporary - end to Spanish dominance in international football. Fair point but now more than ever youth is translating to quality in the senior team. Look at your own team post-2000.
  9. Oh Fuck off. Pete can you fix that formatting for me? I'm on my phonr
  10. A DYNASTY DIES blusters the idiot Nigel Reed Spain National Under 21 Football Team Yeah.
  11. Actually a few people probably bet on that given the past
  12. Gonna laugh so hard when Spain piss Euro 16
  13. Nigel Reed is a butt and I'd assume the opposite of everything he says is true
  14. When I saw Atletico play, Costa seems like more of an ariel/long ball kind of guy. He's big he's strong, that's his style. I kind of agree Spain's short passing game isn't the best for him and he doesn't really seem settled with it. He's a different kind of player from, say, David Villa who always looked so good in this setup. I can see why it pisses of Brazilians so much he went with Spain though. Costa would be the perfect compliment guy for Neymar to throw a bit of everything at people. Much better than Fred as a sidekick. A bit of the ole' thunder and lightning. Should have called him up at some point in the previous five years?
  15. Fucking Nigel Reed how is he employed.
  16. They have Torres on the bench hahaha
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